Sunday, November 22, 2009

yumm yumm yumm...

i went to paragon's Market Place to pick up a can of whipped cream the other evening (prop for a friend's wedding "gateholding" session in the morning - aka groom and "brothers" sabo games)... and got distracted by the endless shelves of imported snacks and goodies in the tidbits section *oops*.

of course i couldn't resist and just had to pick up a few packs of sin :P lol.
i'd never seen these before, so all the more it's worth the try ;)

item #1 - Alexia crunchy snacks waffle fries:

i'd just opened a pack of the waffle fries (bold & spicy BBQ)... ooh trust me, this tastes AS GOOD as it looks ;) totally yummilicious! and definitely worth the S$4.65 price tag + the 2 million calories on top of that.. hehehe.

i like how the potato chips are thickly sliced into waffle shapes, crispy and heavily seasoned (as with most tempting but so-bad-for-health snacks) yet still leave you with the fragrant and slightly charred potato flavour after the salt and all settle in your mouth. mmmm.. yumm! this is very good indeed.

i'm glad i've still got another pack of the same thing in aged cheddar cheese (doesn't that sound so much better than just "cheddar" or simply "cheese"? lol) and another pack of
Boulder Canyon cooked potato chips in jalapeno cheddar.

so that's quite enough sinful chips for today, i shall review the other two packs another time.

meanwhile, go grab a pack or two at your nearest Market Place. still so many other flavours to try (the onion strips from Alexia crunchy snacks look very interesting too)... now i know what i'll be bringing to the year-end holiday parties this year :)

oh, and if it makes any difference.. the Alexia crunchy snacks supposedly contain "25% less fat than regular chips" :P i always think such comparisons are relative and everyone's claiming they're healthier than other brands etc.... but if we're gonna pop open a pack anyway and if that makes us feel better, then i'll take their word. lol.

the Gap snow flake..

Gap sent out a 25% discount promotional email to newsletter subscribers on saturday, with a very cute picture on the email.

i like it so much, just had to put it up here to share *smile*....
the Gap human snow flake :) such a simple and cute idea!

and look at their holiday gift shop homepage, so cheerfully laid out, colourful and festive..
i can't wait for Christmas and the year-end holidays. looking forward to the little break.

ho. ho. ho...

PS: since we're on the topic of Gap's advertisement for this holiday season, check out recent controversies on this same Gap advertisement campaign/commercial. i shall not comment on this... but go read the article, watch the Gap commercial and make your own judgements :)

(courtesy of Gap on youtube)

Friday, November 13, 2009

voce christmas 2009 makeup catalogue

i don't buy as much makeup now as i had at a certain point in my life.. hehe :P i'm sure most.. maybe many.. or at least some women go through that phase anyway, but as you can tell from my blog entries, i still go gaga over them very often, especially those pretty holiday sets or special edition packaging. i may not buy all that i see and fancy but that doesn't take the joy out of browsing through the array of dazzling, sparkly, fluffy and luxurious holiday gift sets aggressively offered by all the big cosmetics and fragrances brands :)

if you enjoy looking at and drooling over pretty makeup sets like me, then you'd definitely appreciate this 2009 Christmas coffret e-book (holiday makeup catalogue) from japanese magazine - voce :)

have fun!

ps: nope, i don't read japanese language either but it's the pictures that count, isn't it?

source: rouge deluxe

sneak preview: paul & joe alice in wonderland...

(picture courtesy of british beauty blogger via rouge deluxe)

what else can i say... i can't wait for this to be launched for spring next year!

paul & joe packaging kills! lol.

OMG. i l-u-r-v-e the alice in wonderland case.. *heart races*
each beautifully packaged tin comes with a matching alice print facial blotter mirrored case + a refill pack + lipbalm tube.

i just
can't wait to see this beauty in person.. wee! :)
said to launch in march 2010.

more information on
british beauty blogger.

just buns

i had a meeting at client's office this morning, and since I was in the vicinity, offered to buy Choc n' Spice muffins back for my colleagues from Tanjong Pagar Plaza. those muffins have always been a hit in the office, most of us love the not-too-sweet, soft on the inside, slightly charred on the outside texture of the muffins :) not to mention the easy-on-the-pocket prices and variety of flavours too...

anyway, right next to the Choc n' Spice store used to be Chewy Junior - another mini bakery chain that sells some chewy little pastries. today as i was waiting for my muffins to be packed, i noticed that Chewy Junior had been replaced by a new store (but also from the same parent company) Just Buns - petite cinnamon buns with cream toppings (almost like creamy donuts).

