Sunday, March 27, 2011

Denver, did you do this?

lol.. saw this via Yahoo! news today.
some animals just have the funniest and most incredible personality and expressions :)
makes you go awwww....

can't embed the original clip from Good Morning America, so you'll just have to view it here on YouTube. see how guilty Denver looked when confronted by her owner... hehehe.

Monday, March 07, 2011

yay! it's a success - my first mille crêpes cake :)

  • since it was the weekend
  • since i was feeling relaxed and nice
  • since i had a tea party with the girls to go to on sunday afternoon
  • since i was in the mood to whip up something nice
  • since the mille crêpes cake i tasted was oh-so-yummy
  • since i had the recipe from the link in my previous post
over the weekend, i attempted to make my very own mille crêpes at home :)
and i personally thought it turned out pretty well! *excited* hehehe.

ok, i have to admit.. the recipe called for 20 layers of crêpes with homemade vanilla pastry cream spread between each layer, but i wasn't careful with the portions, so i kinda ran out of batter by the time i got to the 17th slice. lol. i guess my first few slices were a tad too thick, the
crêpes got smaller and pathetically thinner as i depleted my supply of batter :P next time, i must remember to make every slice real thin, even and nice. nonetheless, it's really rewarding to be able to make something i like - of course, having it look so good and taste yummy, that's an added bonus! *smiles*

surely, pictures express more than words, so i shall let them tell the rest of the story... :D

TADA!! :)

ps: i switched the regular sugar in the recipe with raw sugar (healthier choice), and substituted the kirsch with baileys (since that's what i had in the fridge).. works well for me.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

mille crêpes... ooh yummilicious!

wow! the yummiest cake i've tasted in a while... the mille crêpes!
i've never heard of or had this before.. until today. we had a combined birthday celebration for several colleagues earlier today, and a sweet colleague brought in a mille crêpes birthday cake from classic cakes... mmmm... it's heaven in a tiny slice!

*yumm yumm yumm* i'm so ordering this for the next birthday gathering or party :)
flaky, soft and light.. the texture is simply amazing!

click here for the recipe

i guess it's somewhat like the indonesian kueh lapis, but done with a french flare.
well, i can make the
crêpes, will someone please assemble the rest for me? hehe..