Friday, January 25, 2008

amazing work of art and sand...

(video clip courtesy of lijeeshnair on youtube)

a colleague shared the above video clip "love 2008" yesterday, and i just HAVE to pass it on!
such amazing work, unbelievably talented lady - ilana yahav. so so beautiful pieces of art created with just sand and a pair of hands. such a simple concept, natural material, truly breathtaking creation.

watch other sample clips here.

while you're at it, check out her live performances too.
it's so beautiful and touching - the storyline, the music... nearly moved me to tears.

ps: don't forget to turn on your speakers for best effects :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

my new fancies :)

i like to check out coach website once in a while (esp. at the beginning of each month), cuz that's when they usually refresh the site with new items. i just did my monthly visit today and here are my new fancies (the red hots!) :)

i'm such a kltuz today

i'm such a klutz today.
was in a hurry to leave home for work this morning (no i wasn't late, just wanted to get in super early today to have some quiet time to catch up on backlogs)... and while i was walking to the lift lobby, one handle on my laptop bag slipped from my hand and before i could do anything... BANG! the bag fell and my laptop "leapt" out of the unzipped bag and slid across the concrete floor. OUCH!

nothing seemed broken but the fall sounded so hard, i stopped breathing for a moment. fortunately, when i came into the office and switched on my Compaq nx7400... TADA! all's working fine - see, i'm now typing this on the same beloved laptop :) the only very "heart-pain" thing is that my barely 1.5 year old laptop is now all bruised and scratchy on the outside *boo hoo*... i feel so sorry for it.

then for the rest of today, i just seem unusually clumsy... bumping into table corners,
getting my keys tangled in my handbag, dropping my pen, typo error in my blog title (yes, i intentionally left it uncorrected just to prove my point), slippery phone, butter-fingery. odd :|

Friday, January 04, 2008

watch out: "new shopping new life" email scam

i still don't have a clue what this is.. seems like a trojan virus yet doesn't behave exactly like one. take a look at this discussion thread on CNET forums.

i received an email in my hotmail account, titled "new shopping new life" from a friend, dated 27 december 2007. i opened the email and found the content suspicious (no attachments, but it seemed as though my friend had forwarded an irrelevant spam mail to all her contacts).

(content abstract from email received):
Hello friend
We are an international trading company. There are most kinds of electronic products on our website, such as motorcycles, tv, notebooks, phones, psp, projectors, gps, dvd, dv, dc, mp3/4, musical instruments, toys, watches and so on. We can offer quality goods with reasonable price. When you have time, welcome to visit our website and contact us. Thanks.
Our website is: (( ))
Mail: ((
MSN: ((

so i replied to my friend and asked if she indeed sent that email...
and true enough, she didn't.

that prompted me to quickly run a google search, and found the CNET discussion thread above. some people are suggesting that this is a work of hackers, so for those of you who have received this email or have friends who have received it from you, do run a full-system scan on your computer, and change your email account password. some people (on the forum discussion) are even suggesting that the hackers could have accessed/stolen the email login details/password via 3rd-party communities such as blogger, facebook etc., because these sites offer direct access to personal email/messenger accounts via their home site (which means you probably would have provided confidential access details on those platforms).

anyone who has further information on this, please leave a comment.
thanks! :)

and last but not least...