Sunday, May 31, 2009

600 square feet of fun and awe - Play Imaginative and more tokidoki!

my interest in tokidoki comes and goes.
when tokidoki for lesportsac collaboration came to an end with the vacanze print in 2007, i thought that would also pretty much put my non-stop lemmings to an end. recently, news of more tokidoki coming closer to singapore somewhat re-ignited my flame for tokidoki :)

aside from the upcoming comic con singapore in august 2009, Play Imaginative - singapore based toy and pop-art concept designers - will be opening their flagship retail-cum-artist-gallery store @ ILUMA bugis next week!

"Play Imaginative is set to open its first ever concept retail store in Singapore! Launching on 6 June 2009, the Play Imaginative store is a true platform for creativity. Located at the new and shiny shopping mall, Iluma, it's more than just a retail space. The six hundred square feet store is part gallery for the latest and uber-exclusive designer toys, as well as a curated collection of merchandise by world famous artists and character designers..... " (read more)

to get a headstart, apply for your very own Play Imaginative membership at SGD20 now! members get to enjoy 10% discount off purchases made from the retail store, plus you get to choose from 7 exclusive designs for your membership card (i want the tokidoki one!!). early signups before 4 june 2009 will even get a special welcome gift pack with a 4" Strawberry Gum TO-FU figurine, a Gloomy Bear notebook, and a TO-FU Oyako gift bag... but i really only care for the tokidoki membership card.. hehehe ;)

so... anyone wanna come along on my exploratory trip to iluma bugis next week? :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

singapore confirms first case of H1N1 - swine flu

our first case of the H1N1 swine flu here in singapore.
- yahoo! news report

unfortunate, but somewhat unavoidable given how far and wide this strain has spread in the past few weeks. hope we'll be able to contain this and prevent further infections within the country.

comic con singapore 2009 is here!

comic con 2009 is here! yay!

the official site has just been launched, many details yet to to confirmed.. so check back later for more updates. but for now, i see simone legno's pic. on one of the banners on the homepage, i hope that means he'll be here again. if he's going to be at the convention, then i'll be there for sure! yoohoo! tokidoki here i come :P

if you're as crazy about tokidoki or other comic/toys stuff...

mark your calendar:
singapore toy, games & comic convention 2009
when: 13 - 16 august 2009 (open to public from 11am on 14 aug)

where: suntec singapore international convention and exhibition centre

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ooh.. tokidoki iphone skins!

ooh.. i would so get these in a heartbeat - a tokidoki skin (USD15.95) for my iphone! *swoon*..

i bet these are selling like hotcakes.. on my, this was just launched this week and 1 of the 3 designs (discoteca) is already out of stock! yikes!!! i wish some local store would sell this here, or shall i just order the inferno one from the tokidoki website?

lemmings lemmings..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

clinique: happy-to-go solid perfume pencils

i'm not a big fan of solid perfume cuz the scents usually don't last long enough, but that doesn't mean i don't get drawn to them... just look at how beautiful those solid perfumes look in the mini, compact all-too-alluring packaging - sometimes a pendant, sometimes a ring, a keychain, a jewelled container, decorative doll-head etc. ;)

most solid perfume comes packaged in a tin/mini-tub like container where you have to stick your finger in and then rub some onto your skin but this clinique trio looks just like crayons :) reminds me somewhat of stila's lip glaze stick , only these go on your pulse points instead of your lips.

cute stuff, would work great as stocking stuffers.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

strawberried peanut butter M&M's

i am always impressed with M&M's introductions of new flavours, packaging, limited edition promos, special tie-ups, toys, gifts etc. every now and then. check out their newest experiment - strawberried peanut butter - comes in limited edition "transformers: revenge of the fallen" collectors' pack... even the candy coating looks a little different, speckled with tiny bits of pink, cute :)

i wonder if these have arrived on our shores.

even though i like most things pink, i'm
not sure if i'd be a big fan of the strawberry-ness in it... will give it a try nonetheless :)

ps: looking forward to "transformers 2" movie.. the trailer looks gooood!