Thursday, July 24, 2008

fall collection - COACH lemmings again!

COACH has just updated their website with some items from the fall collection.
eeks... i'm already lemming some new stuff! awww... so cute!

new heritage stripe small zip satchel (USD 248)

and these super uber duper cute keyfobs (USD 38)... ooh i so WANT them!

A.S.D. Keychains

these keychains are so cute. if you love dogs, there is no reason NOT to get one ;)

chanced upon the keychains at the antipodean cashier counter at lunch today, i guess i just had to get something small to prevent myself from splurging on any of the more "sinful" and pricier accessories there. i saw a very pretty bracelet ($70+) from killer heels - it comes with pretty pastel/glass beads + a super adorable rabbit charm pendant. they had the same rabbit pendant on a necklace ($103) and earrings too ($60+).. so tempting... but i had to pass :P their stuff are seriously cute though *smile* - check out the collection on flickr.

anyway, back to the keychains... selling for $5 over the counter, all proceeds go to Action for Singapore Dogs (A.S.D)... so it's for a good cause. what's neat about it.. you can actually replace the regualr $1 coin you have to insert into supermarket trolleys, with the round metal charm on the keychain, smart idea isn't it?

a couple of designs to choose from - i got the shih tzu one (not shown on website): more details here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

my DIY teh-cino :)

my bosses brought a brand new nespresso coffee-maker to the office about 2 weeks ago. since then, everyone's been crazy over their DIY "chi-chi" (expensive/upmarket) inhouse coffee.. *lol*. never do we need starbucks or coffee bean anymore :P

even though i am not a coffee-drinker, i've decided not to be left behind... so today i made my own teh-cino :) it's yummy!

actually all i've done was just to make my regular 3-in-1 lipton vanilla milk tea... and use the coffee machine to warm/froth up some low-fat fresh milk and scoop the froth over my tea. there we have it... my very own teh-cino! :)

night at the museum...

the inaugural night festival - presented by the national museum of singapore - launches this weekend (18/19 july). don't miss the two-weekend line-up of dazzling "theatrical performances, music, open air cinema and fun interactive activities".

highlights for this weekend include "the dancing sky", an aerial ballet performance that sounds promising. ok... i must brush up on my night-photography skills and hopefully be able to take some nice pictures then :)

"The Night Festival opens on 18 July with internationally acclaimed Studio Festi from Italy. Known for their extraordinary staging of large-scale outdoor theatrical performances, including the recent 100-Day Countdown to the Beijing Olympics at Macau, Studio Festi will enthrall with The Dancing Sky. The Museum garden and premises will be transformed into a surreal and magical playground with its site-specific masterpiece." (highlights from National Museum website)

in conjunction with the night festival, 5 leading museums managed by the national heritage board will offer free night admission on 25 july (friday), from 6:00pm - 2:00am:

for more information and programme schedule, visit the national museum website.

Friday, July 11, 2008

iphone 3G launched today

the apple iphone 3G launched worldwide on 11 july 2008 (except singapore - sigh) - have you gotten your hands on one yet? :)

get a glimpse of the hype and frenzy this slim little gadget has created around the globe... pretty amazing:
- iphone in new zealand
- iphone in japan
- iphone in hong kong
- iphone in UK
- iphone in US

tangs beauty bag hunt

tangs beauty bag hunt - think you can find all 62 bags and beat the current record of 24.276 seconds?

round 3 of the contest ends on 1 august 2008, so hurry.. give it a try, even if it's just for the fun of it :)
at best, i could only find 59 bags in the given 2 minutes... lol. what can i say? fastest fingers first!

even if you don't come close to the super-record-holders, you might want to check out the tangs beauty & fragrance offers on the same site :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

design a Coach tote!

design a tote for Coach.
give it a try, and you could win a Coach shopping spree, or even better, have your tote be featured as a limited edition piece in select Coach stores!

also, do check out some of the really neat entries submitted, so pretty... i can definitely see myself carrying some of those designs. cool! :)
don't forget to vote for your favourite design(s) too!