Tuesday, February 27, 2007

it's been a while...

this must be the longest "blog-break" i've taken since celestial came about. it all started when i got busy at work, then came the holidays/festivities, and then i got lazy... some other excuses yada yada yada... somehow i just lost my momentum along the way and kept putting off new posts till now. anyway, did any of you miss me? *blink blink blink* :)

my last post was made on 7 jan - that's more than 1.5 months ago. many things had flown by in the course of my "cyber-disappearance"... sitting here in front of my PC now, i don't even know where and how to recollect where i had left off. i had bookmarked many interesting sites and ideas in my favourites-folder even when i wasn't posting, so i'd share some of those up here bits by bits.

meanwhile, 2 interesting sites:

a) jk rowling's official website
if you are a hardcore harry potter fan, you'd have known this site long ago. i only stumbled upon rowling's website sometime last week when i was web-loittering - wow - i was really impressed! it is a very interesting and attractive site (interactive)... don't laugh, but i spent close to 2 hours that evening exploring every section, every page on her site just to crack those subtle (sometimes impossible) clues to get my "rewards". i got so tired by the end of the night, i gave in and googled for spoilers to get my remaining half of the missing clues.. hehehe (oh well, at least half of it was sheer hard work).

b) the crimson room and others...
rowling's interactive mysterious "treasure-hunt" game reminded me of the once highly-raved crimson room game. i remember those sleepless nights cracking my brain and senselessly clicking around every corner of the PC screen (till my mouse almost went dead), in search of clues to break out of the room. of course i have since solved the crimson room, the blue chamber, viridian room... (and just last week) the white chamber. i love these mystery games! some of them a little creepy, yet still always very fun to play - especially when you finally get to crack all the clues and solve the ultimate puzzle - huge sense of satisfaction :D if you haven't tried any of these games, treat yourself to one or all this weekend. if you're the persistent type, be prepared to lose some sleep ;)