Wednesday, March 31, 2010

50 ways to cope with stress...

speaking of "spying" interesting items and articles on fellow colleagues' desks, i found this on yet another co-worker's desk, so good it'll be a pity not to share :) so in addition to the colourscope posted in my earlier post, here's another inspirational piece...

(as seen on bellefemme)

hmm.. i'm glad to note that i've already been doing several points listed in the article below... guess that's what been keeping me sane so far. well, obviously i'm failing on the point "
leave work early" on the 3rd last line... :P okie, better get going now.

what's your colourscope?

i work very long hours in the office, i interact a lot with my fellow co-workers but i just realised today that i hardly go around checking out other colleagues' personal desks and things they put up on their partition wall.. stuff around their desks etc. maybe i'm not a very nosy person...

anyway, i'm hanging around the office slightly later than most others again tonight. i was just standing around a colleague's desk and noticed some of the very interesting things she has on her wall...

i liked THIS so much, i had to search for it on the Internet - and
all thanks to GOOGLE, here's the exact version she had printed out and "magnetised" above her desk.

so.. what is your colourscope? :)
for a closeup on the descriptions, download PDF here.

at first glance, i'm kinda drawn towards these 2 colours:

you are able to gently say the things that your friends need to hear. you have a lovely smile but you need to smile much more often. you are too serious and you need to be more tolerant of failure–both in yourself and in others.


you are very lucky with opportunities appearing like magic. you are an enchanter, attracting people to you. you are open and enthusiastic.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

life is an illusion...

actually... this picture creates an illusion.
interesting how our eyes and senses register things and sometimes fool our brain.

try out this exercise, only takes 30 secs. - and i promise this is NOT one of those scams where a scary creature suddenly pops out on the screen while you try to focus :)

interesting erh?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the future of publishing...

saw this on a friend's twitter.. and i really liked it! :)

at first glance, i thought it was just senseless stuff written by some emo. bored dude

but it actually has a very interesting twist at the end. so be patient and read / watch the entire clip right to the end... :)

simple and nice.

(courtesy of PenguinGroupUSA on YouTube)

"This video was prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books and produced by Khaki Films ( Originally meant solely for a DK sales conference, the video was such a hit internally that it is now being shared externally. We hope you enjoy it (and make sure you watch it up to at least the halfway point, there's a surprise!)."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

inspired by butterfly lovers, for butterfly lovers...

i love butterfly motifs, and i LOOOooVVEeee this too! a dreamy mix of vibrant butterfly prints on soft golden hues, complete with a golden keyboard and matching wireless mouse... this is simply made for me! lol.

a pity this vivienne tam edition is only made for the HP mini 210 "digital clutch". if this came in notebook (not netbook) specs., i might actually be interested in getting one :)

according to HP, this pretty creation was inspired by the Chinese classics "The Butterfly Lovers" 《梁祝》.. aww... beautiful but tragic love story:

"Reflecting Tam’s spring 2010 collection, the netbook design is inspired by the classic Chinese love story, “Butterfly Lovers,” a beautiful tale of freedom, romance and inspiration. Integrated directly into the netbook’s lid using HP Imprint technology, the design is as durable as it is stunning. The HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition also comes with a Butterfly Lovers desktop theme that includes an animated butterfly start menu, custom Vivienne Tam icons and three wallpapers to coordinate with the design."
(4 March 2010
press release)

quick glance

  • price: S$999 (Singapore); US$599 (USA)
  • screen: 10.1 inch display
  • thickness: less than 1 inch
  • weight: 1.22 kg / 2.69 lb
  • hard drive: up to 320Gb
  • battery life: 5.5 hours (3-cell)
  • OS: Windows 7 Premium
  • processor: Intel Atom N450
get yours in Singapore stores from april 2010 onwards, or pre-order from Amazon now.

recap: if you'd like, take a look back and check out the earlier 2008 edition HP-vivienne tam digital clutch too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

i love polka dots! :)

friends and colleagues will know that i love polka dots... can't explain why, i just love them and get drawn to all things polka dot - clothes, bags, shoes, swimwear, accessories etc. :)

check out the latest "trend spotting (Spring 2010)" from asos - polka dots! yay!

asos said,
"Go for strong colour combos - think red, white, blue & black"

hmm.. i think i have polka dot clothes in ALL the above mentioned colours.. lol *oops* ;)
don't wait anymore, start shopping for your lovely polka dots here!

paul & joe x alice splurge

confession: i splurged on paul & joe x alice in wonderland set + new lip balm yesterday :P

have been looking forward to the alice set since november last year, now that it's finally here, i just couldn't resist it! hehehe.. a little treat for my recent hard work.