you folks know how i love to try new pastries and such *smile*.. and since it's Friday (TGIF mood), i decided to pick up half a dozen mixed flavours for the office too.
these buns are tinier than the traditional cinnamon buns but are surprisingly soft and cinnamony *yumm*.. plus the cream cheese or chocolate toppings add an interesting kick to the overall taste, nice! priced between S$1.00 - S$1.40 each (or S$7.00 for half a dozen), i'll definitely be back for more, especially the next time i'm meeting the same client again :) i personally prefer the savoury melty cheese flavours.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza is the only store at the moment, new store opening in january 2010 at 313@Somerset basement :)

ps: just saw on the just buns website that there're some very local flavours -
just chempedak and just durian - too, but didn't see them on display this morning. i'm not a big fan of durians anyway :P

update: as of april - may 2010, the just buns store at Tanjong Pagar Plaza is not longer in operation. check the website for details.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

jingle all the way.. punjabi style

no offence to anyone, but try keeping a straight face as you watch and listen to this "Jingle Bells" with a different twist. lol! very entertaining. and the tune kinda sticks in your mind even after the clip ends :P

(courtesy of gbskaa on youtube)

potato spicky

it poured cats and dogs out at lunch today and since none of us had brought an umbrella out, a few colleagues and i took a slightly longer lunch and shopped the minimart near the hawker centre while waiting for the rain to stop (or at least lighten into a drizzle).

you can always find the less common snacks at these neighbourhood minimarts... things you never quite see at the larger supermarkets. today, i randomly picked up a box of these crunchy potato sticks snacks (S$1.30 each) - potato spicky. made in thailand under the glico label, there were 3 different flavours on display - original, cheese and sour cream & onion. more flavours/photos shown on flickr.

i have to admit such snacks are not exactly the wisest of choice for health's sake, but i'm just always curious to try it out anyway.

verdict - it's an instant burst of savoury cheese flavour from the first bite! surprisingly tasty! and i guarantee you won't be able to stop just at one stick :P it's very very yummy (i attribute it to the MSG content, even though i can't read a single thai word on the box). lol. i passed it around and everyone loved it too.

as for me, i'm gonna restrict myself to just this one box, figured it's just too tasty and salty to be good *oops*. but if you have not tried this before, worth doing so at least once. it is really tasty and a tad bit addictive too. some colleagues say it tastes a little like the jack n' jill "roller coaster" potato snacks... only cheesier :) so give it a try and give your own take on it - just drink lots of water after that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a touch of winter :)

if you like the new winter theme you see refreshed on my blog today, you may also like some of the other backgrounds on this website - moobackgrounds :)

just thought i'd share...

kittylab singapore is here (14 - 29 nov 2009)

i stumbled into this website from a golden village enewsletter, and even though i instantly recognised that it has to be something to do with hello kitty, i just couldn't figure out what exactly this kittylab thing is all about...

several google searches later, i finally understood (or at least got a rough idea) that this is an upcoming gaming arcarde-like hello kitty exhibition at the Singapore Expo, organised in celebration of hello kitty's 35th anniversary. visitors will get to shape their own hello kitty character's personality by playing different games through the exhibition stations.

(courtesy of MrFokq on youtube)
the entire course takes approximately 40 mins. to complete.. after which each visitor will get to bring home a little souvenir badge (sorry, NOT the entire kitty doll.. lol) with their own unique kitty personality printed on it.

sounds like quite an interesting concept...

i'm personally not a hello kitty fan, though i do get attracted by some of its pretty merchandise sometimes. given the popularity of hello kitty in asia, plus the year-end school holidays commencing this weekend, i'm sure the exhibition will be a big hit here, just the way it was in its earlier exhibition in Hong Kong.

exhibition details
where: singapore expo hall 1
when: 14 - 29 november 2009
time: 10:00am - 9:00pm
how much: S$35 (adult), S$20 (child - below 12 years old)

official website
facebook link

i want to make my own snowman too!

who says we can't make our own snowman right here in Singapore's 30 degree celsius weather? it's all now made possible at your very desk, thanks to the geeky folks at ;)

this is sooooo cute! i want one too!
get your hands on this make your own snowman world kit at only USD9.99 and start building your own Frosty and friends!

ho ho ho... looking forward to Christmas already! :)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

what a nice lunch :)

haha.. this is actually quite cool and entertaining, wish there are such surprises here in Singapore.. i'm sure it would make lunch so much more fun, and funny too! :)

(courtesy of ImprovEverywhere on youtube - via @simon723, @anncurry, @improvevery on twitter)
btw, I LOVE LUNCH too! hehe..

i fell in love with this song recently..

i recently purchased a light jazz double-disc CD set, and i've been playing it every morning when I dress for work (and sometimes before bed). i've only realised now it's so nice and relaxing to sway a little to the off-beats of jazz music, lifts your spirits, lightens the mood... no wonder those fashion retail stores always play jazz instore - attempt to make you shop more :)

from the album, i've found a couple of favourites that i just have to listen to over and over again (until i get sick of it lol). here's one that i'm loving a lot at the moment - "a love that will last" by renee olstead.

to be honest, i never heard of renee olstead until i googled for information/lyrics to the song. then i read from comments that she's that young neighbour character in movie "13 going 30" starring jennifer garner. oh wow! and if i didn't tell you, i bet you wouldn't believe she sang this beautiful jazz piece when she's only 15 years old! incredible huh? such an old soul voice on a young person... and she sang it very well :) i like it.