Sunday, March 26, 2006

time to get lucky

i won a lucky draw! yay! :)

just received the prize collection notification letter on thursday, from her world magazine.

yes, i am one of those girls who flip through every page of a magazine to cut out all the lucky draw coupons and enthusiastically paste them on the free zo-postcards that are available for free at many food & beverage cafes/ restaurants etc. so the investment capital (aside from the magazine cost), is just 23 cents postage :D

it sure took the admin. people at her world magazine a long time to send out the notification letter... the letter states that it was for the october 2005 issue contest, i couldn't even recall. but i sure am a happy girl.... i love what i won!

- narcisco rodriguez for her edt (100ml)
i've been eyeing this fragrance since it was first launched at ck tangs mid-2004.
the black classy bottle, the very sexy and unique scent... i even liked the way the sales promoters distributed the sample scents via a pink strip of ribbon, which i still have - tied on my makeup brush container in the drawer :) the reason why i hadn't bought a bottle myself, was it's price tag - 100ml at S$153 sure is pricey for perfume.

santa claus must have arrived late from last year *smile*... nonetheless a really pleasant surprise for the week. once in a while, it's good to win something... to know that lucky stars are shining on you :)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

finally did it

for those who follow my blog-postings, you'll know that i'd been going through some rough times lately and had been thinking of quitting from my job.

finally did it - tendered my resignation this past thursday. not a last minute decision but some blood-boiling incident that happened on wednesday certainly pushed me over the edge. i shan't dwell into the details... bottom line is, i'll soon be jobless - need to find a new job before my bank reserves deplete.

the morning i decided to tender my resignation, i was unexpectedly nervous. puzzling - afterall, i'm the one giving the company the sack, why should i be nervous? *shrugs* after the 45-min long talk with my department director (who was very understanding), i felt a great sense of relief. relieved that i'd finally gotten over with it, relieved for speaking my mind and unloading all the problems i had encountered, relieved that a whole new chapter of my life will soon start somewhere else.

i know i will miss many people/things in this company... i'm already beginning to feel sad, somwhat. but i also know that it's time to move on. serving my 1-month notice for now, and in the meantime, actively search/ apply for a new job. i'm thinking of taking a break to travel after the 1 month... that'll do me good.

many thanks to all who stood by me, lent a listening ear, gave me the strength and sound advice when i needed them. truly appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

creepy crawlies

i was last working on a blog-posting late last night (at about 12:47am) when the "incident" struck.... still gives me the creeps thinking back.....

FYI, i'm typing this entry in absolute darkness now (only light is the one emitting from the PC screen). nope, no power failure, i'm just not switching on the lights in the computer room. i read somewhere that roaches and many other night-active-flying-bugs are drawn to lights. so i'd rather strain my eye for now, than to lure the whatever-it-was-flying-thing from last night back in again.

i'm super terrified of flying bugs and beetles, especially the notorious roach. i shan't go on to explain why i'm so afraid of them (some things you simply can't explain) but i'm quite sure it's a fear that no one else can imagine - you'd have to be me to truly understand the intensity of it. so please don't dismiss my phobia by telling me "it's just a small creature....", cuz the psychological trauma, the anxieties and terror caused by these mere creatures are serious, real, and almost impossible to describe in words. even sitting in this dark room typing this right now, makes me jittery. my heart halts at the slightest sound of rustling plastic bags or faint scratchy noises. any possible signs of the "enemy(ies)" lurking around freak me out. yikes yikes.

ok, i'm done with today's blog. heading to bed now. shan't leave the lights in the washroom on for too long, gets on my nerves....

ps: there is actually cure for people like me who suffer from fear of bugs - otherwise known as "
entomophobia" - check this out

Thursday, March 09, 2006


i'm so tired... sometimes i just want to slowly fade away and disappear into thin air for a while. just get away from it all - work, life, responsibilities, people, expectations, dreams, hopes, mundane routines.

i don't know what's wrong but i just don't feel right. haven't been feeling right for a while now. i've been thinking of quitting, the urge gets so strong these days, i could barely control myself. quit from everything - start afresh. like one of those toy-whiteboards, you push the wiper across the board - swoosh - and all of a sudden, everything's gone... all the drawings, all those imprints, all the earlier efforts. and you start all over again.

i'm like this close to doing that to my life right now.
i wake up every morning wondering what i want to do. i need a change, some changes.

maybe i'm suffering from mid-life crisis? maybe a little early for that, but symptoms sure sound like it.

anyway, i'm so tired. i wanna quit.... or at least, hide, take a break.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


i'm such a failure sometimes.