the collection comes in 2 colours, i decided on the pink/nude version.
the sales assistant said their first batch of pink set has all been fully reserved / sold-out. guess i made a good choice then ;)

soooo pretty, aren't they? lovely limited edition collectors' item. i'll start using them tomorrow - TGIF! yay! ;)

wow: uniqlo X paul & joe

wow wow wow!!! following up on the recent buzz around paul & joe x alice in wonderland tie-up, here's another exciting paul & joe fashion collaboration that's worth looking forward to :)
saw this on paul & joe facebook fanpage - the uniqlo x paul & joe collection! *woohoo*
it's scheduled for launch in japan this month (March) and subsequently in the USA in May. since we now have uniqlo stores in Singapore, i'm hopeful this will make its way to our shores as well!

the recent alice x uniqlo collection is priced pretty affordably, i wonder if we'll get lucky with the paul & joe range too.

Friday, March 12, 2010

happy day..

today is a happy day :)

1) because it's friday - TGIF!! fridays always make me happy :)
2) i'm finally able to take a teeny weeny break from work, just chill, watch TV and not worry about stuff for a little..
3) dinner at xinwang HK cafe tonight was simple and good... yumm yumm.
4) more tokidoki fever! lol..

i almost couldn't believe my eyes when my colleague pointed me to the tokidoki for sephora page online. O.M.G. in addition to their very successful line of canvas bags, clothing, collectibles, vinyl dolls and all.. tokidoki now comes in make up as well? woohoo! what more can a toki fan ask for? ;)

since the tokidoki-smashbox co-brand makeup collection launched in 2007 (which never made it to singapore), this is actually the first time tokidoki has launched a standalone makeup line of its own. isn't it exciting? exclusively distributed via, with such affordable pricings (as compared to its regular line of merchandise), i've got a feeling this entire collection would completely sell out in no time at all.

i like the eyeshadow palettes, the lip glosses and the bellissima makeup pouches! :) such adorable designs and packaging. really wish sephora singapore would bring in the full range as well! pretty please...

want some fun in the dark? ;)

who wouldn't want some fun in the dark?
especially since it comes complete with a makeup mirror that lights up on its own.. lol.

i can imagine how much fun too faced cosmetics branding and product team must have coming up with these cute, fancy and sometimes naughty ideas. i simply love the brand's retro style and packaging, especially their quickie chronicles range :)

fun in the dark - such a cute name for a makeup palette... very apt too, because with this you can actually switch off the lights in your bedroom and have some fun putting on makeup in the dark - with the aid of the mirror's led-lights.

don't forget to check out the cover picture on the case too.. hehehe.
ooh... some kind of fun in the dark indeed, erh? ;)

priced at USD32.50, this value-for-money palette comes with 4 eyeshadows + 2 lip shades + 1 blush + 1 bronzer. one possible deal breaker here though, is the unfortunate choice of boring colours in it - i find them kinda dull and disappointing, especially to match a palette this cheeky. a pity.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

cozycot app for iPhone

cozycot has launched an iPhone app.
i've just downloaded it to show my support... shall try it out soon ;)

woof woof.. isn't this Coach pug cute? ;)

i like him :) adorable, isn't he?
Coach always comes up with such cute doggie charms and key fobs *sigh*...

why is a raven like a writing desk?

with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland screening at the cinemas now, i'm sure it'll arouse a new wave of interest and curiosity surrounding this particular question that Mad Hatter had asked Alice in the story.

people who have read or watched previous movies on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland wouldn't be unfamiliar with this unsolved mystery that has left many with a huge question mark, and drove many others nuts trying to figure it out.

the answer:
if you didn't already know, there was simply no answer for it. period.

that's how Lewis Carroll had always meant for it to be.

but since people are generally inquisitive by nature, asking a question with no answer just didn't seem right or acceptable. so people started making up all kinds of answers...

if you are - like me - thirsty for an answer to this question anyway -
click here :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

M.A.C. - give me liberty of london

i'm hardly a M.A.C. cosmetics fan, except for the occasional special tie-ups or limited edition collections, or at the annual estee lauder warehouse sale ;)

(ps: does any of you think that the above M.A.C. promo. photo reminds you of Coach too?)

check out M.A.C.'s newest collection - Liberty of London. this is not love at first sight but it's definitely growing on me. oh what can i say? i'm just such a sucker for pretty packaging.. hehehe..

i think white is a welcomed refreshing change for M.A.C. (from their usual solid blacks) and i like the flowers and birds motifs too - very spring/summery, very tropical.

