Tuesday, June 27, 2006

coach signature stripe collection

i simply can't resist lemmings for these bags from the new COACH collection - if only the prices stated on the website are in singapore dollars *dream* :P anyway, straight to the point.... check out COACH's latest signature stripe collection: so pretty, so versatile, so chic and classic! i lurve...!!! <3

"This sporty new collection features our popular Signature fabric accented with a splash of vibrant color. Some of these eye-catching styles are reversible, and all have softer silhouettes and subtle details." (extract from coach.com)

my favourite is the signature stripe reversible tote (smallest) - in khaki/vermillion. signature classic prints, perfect tote size (not too big, not too small), young vibrant design, and comes with the versitility of a reversible feature (oh-so-cute) - it's like owning 2 different bags for the price of one! how cool! i love this bag...

so, to my richer friends and relatives, uncles, aunties, cousins and secret-admirers (lol), erh umm... something else to add on to my birthday/christmas wish-list *wink wink* :D hehehe.

oh, and do check out these cute keyfobs too :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

gorgeous summer dresses

a picture says a thousand words... just some really pretty sun-dresses i stumbled upon on nordstrom website... *wow*! (but oh-too-pricey, i can only drool over the pictures) :P

- BCBG max azria tier sundress (USD 240)
- BCBG max azria tribal border voile halter dress (USD 202)
- jessica howard white dress with floral-embroidered waist (USD 88)
- robbie bee green allover dot-print dress (USD 78)

not forgetting the stunning evening numbers too....

- adrianna papell mesh overlay dress (USD 148)
adrianna papell silk halter dress with shawl (USD 158)
ECI beaded mesh dress (USD 138)
- donna ricco halter dress (USD 158)

inspired by the chocolate bar...

most of you must have seen or heard of the new LG chocolate phone (KG800). i'm a die-hard supporter of nokia phones (more so because i'm so used to nokia's navigations that i just can't adapt to other brands - esp. the sms functions).... so i have not really caught on the craze for the chocolate phone, though the red-lit touchpad buttons do look kinda cool.

many of my colleagues, esp. the everything-korean-addicted folks, have been seriously lusting after this phone. then, one of my male colleagues was lucky enough to receive a brand new chocolate phone on his birthday last week *wow* - check out his new baby ;)

i applaud his friends for their creativity... this sure is a much cheaper version of the real LG chocolate phone.. *lol* and it really "slides" too... plus it's edible (reminds me of the cadbury tv commercial - fantasy world where everything's chocolate-made). *hums after the jingle* "... wouldn't it be nice?..."

oh btw, there's a pink chocolate phone and white chocolate phone too, both of which i prefer over the original chocolate phone.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

spell "racecar" backwards....

did you know that the word "racecar", when spelt backwards is also "racecar"? :) words like this are called "palindrome" - interesting erh? picked up this new term from one of the tv-mobile commercials on the new animation-movie "cars".

i'm pretty much a kid-at-heart person, but as much as i love animation-shows, i don't watch them as much as i'd like to. i've been wanting to watch "cars" since they started showing the movie trailers/ commercials. friends who watched it all loved it, so i knew i couldn't let myself miss this again (i didn't get to watch the much raved about "finding nemo" or "the incredibles" previously). anyway, tonight after work, i somehow dragged my unwilling girl-pal to watch it with me (her first reaction was - "eww... what? cartoons?" hehe) anyway, she asked me if the movie would make her laugh, and i promised "yes".... so we got the tickets.

for the first 15 mins. of the movie, i was a tad bit bored - maybe all that F1-type race cars details didn't quite appeal to me. for a moment, i thought i'd made a wrong suggestion and my friend was going to nag at me for the rest of the night. but fortunately, the next 1.5 hours went on brilliantly! the story development, the characters' personalities started to show.. and the graphics were so well done, you'd wish you could go to "that place in the movie - radiator springs" for a real holiday. beautiful! moving! sweet! hilarious! witty!.... the list goes on, i'm impressed! ok, now i'm going get the DVD for keeps :)

pixar has done it once again - "cars" is certainly an animation movie not to be missed. if you think this is a cutesy kiddy show, think again. it's cute, but it's also every bit "adultish" with real-life teachings and meanings behind it. in fact, i think it's probably a little bit too profound for kids below 10.

watch "cars" trailer here

cars-characters to look out for (i love them all!):
- lighting (of course, he's the main lead)
- sally (sweet, sexy)
- hudson (wise, loveable)
- mater (old rusty but trustworthy)
- guido (hahaha... you will know why after you watch the show)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

an art exhibition?

you wouldn't have guessed what these are if i didn't tell you....

they look like some creative displays in an art exhibition, or some colourful floats for a street parade (known as "
chingay" in singapore), perhaps some kids' school project. many other guesses might have popped up in your mind, before you'd even begin to think of these as.... coffins!

yes, that's what these colourful multi-shaped displays are - coffins - made in
ghana, south africa. came across a short article in the chinese newspapers yesterday, decided to look up the web for more images. amazing how some cultures treat death as taboo-topic, while some others regard it quite differently, almost like a celebration.

