Monday, June 29, 2009

asian youth games - listen to what this girl had to say...

"I'm not very comfortable with fire. I can light candles and stuff but not one huge torch like that." (source: channel news asia)

erhm.. did i just hear what i heard on the news?

gosh. i must say i'm quite taken aback that one of the chosen, honoured student torch leaders for the asian youth games (AYG), actually said something like that *roll eyes*

ok, i get it, they're young students - innocent, speak their mind, no PR training, no pretence etc. but come on.. if she's going to be quoted on national TV for that ONE statement, of all things she had to say that? *duh*

if you have some 3 mins. to spare.. watch the live video clip on channel news asia website.

click on the following live stream from the site:

singapore - 29 jun: Day two of torch relay ceremony takes AYG flame to 45 schools
(sit through the 9 second commercial, then watch closely the brief interview from time 3:03 onwards)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

did you guess it correctly?

if you hadn't already known the answer to this question...
did you make the correct guess? :)

it's the lucent rainbow false eyelashes (USD27) from shu uemura! va va voom!

wow. i wonder if anyone ever puts these on for a regular evening, a special date or day out with friends...

check out other dramatic blinks in the shu uemura's tokyo lash bar 2009 collection.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

new - benefit crescent row fragrances

these cocktail mixer-like fragrances are just too delectable to resist. i have no clue yet how good or desirable these scents really are but the bottle and packaging sure got me sold - makes me wanna just reach through the screen and grab them all! :) look at how the packaging/box even opens up to detailed dollhouse-like prints on the inside! oh la la!

benefit cosmetics have some of the cutest and most whimsical cosmetics/beauty products packaging ever. though i didn't exactly like any of their previous scents such as maybe baby or b-spot, i do have some hopes on this new range. i mean.. look at them, they're just too pretty to be missed! and since there are 3 to choose from, chances of getting at least one right is pretty high, isn't it? ;)

undecided on which scent might work best for you, let
this quiz give you a hint.
my quiz result shows that laugh with me lee lee should be my pick *shrugs* - i'm personally drawn to something about sofia from the descriptions of the notes though...

priced at USD36 each for 30ml, i say go get them all!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

lollipops for those with a finer taste...

when was the last time you enjoyed a lollipop?
what's your favourite flavour? strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, lime... or how about...

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, YSL... ;)

(courtesy of massimo gammacurta)

these are soooo cool, and look drooliciously good!
great for such retail brands' special events.

i bet fans will go crazy receiving one of these... even if it's a simple gift-with-purchase.

my colleague's wedding is coming up, and it so happened that both bride and groom's first names start with the letter "C", so she thinks the "double-back-Cs" Chanel lollipop would make a lovely wedding favour. neat idea, if none of their guests works for Chanel ;)

fairly inexpensive to produce, but certainly a talking point.

about the photographer
"Massimo Gammacurta is a "conceptual still life photographer born in Rome, Italy. Influenced by the futurist art movement, the graffiti culture, and Fellini & Pasolini films, he has shot stills and portraits for a host of publications and advertising such as Details, Forbes, Style Montecarlo, XXL, Nike, Lexus, Wieden & Kennedy, and Surface Magazine." (source)
find out more at

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

guess what this is... ?

if you hadn't already known (from other sources)...
could you tell what this is?

make a guess :)
i'll tell you the answer sometime later (no cheating, don't go google..)

Monday, June 15, 2009

i love this TV commercial

every once in a while, some TV commercial just catches your attention and makes you smile/laugh. recently, this particular one stood out in the crowd, i love it! lol.

(courtesy of biglebowskiwalter on youtube)

reminds me of their older commercial - the one with jennifer anniston in it.

both funny in a witty, tasteful way, unexpected twist at the end. makes you smile.

i wonder if this commercial (the walk-in heineken fridge one) appeals as much to the guys as it does to the female audiences? ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a fresh coat of "paint"

i was just updating my blog and exploring new features, and decided to give celestial its first makeover in 3.5 years. it's interesting how a simple change of colour theme makes such a big difference. i like this new breath of fresh air...

i'm always drawn to polka dots, so i've kept the dots, just went for a lighter, fresher background shade. what do you think?

if darker clothes make one look slimmer, then does a lighter shade make my blog look fatter or wider instead? ;)

before and now:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i lurrrrve these!!

i was just surfing viecouture blog and saw these.

