Saturday, February 23, 2008

the hopeless romantic quickie ;)

i've always liked the too faced quickie chronicles make-up palettes.
haven't had the interest to buy new make-up for a while... but "the hopeless romantic quickie" palette just looks so sweet, pretty and oh-so-romantic :)

this 2-layer palette comes with a sultry retro-illustration-cover, and features seductive hues of too faced quickie eye shadown, blush and lip gloss. best of all, the colours all look so wearable and pretty (subtle rosy pinks and neutral tones)!
guess i wouldn't mind adding this to my make-up collection ;) - US$29.50

too bad, not available in singapore...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

*yoohoo* 8 long weekends in 2009...

yeah! good news! we've got EIGHT long weekends next year (2009)! check out the "just-released" 2009 singapore public holidays listing below, and plan ahead for your vacations ;)

(*following monday to be substituted as public holiday)

actually, looking at all the public holiday dates above, i'd say ALL 10 dates can each be extended into a long weekend. sweet :) now, time to "fight" other colleagues and submit your leave-application early!

FYI, this year we've only got 3 long weekends...

read more, on channel news asia.

yay! congratulations, singapore!

IOC president jacques rogge, unveiling the results at the olympic museum in lausanne.

yay! we won the final bid against moscow to host the 1st summer youth olympic games 2010 here in SINGAPORE! :D

such pride and honour.. congratulations to the team! great work! celebrate!!

- international olympic committee
- singapore YOC official site

Saturday, February 02, 2008

m.a.c cosmetics with fafi

(pictures courtesy of

i'm not a huge fan of m.a.c cosmetics but i'm always tempted by packaging...
like this upcoming collaboration with grafitti artist - fafi. pretty interesting, erh? :)
i like the iridescent powder (topmost - right side) and the little purses...

i first heard of fafi in mid-2007 when she jointly launched a limited-collection line of bags and accessories with lesportsac - fafi for lesportsac. some friends find her drawings somewhat trashy or even "scary". i guess it's cuz fafi's girls are not the typical sweety-dolly type. still, i tend to get attracted by colourful illustrations like fafi's or my fav - jordi labanda. if m.a.c. ever ties up with jordi labanda, i'll definitely get my hands on them.. hehe.

check out more details on m.a.c fafi on temptalia.

ps: just read on cozycot forums that singapore is one of the locations (16 feb) for the official m.a.c. fafi world tour 2008 - for more details, check out ck tangs website.

sophie kinsella's new book and shopaholic movie! *finally*

yay! look forward to more hilarious girly moments from sophie kinsella's new stand-alone novel - "remember me".

having just recently finished reading her lastest (5th) from the shopaholic series - "shopaholic & baby", i'm all ready to welcome her new book coming late-feb 2008 :)

oooh and what's MORE exciting: the very first shopaholic movie is FINALLY coming this fall/autumn 2008. yay! it's gonna be an all-girls-get-together movie night ;) simply can't wait!!

psst: isla fisher IS the official shopaholic girl - she'll be playing rebecca (becky) bloomwood in the 1st movie titled "the secret dream world of a shopaholic"! hmm.. i wonder who'll be her charming luke brandon... what do you think? *wink*
>> heads-up on other casts here.

sophie kinsella shares her latest news:

*gasp* i want i want i want!

i WANT these new pinkies from *weak in the knees*...
ooh... p-i-n-k - what's not to love??! :D

and coated canvas = easier to maintain... plus the interior is lined with coach's signature tattersall fabric. oh yummy!

psst... on a side note, this mini skinny is pretty cute too, isn't it? ;)