Sunday, January 07, 2007

i want this!

lemmings strike again - this time, it's the limited-edition makeup collection from tokidoki for smashbox!! i want i want!!!

i'm nuts about tokidoki, absolutely adore the girly-cartoonish illustrations born out of italian designer - simone legno's love for all things japanese. in spring 2006, tokidoki and lesportsac joined hands and introduced tokidoki for lesportsac - a new line of limited-edition accessories, totes and handbags that immediately created a whirlwind trend across major cities around the world! simply too cute for the faint-hearted :P

now in addition to bags, clothes, toys and illustration projects, tokidoki has finally ventured into the makeup arena too. check out the beauties of spring 2007:

the eyeshadow palettes remind me of shu uemura's palette designs... so pretty.
i want i want i want!! :D

- tokidoki
- smashbox
- sephora

shopaholic makes a return

sophie kinsella is back with her latest addition to the much-loved "shopaholic" series. her 5th book - shopaholic & baby will be released in february 2007 (hardcover).

i'm an avid supporter of her shopaholic series and have every single paperback book - including non-shopaholic "can you keep a secret" - in my collection :) just can't wait to lay my hands on the latest release *yay*! hope she hasn't lost her touch... somehow i find the first 3 books better than the more recent ones. nonetheless, still one of my all-time-favourite novel-series... one that makes me laugh out loud on bus-rides, like a lunatic :D

click here - watch sophie's vodcast on her new book.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

victoria's secret PJs

we all know that victoria's secret sleepwear are somewhat overpriced, but somehow almost every girl i know wants to own at least one item from this label too :) maybe it's all that hype, maybe it's because we can't get them here, maybe it's because they look soooo pretty on the website.... whatever it is, these new PJs sure caught my attention and now i want them too!

check them out:
aren't they pretty, girly and sweet? :)
i esp. adore the "pink dots" design, those are real pearly accessories sewn all around the neckline, so cute! black-pink colour combination is perfect too - genius! *lol*

priced at USD$29 per set (on sale now)... if there's a VS spree happening soon, think i might get that if still available :P

customised lipstick case

received another christmas gift today - wasn't expecting it, came as a pleasant surprise. it's a crystal-studded lipstick case with my name engraved on the lid - very thoughtful. certainly adds on to my collection of "vanity fair" :P besides using it as a lippie-holder, i think it'll also work well as a keepsake box to store little trinkets, earrings, jewellery etc. in my handbag.

thanks for the thought, S.! very sweet. :)

a special visitor

yesterday, we had a special visitor in the office. my new colleague was doggie-sitting for her neighbour, so after seeking everyone's agreement, she brought our special guest to the office.
meet 3-year-old golden retriever - cookie. he's such a sweetie! well-trained, super-friendly, mild-tempered and likes wagging his tail at everyone. even the little girl next door couldn't help squating outside our gate all day long just to get cookie's attention and play with him :P

boss said this doggie's a "de-stresser"... so throughout the work-day, everyone just took turns to go out to the backyard and ruffle up cookie's fur... hehehe, our excuse to "de-stress". we love him!

too bad cookie's only able to hang around for one day, we'll certainly miss him!

the perfect 10!

oooh check out this new bronzer/highlighter from benefit cosmetics - benefit 10!
the duo-pan looks so so pretty in the box (love the box too!) - how come we just don't get benefit stores in singapore? *sigh*

benefit 10 - new!
"Bronze & highlight in one sexy sweep. For a supermodel glow & sleek, sculpted cheekbones, this duo of satiny pink & bronze powders tantalizes your complexion and decollete...and makes you a perfect 10!

Tips and tricks: Lightly sweep brush over powder so pink highlighting powder appears on half the brush & bronzer on the other half. With pink side up, whisk from the apple of the cheek up to the hairline. Now you've done the sexy sweep!"

always loved the way benefit stuff look - the colours, the retro-packaging... their blushes/bronzers/highlighters are the best! :D

*drool drool drool*...

other faves/hotsellers:
- dallas
- dandelion (i have the palette! :D)
- georgia

Monday, January 01, 2007

have a blessed 2007 :)

it's the first day of the new year 2007 - things have been great so far :) as you have read in my earlier post, i came home late (or rather, early in the morning) after spending countdown night with close friends, managed to catch a couple hours of sleep, before going to my colleague's house-warming tea-party. the food at the tea-party was really good, we had don's chicken pie, chocolate truffle cake from chocs *yumm*, biscuits with garlic butter spread, and of course the yummilicious chocolate fondue (with fruit dips) - thanks to mel for the thoughtful christmas gift i received last night. my colleagues were all green with envy *hehehe*... chocolate rules!

i came home in the evening, whipped out a brand new bottle of shower gel from victoria's secrets (just wanted to pamper myself with a new scent even though my current bottle is still "unfinished").... took a long warm shower and then did a mini 30-min. DIY facial on myself - applied a creamy scrub mask, followed with a moisturising leave-on mask sheet and eye gel pads. the result - heavenly! my skin feels so dewy, moisturised and just happy :) *hee*

so glad it's still a non-work day tomorrow. gotta really take a good sleep tonight and get all rested up before the new work-week in 2007 begins. before i end this post, just wanna share some pictures of my christmas pressies received in 2006... not to show off, but to thank all for your thoughtfulness :)

have a blessed happy new 2007.

happy new year 2007!

time flies, it's been exactly one year since i posted my first words on celestial. just came back from a cozy new year eve's countdown bbq gathering at a friend's place. time now is 6:19am, i've just showered and getting ready to hit the sack.

some words...
it's been quite an unforgettable year, i feel i've grown up. there have certainly been some setbacks in year 2006 but through those experiences, i've also learnt new things and have become a stronger, better, more appreciative person. things do change and there is nothing wrong with changes, we just have to adapt and learn to look at the "half-filled" (instead of half-empty) side of things. keep on pursuing better things and greater heights; but at the same time, be content and appreciate what you have.

in the new year 2007, there are new goals, new resolutions, new dreams i've set for myself. i hope it'll all turn out good and may true happiness find me :)

here's wishing all a wonderful new year 2007, one where no challenges are too tough to overcome, no fears unbeatable, no dreams unachieveable, nothing impossible if we try our best.
may we be surrounded with love, peace, good health, good luck, good fortune, family and friends always.

cheers - to a truly happy new year!