Thursday, February 26, 2009

M.A.C. hello kitty - video clip

i'm not sure if this is a tv commercial or just a promotional video clip for the launch of the M.A.C. hello kitty makeup collection i mentioned some time back.

(clip courtesy of TokioHotelFanx2 on youtube)

take a look anyway, i find it too long, gets a bit boring at some point.

some really weird sequence too, especially the part with the black kitty heads crawling all over the girl *duh* - what's that about??

really strange promotional clip.
so un-M.A.C.

so un-hello kitty.

cost-cutting measure...

when times get bad, and companies try their utmost to cut costs... this is what happens.

our very own de-stress DIY office wall-mount basketball hoop! *LOL*

sometimes i just can't help but laugh at these crazy folks i work with, some of them are just so funny/spontaneous.

this is such a cheap thrill... recycled paper and DVD packaging, and it really works!

now if only the "smiley face stress ball" can be a tad bit less bouncy so that it'll stop bouncing off the wall...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fifi lapin for lesportsac

even though singapore's weather is Summer all year round, Springtime is still an exciting time to be in. just look at all those pretty, colourful, cheery fashion items and accessories that are being launched this time of the year. given that most of us are trying not to splurge on unnecessary indulgences in the current economic climate, the materialistic temptations are still undeniably a challenge sometimes.

let's take a look at the new lesportsac Spring collection.
we had fafi for lesportsac for Spring 2007, and this year it's fifi lapin for lesportsac :) adorable bunny prints (and new bag styles too)!

check out this little lunch bag (snack sac - USD18), isn't it the cutest thing around? barely launched and it's already all sold out on the website.

i can't wait to see the actual print in person when the collection comes to singapore in March. lesportsac prints always attract me... though tokidoki for LSS was still my greatest love of all. meanwhile, do drop by fifi lapin's blog and discover her interesting illustrations, including this bogetta venetta inspired entry.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

uh oh.. spring lemmings

just when i think i am pretty safe with COACH's recent collections... they come out with something so untypical of their usual style (and yet goes straight for my weak spot) for spring.

check out the new parker butterfly print series...

could you tell these are from COACH if i didn't say?

i like COACH.
i like butterflies.
i like colours.

oh no.

some other new designs from COACH this spring:
- tatoo clutch
- parker mini shoulder bag
- patchwork wristlet
- leather bunny keyfob
- more: spring 2009

i like this blog

i really like this blog - VieCouture.

some people share similar tastes, sense of fashion/liking, and get drawn to the same things. looks like in this case, vie (and fel) and i are the "some people", except they have finer taste.

i am pretty amazed to find myself attracted to the very same things/fashion trends vie and fel blogs about on their site. almost everything on their blog (including those in older posts) appeals to me in a way or another - from bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, to cutesies, random girly stuff. ps: even the pink logo, the butterfly and the kitty!! so uncanny! (friends who know me will certainly agree)

so here's a new addition to my list of "fav online hangouts" :)
just thought i'd share.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pooch-print gucci tote?

if i had seen someone carrying this in the streets, i would have instantly thought it's a fake. but it's NOT.. it is a real gucci - guccioli range - piece! (oh well, so much for my keeping up with fashion trends) :P

i like cute stuff in general, and honestly this design wouldn't actually look so bad if it weren't on a gucci monogram print. i guess i just can't get around the association between something so cartoonish cute with gucci's "G-print" canvas. it's just wrong pairing. i suppose in times of economic lows, even luxury brands have to break out of the box...

retails for USD730 on
guccioli charms also available.

ok, now this other bag is just too scary...
why would anyone want to carry something like this? (and pay so much for it)
take a look.

M.A.C. hello kitty collection - what's your take?

received the mailer in my email... the new M.A.C. hello kitty collection is now launched. i like the main publicity picture for the mild range (i would pick up the postcard if they have it at the counter), but other than that, this M.A.C. hello kitty is just not my cup of tea.

what's your take?

earlier post here.