had a terrible terrible day today, from the beginning till end. first thing i went into work this morning, received bad news from a korean supplier that they messed up some things with a project i'm handling, and then i had to come up with the solution (and excuses) to answer to my client for the mess. sometimes life is just so ironic, i get screwed by client on the one hand, and then get screwed too, by the supplier (whom we pay for) on the other hand *sigh* how unfair!

i'm really stressed out to the max, this crazy client and her ridiculous demands are driving me crazy. she comes after me every other minute, i can't even sleep well at night without worrying what else might happen to the project. plus, an overseas supplier who doesn't exactly speak your language and does weird stuff to the project, just doesn't help either. sometimes i wonder why i'm being paid peanuts to suffer all these crap *sigh sigh*.

anyway, i finally went to buy a bluetooth adapter for my PC this evening, so that i can get it installed and sync up my mobile phone with the PC. can't believe i can't even get a simple thing like that done. tried installing the driver/software that came with the USB adapter tonight, then the installation cropped up halfway and i had to cancel it - bad bad move - now my PC is cranky. the installation didn't complete, and now i can't install or uninstall the stupid program. it's just stuck there in my PC somewhere. no matter how i reboot and try to re-install with the CD, nothing just gets installed properly. now i'm left a messy PC, a S$35 USB bluetooth adapter and an "impossible to function" software. how sweet. and what a tech-idiot i am - completely helpless.

think i better log off and head to bed. sounds like a really bad day and an equally depressing post. i better spare you readers of this agony. another day of torture ahead, having to handle the drive-me-crazy client tomorrow. life sucks right now. wish i could just take a break from it all. i'm so so tired.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

mrs. henderson presents

saturday, met up with carolyn and davis over late lunch (miss piggie me sleep in late on weekends - gotta catch up with beauty sleep :P), and watched mrs. henderson presents with carolyn.

"Mrs. Laura Henderson (Judi Dench) may be a widow but she is by no means going to spend the rest of her days playing bridge. The Windmill Theater becomes her game and the infamous showman Vivian Van Damm (Bob Hoskins) becomes her partner and fiercest opponent. The Germans are bombing London but the roar of the Windmill is all that can be heard, as Laura convinces Lord Cromer (Christopher Guest) to allow her actresses to be the one thing no one could ever imagine: Nude. Brought to its knees by war, what Mrs. Hendersons Presents brings a nation to its feet in applause." (extract from usa movie website)

inspired by true events (the windmill girls are for real!), i find this a very entertaining movie. not exactly not-to-be-missed, but wittingly humourous and fun to watch. i like the old-world glamour styles in it too, very interesting. but this movie didn't seem to arouse much interest from people around, i wonder why. the soundtrack is cute too!

anyway, next on my movie-wish-list:
- transamerica starring felicity huffman :)
- crash (just saw the trailer from the movie site - really want to watch this)

"A provocative, unflinching look at the complexities of racial conflict in America, CRASH is that rare cinematic event - a film that challenges audiences to question their own prejudices. Diving headlong into the diverse melting pot of post-9/11 Los Angeles, this compelling urban drama tracks the volatile intersections of a multi-ethnic cast, examining fear and bigotry from multiple perspectives as characters careen in and out of one another's lives. No one is safe in the battle zones of racial strife. And no one is immune to the simmering rage that sparks violence - and changes lives..." (extract from

Friday, March 03, 2006

good luck day

it is good luck day today (ok, yesterday... since it's already 1.27am wee hours of friday) - i received 4 good news in one single day.

good news 1) my ex-secondary-school-classmate, june, told me that she's given birth to a healthy baby last monday! yay! the first baby in my "close friends gang" :)

good news 2) my colleague, esther, whom was on half-day leave this morning, came in this afternoon and shared that she's passed her driving test! only 6 points deducted off her entire practical test - wow that's good score! *thumps up*

good news 3) received news from the telemarketers of the project that i'm handling - DRI asia - that we sold our first seminar ticket today. plus it was for the most expensive ticket package at RM 4,000! :D wow, great start to more ticket sales.

good news 4) dear carolyn found a job! that's very good progress, given that she's only been attending a few interviews. congrats gal! must go celebrate over movie and meal this saturday ;)

see.... with all these good news from people around, i'm sure the luck will rub on me too :D BIG congratulations to everyone!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

F21 victorian ruffle top

i so love this victorian ruffle top from F21!
tried the black + green this evening at wisma F21 store, absolutely loved the black one.. so so pretty & sexy!!

i wanted to get the black piece after trying but was deterred by the following reasons:
- last black piece in store
- 1 button missing
- slightly too large (1 size smaller would be better)
- S$53 for a top is kinda pricey

so now i'm in a dilemma.... shall i forget all about it? or get my size in another colour? when i tried the green piece, it somehow didn't appeal as much as the black one. didn't get to try the pink/ purple one... maybe i should? hmmm... how how how?