Thursday, October 28, 2010

next stop - mega zip @ sentosa singapore

people who know me usually wouldn't associate me with the outdoor, adventurous kind, and they're right. i'm quite conservative and am generally happy staying within my comfort zone most of the time. but that doesn't mean i don't like to try new things, i do! and i also enjoy an adventure or two every now and then - be it new food, explore a new place / city, attempt a new activity or a new experience... i guess it depends on who i'm doing all that with :)

two weekends ago, i tried the forest adventure @ bedok reservoir park and enjoyed myself more than i'd expected. it was not entirely an easy breezy course for me, but i guess that makes it all the more exciting. and now that i've tried my first 'flying fox' adventure here in singapore, i'm actually craving for more *smile* - so this is what i would love to do next...

(courtesy of MegaZipAdventurePark on youtube)

check out the megazip adventure park @ sentosa singapore.
i've heard of this when we're planning for the forest adventure earlier, but haven't actually checked out the site until i received an email mailer two days ago. whoa! this looks like a lot more challenging and exciting than forest adventure. there seems to be only one 'flying fox' (they call it the MegaZip) but from the pictures, it looks much higher (75m high), steeper and further (450m long) than the one at the bedok reservoir park! it goes across the Imbiah Walk, pass the Siloso Beach, all the way over the water, finally landing on an offshore smaller isle. so cool!

the forest adventure @ bedok is a complete outward-bound-type course that incorporates 3 - 4 'flying fox' rides within it, like a combination of activities that you can find at megazip. whereas the MegaZip @ sentosa is one single ride on a longer and probably more exhilarating 'flying fox' journey across the zip wire. they do have other activities such as the ClimbMax, ParaJump, NorthFace but can be done as a combo package or separately on its own. everything looks really fun and hugely challenging (at least to me), i'm sure this will be a big hit with extreme sports lovers. i've experience something similar to the ParaJump at the forest adventure, and it sure was the most dreadful part for me. lol... i hate the part where you step off the platform and just jump into thin air, but it's also the part where i felt the most accomplished after :) so i'm very certain ParaJump will be a 'killer' activity for me, one that will so tempt me and yet repulse me at the same time.

i haven't actually set a date or make plans to do this yet... still looking for the right friends to try it together. but this is a definite to-do on my list. if not everything (i'm not sure if i'm fit enough to conquer NorthFace), at least MegaZip and ParaJump, and perhaps ClimbMax too, if i feel confident enough *adrenaline rush*... woohoo!

Monday, October 25, 2010

kung fu cats

i don't know why this is so funny... perhaps just because it's so silly and totally meaningless. lol. life's simple pleasure - to be able to watch a silly youtube clip about two cats, and laugh ;)

beautiful felines by the way.

(courtesy of on hkbecky youtube)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

baby in watermelon

hahaha.. there's been debate whether the watermelon is real or fake...
but whatever it is, this is just super cute :) the baby looked pretty content licking within the watermelon.. lol.

(courtesy of sharma193 on youtube)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

my first forest adventure...

this was what my girlfriends and i did yesterday, probably the most adventurous and fun outdoor activity i've done in a long long while :) it was absolutely nerve-wrecking and oh-so-thrillingly awesome at the same time.

i loved the 'flying fox' - the parts when i'm cruising high above ground flying across the reservoir, not so much the initial big step off the platform - i had to psych myself up for that, and take a huge breath and hold it before each and every jump... but once your feet are off the platform, cruising through the air, it's just a wonderful adrenaline rush all the way :)

my scariest station was the free-fall 'tarzen swing', that may seem simple but trust me, the very moment you stand at the edge of the platform, looking at how high and far the drop is, taking that step off the platform suddenly seems like the most impossible thing to do. lol. well, we all did it anyway. woohoo! *a round of applause for everyone*

so who says there's nothing adventurous to do in Singapore?
go try this yourself.
  • what: forest adventure singapore
  • where: bedok reservoir park (alight and walk from the car park)
  • prices:
    (grand course) at least 1.4m tall, max. 130kg
    - S$36 per adult
    - S$34 per student
    - S$32 per youth below 18 (must be supervised by an adult)
    (kids' course) at least 1.1m tall
    - S$24 per child
  • URL:
  • see what you're in for (promo video)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

remember miffy? part 2...

when i posted 'remember miffy' on here back in August, i mentioned it to a colleague and she clearly remembered miffy and we got into a mini conversation around the little illustrated character, history and what we had remembered of it.

little would i know that the little conversation actually brought miffy to me! hehe.. this was what i received for my birthday from the colleague when i came back to work middle of this week :)

new case (with front flap) for my iPhone!
weee... miffy + polka dots + pink!!

what more could i have asked for? hehehe.. ;)
thank you!

btw, you can now download desktop wallpapers of miffy and other designs from women'secret online. check them out here.

this is how a McDonald's Happy Meal looks like after 180 days...

let's take a look at an interesting photography project - the McDonald's Happy Meal Project, or view the original photos posted on Flickr by Sally Davies.

granted this 'Happy Meal Art Exhibit' was created and photographed in New York City, where weather conditions are generally cooler and less humid than it is here, it is still quite scary to imagine how the 'meal' could withstand decomposition for that long..
180 days, that's 6 whole months!

and if you think the insane amount of preservatives in the food is the sole reason protecting it from decomposition, read this...