honestly, i don't really fancy the makeup colours from this collection (nothing unusual), just drawn to the pretty white floral casing, esp. the beauty powders and the pouch too! :)

i wonder if these are already available at our M.A.C. counters?
shall check them out soon!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Old Navy - supermodelquin super search

hmm.. i can't decide if i wanna call this:
(i) innovative,
(ii) interesting,
(iii) cute, or
(iii) kinda weird

check out this recent marketing initiative by Old Navy -
SuperModelquin Super Search.

here's how it works:
challenge 1 ("pose with the plastic pros") - during the upload phase, visit a participating Old Navy store to pose and take a photo with a SuperModelquin. You will be required to bring your own camera and a friend to take your photo. then, visit the website and follow the directions to upload the photo into the appropriate category.

challenge 2 ("modelquin makeover") - during the upload phase, visit the website and upload a photo of yourself, or your child. then, choose from pre-existing options to create a Modelquin that most resembles the photo. follow the links and instructions to submit your photo and the Modelquin you created into the appropriate category.

challenge 3 ("lights, camera, plastic!") - during the upload phase, visit the Website and follow the instructions to insert your Modelquin into an Old Navy commercial. then submit a one hundred seventy-five (175) character word script to be incorporated in the commercial.

3 finalists will be shortlisted based on the number of votes they receive. at the end of the contest, one lucky winner will become Old Navy's very own SuperModelquin, get cast into a real plastic mannequin, and walk away with US$100,000 prize.

i guess it's a neat idea.. but i'm not too sure what it'll feel like seeing a life-size mannequin of yourself each time you walk into an Old Navy's store :)

nonetheless, it is actually fun creating a virtual modelquin of yourself, almost like playing online paperdoll (or rather, plastic doll) ;) - give it a try here!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

awesome MTV!

wow.. 101% coolness!
this is what 3 minute 53 seconds of perfect precision is like...
you just gotta watch it.

(courtesy of OkGo on youtube)

spot the l'occitane wild cherry tree...

saw this little banner in l'occitane singapore's February enewsletter, caught my attention...

i didn't intentionally keep a lookout for the new wild cherry tree range ads. after that but happened to see one (on a bus) right in front of me at the traffic lights this morning, so i just had to take a snapshot on my iPhone and MMS it *smile* (yea.. i'm a sucker for such "activities".. hehe).

received an SMS reply after that to claim my free 15ml hand cream (T&Cs apply, as usual)... i wonder if the freebie is still "in stock" by now? :)
we shall see..

i do like the interactivity of this campaign.. encourages participation,
easy enough and kinda fun too!

ps: perhaps i should try my luck and bet 4D on that bus number plate.. lol. looks like a nice number, don't you think? :P (disclaimer: nope, i am NOT a gambling addict!)

pps: just an update - i did manage to redeem my free 15ml hand cream from l'occitane :) went to ngee ann city store 2 days after this blog entry... it was fuss-free, all i had to do was flash my SMS, verify my details with the sales assistant, sign against the form and voila! it was no scam at all! :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

how to suck at facebook

lol.. this is funny!
you gotta click through and take a look..
then have some laughs.. and ponder over it.

i'm sure there are many such "culprits" out there..

- the gamer
- the event coordinator
- the desperate marketer
- the horrible photo tagger (we all shudder at this, don't we?) ;)
- the rash (lol.. stalker!)
- the quiz taker
- the passive aggressor
- the infant profile
- the filterless

are you guilty? :p

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

fantasy or daydream?

following up on my post from last november on the paul & joe - alice in wonderland collection...

you can now finally view (and drool over) the actual pictures on paul & joe's official website.

2 sweet sets to choose from - fantasy or daydream - each (S$78) contains a collectible alice metal tin, blotting paper mirrored-case + refill, and a lip treatment stick (more like a lip balm, so don't expect it to show much colour).

sooooo pretty, aren't they?
though not extremely practical items :P

the collection is coming to us very soon (launching 14 - 16 march onwards at various P&J counters).. don't forget to mark the dates!

this spring, thanks to Tim Burton's upcoming movie,
everyone's suddenly obsessed with "alice in wonderland" all over again. i'm not complaining.. i'm definitely watching the movie, and certainly welcome the cutesy limited edition tie-ups and merchandise as well :)

check out some of these other lovely "alice in wonderland" inspired products:
- urban decay: book of shadows
- uniqlo X alice (lovely!)
- opi nail polish collection
- iPhone app store (game) **i'm so downloading this tonight! ;)
- swarovski jewellery
- stella mccartney jewellery
- tom binns jewellery
- and more...

edited to add: check out the latest reviews + pretty pretty pictures from rouge deluxe and (taiwan) - such lovely store displays!! :)