Saturday, August 16, 2008

must-haves for girls! ;)

came across a small feature in the Life! section of The Straits Times paper today, and upon further googling around, found these super duper cute tool kits made for women! if i have my own house, i'd certainly get one of these tool kits for vanity's sake *lol*. well, i'm sure having my very own set of handy tools (in PINK) would so make any handy work around the house much more appealing! imagine fixing up your own D-I-Y ikea furniture with these pink cutsies... ooh chic and cool! and maybe once i pass my driving test, i should get myself one of those car kits as a reward ;)

so pretty just to look at, aren't they?

hello dolly hang-it-up kit (mini tool kit) US$49.90 | S$65.95
- 10.5cm (L) x 5.2cm (W)
- 20-in-1 screwdriver
- 3-in-1 level
- hammer
- tape measure
- assorted hardware (nails, screws, picture hooks)

hello dolly 30 piece tool kit US$79.90 | S$119
- 40cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 6cm (D)
- 20-in-1 screwdriver
- 3-in-1 level
- hammer
- utility knife
- 6" adjustable spanner
- 6.5" blunt nose pliers
- 3m measuring tape
- assorted hardware (nails, screws, picture hooks)
- scissors
- comes in its own slimlline pink case :D

the safety girl roadside emergency kit US$44.99 | S$59
- Space® brand emergency blanket
- safety light stick
- 5 bandages
- 2 antiseptic wipes
- instructions to change a flat tire
- instructions to jump start a dead battery
- emergency contact list
- accident record
- safety girl pencil
- purified water
- Ghirardelli squares chocolate
- Zox breath freshener
- lip moisturiser
- Gilead aromatherapy headache remedy
- Shout instant spot remover wipe
- Dove anti-perspirant
- Speedy Clean cleaning wipes
- 2 Dittie tampons
- emergency sewing repair kit
- professional nail file

more insanely girly stuff available on hello dolly website and safety girl website.

also available on local online store (reasonable pricing, includes local shipping).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

sheer vanity...

i love pink.
i love polka dots.
so what's not to love about this super girly satiny CD wallet with a ribbon?

i didn't exactly need this, but when i saw it on sale at Challenger, i just couldn't resist picking one up :P figured i could always use a cute wallet for storing my digital photos CDs etc. *wink*

wallet for 16 CDs: S$4.90
(dual-pack) wallets for 16 + 48 CDs: S$9.90

Friday, August 08, 2008

new tokidoki - again!

the tokidoki-lesportsac collaboration had ended sometime last year, to the relief of many toki-finatics (yes, time to heal that big hole we've burnt in our pocket)... but the good (or bad) news didn't last long... tokidoki bags are now back with not just 1 nor 2, but 3 new line-ups for this year! :)

the first in the series - carnival - has just launched early this month, with a slightly toned-down selection of bag styles, more pricey, and sole-tokidoki branded (no more co-branding with LSS), though still manufactured by them. i'm excited - tokidoki bags are always cute, and so fun to stare/look at close-up... but looking at the carnival print and the new bag styles, i think i'll be safe for now. no serious lemmings - yet... though i really like the print section with the unicorns-merry-go-round, the cowboy, and the other of the cabaret ipod girl *lol*.. super sweet. a bacio style would be cute....

i'm more keen on the "eco" themed collection - eco mondo - coming out later this year :)

meanwhile, check out the interview with simone legno on karmaloopTV and catch a glimpse of the new, upcoming prints ;) see simone describe the way he creates a new character from sketch, scan, to the full works.. very cool!

btw, happy 08/08/08!