"For the Ga tribe in coastal Ghana, funerals are a time of mourning, but also of celebration. The Ga people believe that when their loved ones die, they move on into another life -- and the Ga make sure they do so in style. They honor their dead with brightly colored coffins that celebrate the way they lived." (taken from ghanaweb.com)

all these odd-shape-coffins eg. shoes, cars, animals, hammers, fruits, cigarette butts, beer/coke bottles, mobile phones etc. (there was even one of a uterus!) are custom-made to remember the dead for their contribution to the society, their business nature, their profession, hobby or their penchant for a particular object. don't come cheap though - ranging from US$500-600 on average.

wonder if there's one created like a louis vuitton/ gucci bag?
interesting, very interesting.

other links:
bbc news
fantasy coffins

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

thank God for music

have you tried sitting quietly in a room, all lights and fan switched off, windows slightly ajar to allow the night breeze to smooth it's way in....

no tv, no one speaking, no noise - just soothing music playing on the hi-fi system.
101% bliss, totally therapeutic... takes away all your cares and stress, lightens your load and you just suddenly feel... so at peace.

thank God for music.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the cathay

did you know - "the cathay building and cinema was born a legend when it opened at the outbreak of world war II on october 1939, with zoltan korda's war adventure, the four feathers (1939). it stood as the tallest building in southeast asia and it was the first air-conditioned public place and skyscraper in singapore." (taken from www.thecathaycineplex.com.sg)

after undergoing a S$100-million-reconstruction in year 2001, the cathay reopened it's doors with a brand new look this march! i finally got to watch my first movie there on sunday - the da vinci code. (well-made movie, i liked how the director lead us on the discovery journey to unveil all those hidden secret codes. wish there were more filmage on the actual da vinci artworks and secret codes though. soundtrack's great too!)

the new the cathay is nothing quite like the old one (though i wasn't quite a regular back then). my first impression of it - modern. somehow i felt the old cathay was more "movie-centic", this new one is good but felt too commercialised (not surprising though), with all that high-end spas, waxing palours, mani/pedicure salons, restaurants, eyewear shop etc. mixed into it. somehow, didn't quite recreate the old-time nolstagia. oh, sidetrack a little... the kacang putihs are so over-priced. my girl-friend and i bought 2 cones of kacang + 1 cup of steamed chick peas... paid over $6 for that *tsk tsk*... whatever happened to the $0.50 kacang putih days? :P

most of the retail shops were still unopened when we were at the cathay on sunday - renovation works and all. something interesting to share... (click image to enlarge)

these (taken with my mobile phone camera) are comics laminated across all the wooden shields/ planks of those shops still undergoing reno-works. compared to the usual boring white unpolished plain wooden "walls", these sure add an interesting touch to the entire place.

ps: just wanted to post at least one post on this one-in-a-century 060606 (6 june 2006).... nothing really significant happened, but considering how some people don't even get the chance to write the date in such perfect order their entire life, i think it's still worth a mention *(",)* - of course, the next 6 years ahead - we'd have 070707, 080808, 090909, 101010, 111111 (this is the best!) & 121212.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

"c" for cupcakes

someone posted a link on this very interesting cupcakes-for-order website on cozycot - ccup. the cupcakes selection is quite limited at the moment, but the presentation is so very pretty and retro-chic *thumbs up*.

with prices ranging from S$3 - S$7 per mini cupcake (min. S$30 order required), this sure isn't a daily luxury to enjoy. nonetheless, a good effort and nice new concept in singapore.... hope they'll find their niche and do well.

if you're interested to order, best to do it soon cuz they're having some introductory-promotions till end june. oh, and do check out the free desktop wallpapers for download too - very sweet and retro! i like!

ps: when it comes to sweeties, my favourite site to drool over mouth-watering pictures is still harry & david! (thanks to carolyn for recommending that site)... wish i could try them sometime, yummy! don't those chocolates and cakes simply look heavenly?!!

another ingenious creation from harry & david (see images below).... can you believe these are real cookies?? nope, they're not just some colourful decorations or icing on the cake, these are real-edible-lemon-cookies! too sweet to be true! :9

online flash game

sometimes when i'm bored, i'd go to this website for some kiddy games.

i first stumbled on this site 2 - 3 years ago... the games are simple, easy-to-play, and just so pretty! the background music in these games are so soothing, it makes game-playing become less competitive and more leisurely.

have fun - orisinal
ps: i think ladies would appreciate these games more ;)