Wednesday, September 10, 2008

happy news :)

today is a happy day for me.

i had my practical driving test at bukit batok driving centre this afternoon - my first attempt. as much as i tried to stay calm and relaxed, i just couldn't help feeling nervous during the 30 min. test. i fumbled a little, made some silly mistakes when starting off... fortunately, things eventually turned out well, i was able to stay composed, and i think i got lucky with a kind instructor... so...


yay! *celebrations*
i am so happy! (didn't know it could feel this exhilarating, but i sure was thrilled when i got my results!) so now i'm an official P-plate (probation plate) driver... hehehe :D yoohoo!!

many thanks to all the well-wishes and support from friends, colleagues and family... it really helped boost my confidence :) at least my 6-month training and money was well worth it.

PS: looking back, i guess it's all a good sign from the beginning... my test date: 10 sep 2008 = 080910 (nice running numbers). and guess what is the car plate number on my test car today? 8910 - nice coincidence, isn't it? ;)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

new browser - google chrome

the new google chrome browser is here - have you tried it?

i would love to try, but my laptop has symantec endpoint protection running on it (which apparently has an incompatibility issue with chrome). after downloading the installation file, the browser just wouldn't load properly. *tsk tsk*

for more information on the issue, check out these discussion threads/sites:
google group discussion (google login required)
symantec SNT forum

guess we shall wait and see then...