"But scientists say preservatives aren't the main reason why the Golden Arches' food won't break down -- it's fat. Fries and burgers sold by McDonald's are high in fat -- more than 50 percent of the calories found in McDonald's french fries come from fat, the same amount as in the restaurant chain's burgers.

"Anything that is high in fat will be low in moisture," Washington State University Professor Barry Swanson said. Low moisture on a surface means mold can't grow, which means the food can't decay. And don't forget the salt."

i really can't decide which is worse :P

Sunday, October 10, 2010

my high school class reunion

today, 10.10.10, may be a special day for weddings (i'm sure the total number of marriage registrations at the R.O.M. today is a record high)... but it's also a special day for me because my first ever high school reunion in 15 years, happened today!

thanks to the power of social networks, reconnection between old (or long-lost) friends are no longer a tedious and time-consuming affair. even though i'm hardly on Facebook (honestly, i actually avoid it), i happened to stumble upon an old high school class photo on a friend's profile page, just at the right time, to find out about the impromptu breakfast meetup this morning! talk about perfect timing.. hehehe.

i don't actively add friends on Facebook, and have not actually established a connection with these former classmates, but i decided to 'gatecrash' the gathering anyway :) at first, i was a little hesistant, not sure whether it would be awkward meeting these girls for the first time after such a long while. i could barely even remember some of these classmates' names, but i figured the feeling would probably be mutual, and i sure didn't want to miss this once-in-15-years chance to catch up with old classmates...

at the end, i'm certainly glad i showed up for it. it turned out to be quite a cozy gathering, just 9 of us (about one-third our class size). i'm not close to most of the girls present but it's amazing how we all broke the ice very quickly, and started sharing details of our lives just like old friends. it's very interesting to see the diversity even in such a small group, how each of us have branched out onto a different path, a different career, a different kind of life, despite having shared a similar educational background. it is encouraging, and inspirational, hearing about everyone's stories and experiences over the years... realising that success and happiness can take form in so many different ways, at different aspects of life, in whatever we choose, even with the occasional challenges that life throws at us. sometimes it's easy to get caught up in our own little world, and forget that other people too, share the same trials and tribulations of today's world, that we're not the only one whom has been through difficult times.

what i thought would be a 30 min. quick meetup eventually became a 3 hour cozy and fun all-girls chit chat session. at the end of it, we exchanged phone numbers (oh you wouldn't believe how many iPhone users there are amongst the 9 of us. lol!), and were already starting to plan for a next gathering at one of the girls' new bacherlorette pad :)

it was a really nice gathering, i had fun.

ps: i just realised THIS entry marks my 100th post for the year.. what a 'perfect 10 day' coincidence, erh? ;)

happy perfect 10 day! :)

today is 10.10.10.
whether you input this date in the UK or US format (or even in the Chinese format of
年/月/日), it's still the perfect 10. isn't it beautiful? :)

some people wouldn't even get the chance in their lifetime to experience this - a once in a century event. i feel special just being a part of this day.

so, happy perfect 10, everyone.

have a perfect day!

here's a little message to share (excerpt from a Chinese short stories book by author 黄桐):







happiness is like a dog's tail,
no matter how you pursue it,
around and around, you'll never catch up...
but as soon as you abandon the chase, and carry on ahead,
you'll find the tail of happiness, following closely right behind you!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CSI: the experience @ singapore science centre

ooh.. i'm really keen on going for this one.
anyone else interested in being a CSI agent for a day? ;)

what: 'CSI: the experience' exhibition
where: science centre singapore - 15 science centre road, singapore 609081
when: (from 16 october 2010) tuesdays to sundays, 10am - 6pm, closed on mondays and public holidays

Monday, October 04, 2010

i've got swings on my wall :)

i like whimsical items, and that shows in the things i have around me - personal items, cosmetics packaging, notebooks, pouches, desktop decorations, outfits etc.

now i even have whim on my bedroom wall.. hehe.
check it out...

isn't this just so adorable and sweeeeeeeet? :)
it was love at first sight, i like how carefree the kids look, the simple colours, the silhouettes. i didn't plan on getting this but when i saw it, i could immediately picture it in my bedroom, exactly where i wanted it to be.

i chanced upon this tiny corner booth at Plaza Singapura on saturday, and saw this in their catalogue. i had previously seen wall decals/stickers at friends' homes, mostly in their nursery or baby rooms, and knew there were plenty of designs and styles for different preferences and surfaces, but just never quite paid much attention to them until i found the perfect one for myself. the prices were quite reasonable, between S$10 - S$50 for most designs/sizes, and they're reusable too. i got mine at S$20 (approx. 1m x 1m size).

the entire picture came in over 20 separate parts, took me about 20 mins. to carefully peel off and transfer them piece by piece onto the wall next to my bed. i had to pause and take a few steps back to survey the entire view a few times, to make sure everything fits correctly and nicely in place, not too low, not too high. it's fairly simple and easy to do it yourself, a very fun mini bedroom makeover project too. i really enjoyed putting it together and seeing the whole picture come together at the end, it's simple fun and somewhat fulfilling too :)

last night, i went to bed smiling as i admired the image on my wall. even as i laid in bed, i couldn't stop staring up at the wall until i drifted off to sleep....

check out other designs here.