Thursday, March 20, 2008

more on becky and luke...

found more pictures from the "confessions of a shopaholic" movie set...
i guess i was trying to convince myself there must be at least some redeeming factor to the movie cast (vs the characters created in the shopaholic books), but the more i read/see, the more disappointed i get... *sigh*

this is becky and luke??!! what were the producers thinking?
becky never came across as a fashion disaster... and look at THAT supposedly special and significant denny & george scarf (that is IT? so understated.)

more pictures here.

ps: and hugh dancy looked just the way he does... not "luke-ified" at all. so sad - i'm sure that leaves many unsatisfied luke brandon fans.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

hugh dancy as "luke brandon"!

this isn't the latest news...

i was just clearing my 2,108 archived emails in my yahoo inbox, and all of a sudden something in sophie kinsella's recent enewsletter (dated 27 feb) caught my eye...

".... Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy and Krysten Ritter are going to be SO fabulous as Becky, Luke and Suze.... "

hugh dancy = luke brandon!!

when i first found out about isla fisher, i thought, "sigh, they could have picked someone more like rebecca bloomwood... isla fisher just seems to lack something i couldn't pinpoint, not "becky" enough. oh well..."

and now that they've gotten hugh dancy (claire dane's beau) as luke-charming-brandon, i'm not quite sure i'm catching his vibe as luke either.

don't get me wrong, i think hugh dancy is good-looking with very nice eyes, and looked "prince-charming" enough in "ella enchanted" and "king arthur", but i just can't quite picture him as luke brandon. hugh dancy looks a little too thin (sometimes even elfy) to be luke. i had imagined luke to be someone of a bigger build, slightly hunkier... someone more mature and corporate-looking... the 101% sweetheart that luke brandon should be (and with a better hairdo :P).

honestly, i'm a little disappoionted. hugh dancy didn't blow me away or come across as the perfect luke brandon. but i still hope the movie will prove me wrong :)

there are already some spoiler pictures from the movie posted on hugh dancy's fan-site (gotta register to view) - check them out here.

ps: if you didn't quite follow what i was rattling about - it's the hugely popular chick-lit "shopaholic" novel series by british author sophie kinsella. the first movie "confessions of a shopaholic" will be released end-2008/early-2009.

a whole new realm of computing - microsoft surface

if you were impressed with the idea of the future of internet searches mentioned in my blog yesterday... then you HAVE TO watch this video clip.

turns out the idea was not so much "in the future", but in a somewhat different way - has arrived.

(courtesy of che2guevara on youtube - featured video from

introducing the all new microsoft surface computing (launched in may 2007) - computing has never been more fun and integrated into our lives.

the features are so intuitive and physically-engaging, and its possibilities... amazing! (to some extent, even scary... especially the fund transfers/payment capabilities). anything and everything wireless can be and will be connected! the ease of files/images transfer between different devices is just awesome... and totally k-e-w-l!

my colleague said it's like "having a big ipod touch but on steroids..." lol.. very true.

touchscreen technology is nothing new, neither are wireless devices and technologies...
so why didn't i think of this before?? :D lol...

background links:
- microsoft surface
- ubiquitous computing
- popular mechanics

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

take a peek into the future... of internet searches

they say, "if you can dream it, you can achieve it".
i truly believe this will happen soon enough. the future of internet searches... pretty cool, erh? :)
remarkable.... yet so conceivable.

click here to view the larger images - must see!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

what does HP got to do with the handbag?

the answer to that question is here --> check out this interesting notebook campaign from hp. very obviously targeting the ladies market :) cute.

find out how similar an hp notebook actually is to your handbag. plus, navigate around to create your own virtual bag at the bag workshop, discover your bag personality, and... even stand a chance to win a kate spade hangbag!

have fun... btw, here's my virtual handbag.
i'll buy it if it's available in stores ;)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

miss pettigrew lives for a day

miss pettigrew lives for a day - check out the movie trailer.

i stumbled upon this on the stila cosmetics website earlier,
looks very interesting and funny... wonder when it'll releases here, i wanna watch! :)

> movie synopsis