OMG.. my heart stopped (ok, i'm exaggerating, my heart didn't stop.. maybe just paused for a little) ;) these are soooooo nice! gorgeous dress! absolutely cute bread stamp!

i really love the cut, the colour and fit of this victoria's secret dress - on sale now at USD63.99. it looks perfect (at least on that supermodel)! btw, i love her hair too.. lol.

i wouldn't exactly order this online though, unless i see it in person. i find that VS clothes tend to fall short on expectation - they would look great online (in pics.) but the actual material usually turns out a bit "bleh". looks like i'll just have to save the pic. in my "love-to-have" folder for now.

isn't this the cutest slice of toast you've ever seen?
no? alright.

if they sold this locally eg. at takashimaya cookware section or something, i might pick one up just for fun.
imagine preparing breakfast with this, a few slices of "french toasts", a couple of heart-shaped sunny side up, freshly squeezed orange juice + hot milk tea *wink*.. so cute, so romantic <3<3<3 invite your special someone (or share it in bed), and that's what i would call the perfect breakfast :)

thanks to viecouture, once again, for making my heart stir...

mega sales @ suntec this weekend (11 - 14 june 2009)

suntec will be a nightmare this weekend!
it'll be good if you're going to brave the sales.. kill many birds in one stone; if not, do avoid that area at all cost... i'm sure it's gonna be a mad house with all these mega sales, the great singapore sale (GSS) and school holidays.

so be warned...

1) 11 - 13 june: watsons super sale gets even bigger @ suntec
date: 11 - 13 june 2009 (thu - sat)
time: 10am - 10pm
venue: suntec convention centre - level 3 (gallery east)

2) 11 - 13 june: the PC show
date: 11 - 13 june 2009 (thu - sat)
time: 12pm - 9pm
venue: suntec convention centre - level 1, 3, 4, 6

3) 11 - 13 june: crazy warehouse sales
date: 11 - 13 june 2009 (thu - sat)
time: 10am - 10pm
venue: suntec convention centre - (room TBC)

"This 3-Day Crazy Warehouse Sales is back!!! This time with more savings & special buys!!! Find brands such as: Fox Men, Fox Ladies, Fox Baby,, Renoma, B.U.M. Equipment, Charles Jourdan, Crocodile, Six Accessories, The Cocoa Trees, etc. etc.

Ladies wear, Men's wear & Men's undergarments, Kidswear, Accessories, Imported Chocolates & more, more, more...

Prices start from as low as $3!!!!!!!!"
(courtesy of

11 - 14 june: crocs sale up to 80%

date: 11 - 14 june 2009 (thu - sun)
time: 10am - 9pm
venue: suntec convention centre - level 3 (room 325)

5) 13 june (sat): elizabeth arden warehouse sale

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

barbie doll - revisited

i was out shopping with mum this past weekend, passed by the takashimaya toy fair, and decided to check it out. there was a pretty impressive selection of barbie dolls - dolls, clothes, accessories and all - near the entrance, and on closer inspection, i noticed most of them were not the regular kiddish barbie dolls but more like "collectors' series".

priced between SGD60 - 200 per doll (some even made of porcelain not plastic), i'm pretty sure these are marketed at the grown-ups. it was really interesting checking out those dolls, more like walking around a barbie doll museum than a toy fair... and i never knew there were sooooo many different types/genre of barbie dolls ever made!

spotted at the fair were the original teenage fashion model barbie, the 50th anniversary barbie, generations of dreams barbie (her dress is really cool!), kate spade barbie (wow! i wonder if there's a COACH barbie too), the 2009 star trek barbie and ken, elvis and priscilla wedding set, marilyn monroe barbie, etc. and many more. if i had lots of money, i'd create my very own barbie and ken doll museum... that'll be really cool.

right on our way out, we saw this collection of "birthstone beauties" barbie dolls and i actually wanted one. unfortunately (or shall i say, fortunately) i couldn't find the miss opal (october) barbie on the shelves, i even asked the sales assistant about it.. hehehe.. but they're sold out. *phew* otherwise you'd probably see me standing in queue at the cashier amidst the 5-year-olds :P

oh well, i wonder when i'll ever really grow up.

check out some really impressive barbie doll collections (and all about her history, trivia and such) on the barbie collector website. also, if you ever decide to start your own barbie collection, don't forget to read up on the various labels and production numbers too.