Tuesday, April 26, 2011

harajuku lovers - G of the sea

me likey this!! sooo adorable! :)
should i, should i not?

too pricey though.
i would get this if they have it in the smaller 15ml version.
to add to my tiny collection of the small HL fragrances *wink*.

sooo cuuuute...

edited to add: good news, fellow H.J.L. fans! this limited edition mermaid "G" is now available in Singapore! :) in fact, to my surprise, they have actually brought in the 15ml version of it too *woohoo*. as i had promised, i went ahead to get myself a 15ml bottle of this at a 10% discount ;) original retail price S$38, available at Takashimaya shopping centre fragrance department. go get yours now!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

bunnies unite - happy easter! :)

all the little bunnies at home came together to wish everyone...


we are Singaporeans. double confirm! :)

i'm a true blue Singaporean, grew up in the HDB neighbourhoods, love the hustles and bustles of the old estate, the familiar hawker centres, void deck shops, comfort food (and teh siew dai) :) even managed to tolerate and survive the noisy common corridors and screaming kids from the playground beneath the block.. hehe.

of course, i do have my fair share of complaints, discontent and gossips about the society, the education system, the not-so-gracious behaviour of some fellow Singaporeans etc. but at the very core of it, i am still happy and very proud to be a homegrown part of this little red dot.

once in a while, we come across local TV/movie productions that just blow you away - movies like "i not stupid"(Jack Neo), "881" (Royston Tan) etc. that have made a name even outside of Singapore, and i am proud of their achievements. 

even on our local TV, i have gotten addicted to some very entertaining 'homemade' small bites that are simply hilarious. here are two current must-watch on Mediacorp Channel 5, if you haven't already become a fan:

1) The NOOSE
premiered back in 2007, the Noose is now already into its 4th season, yet i have enjoyed and continue to enjoy every single episode of this (thanks to the recording feature on HubStation). don't miss the most entertaining impersonations from funny bones like Chua En Lai, Michelle Chong, Alaric Tay etc., on local news and heartlanders stories with a twist (and lots of humour)!

2) We are Singaporeans
"... a gameshow about everything and anything to do with Singapore - from history to culture to trivia! Hosted by Hossan Leong, contestants will get the chance to walk away with $10,000 every week. We Are Singaporeans debuts on Channel 5 on 6 April, Wednesday at 8pm."

i think the trailers are superb and very successful! just seeing how funny Hossan Leong is makes me wanna watch the gameshow and find out what it's all about. if you don't believe me, watch the series of trailers below (my favourites are the supermarket and 'kopitiam' versions). i couldn't stop laughing everytime it comes on TV, and i didn't even mind watching them again and again! lol. soooo good and soooo Singaporean! :)

(all clips courtesy of mediacorpch5 on youtube)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happy easter 2011!

it’s a short work-week this week, and who doesn’t love short work-weeks? :)
Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time for this self-declared Easter Bunny to hop by and leave little surprises for everyone in the office again!
(a personal little tradition - see previous years surprises: 2010 / 2008 / 2007)

our staff strength has certainly grown over the years... from a handful 4 years ago, to a little more.. and now i have 24 colleagues to plan for! *whoa* :P

well, more eggs to hide, more fun for everyone.. hehehe.
i certainly enjoy doing this, and it's so much fun seeing everyone go crazy hunting for their treasure eggs.

ooh.. and this year, the Easter Bunny herself received a very special HUGE version Easter egg too! awww... :) THANK YOU!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

so much pollen...

just saw this random video via xinmsn.
wow! the amount of pollen from that one single tree.. it looks almost unreal!
no wonder people in some countries get serious hay fever.

hmm.. is it just me? think my nose is feeling a little itchy now.. hehe ;)

(courtesy of peaveykid2 on YouTube)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my new uni STYLE FIT multi-colour pen :)

there is just something about pens, writing materials and stationery... that makes people like me go a tad bit crazy and out of control. lol.

blame it on the colleague who wanted to stock up on some stationery, we popped by Evergreen stationery store after lunch today, and alas! i had to spend S$12.65 on a single writing instrument! *tsk tsk* :P

people who know me should know NOT to tempt me by taking me to a stationery shop or any place where you can find lots of unnecessary but too unresistably adorable little items.. hehehe. my weakness. sigh.

anyway, i have no idea how long this range of Uni STYLE FIT pens has been available in the market, but the concept of it is all so cool, and appeals much to someone like me who just can't resist switching my pens every now and then, changing the colours, and be surrounded with all things pretty, even around my desk.

so this is how it works:
1) select one of the 3-pen or 5-pen empty plastic barrels that come in several colours, prints and designs (plain, metallic, polka dot, ribbons etc.)
- honestly, this was what really got me :P

2) then customise your own barrel with the ink refills of your choice - pick from thickness of 0.28mm, 0.38mm or 0.5mm

3) of course, there are many many different ink colours to choose from - pinks, reds, oranges, greens, blues, browns, violets, black etc.

take your pick, mix-and-match, and voila!
that's how easy you can splurge over S$12 in an instant, just the way i did ;)

ok, now would you please just say WOW to my new pink girly ribbon-polka-dotted multi-coloured pen *wink*.


Monday, April 11, 2011

the origin of "angry birds"...

received this in email from a colleague today, and it makes so much sense :)
if you are a fan of the game "angry birds" on iPhone / iPad etc... this certainly will not be unfamiliar to you.

Monday, April 04, 2011

just a happy monday.

it's a happy day today.
you know... one of those seemingly ordinary days, but you just can't help smiling every now and then without an apparent reason.

  • ok, maybe it's because i had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend - spent time with good old friends, met some new friends, had some sumptuous and satisfying meals...
  • maybe because i got to chat with a good old friend via whatsapp over the weekend.
  • maybe because all that good wine i had at sunday lunch is only beginning to take effect now.. lol.
  • maybe because i woke up much earlier this morning than i usually would, so it felt that i had a few bonus hours to myself.
  • maybe it's because the much dreaded client meeting this morning actually went better than expected.
  • maybe it's just one of those very rare mondays when i actually don't feel super stressed or pressurised by multiple deadlines all at the same time (at least not for today *smile*).
  • maybe once in a while, God decides to just grant you an unconditional special happy day, so that you'll remember how wonderful it is to just feel happy, and that urge to smile silly to yourself.
whatever it is, i just want to remind myself what a sweet feeling this is.
that's why i'm posting this here, right now :)
perhaps this may bring on a little smile to whomever reading it as well.

ahh... bliss *smile*.