Friday, December 10, 2010

see the world through Barbie's eyes (or chest) :P

toys nowadays are really changing so quickly to catch up with the times. meet VideoGirl, this very cool Barbie doll released earlier in July this year - she's a doll and a video camera at the same time! makes me wonder what's the age of the youngest film-maker on youtube now :)

anyway, as with all things, with the good stuff.. comes some bad stuff too.
check this out too:
FBI warns Barbie doll could be used for child porn

Thursday, December 02, 2010

to squeeze... or not to squeeze?

i once saw a documentary on TV, showing a giant octopus squeezing through the tiniest of holes (probably 100 times smaller than itself), and yet possesses such amazing instincts and perfect familiarity of its own body and limitations, that if the hole was made just a notch smaller, it would know in an instant that it's too small for it to fit, and wouldn't even bother to waste effort trying at all.

i was in total awe of the magnificent slimy creature after watching the entire documentary -
such an intelligent, witty, quick-learning aquatic 'transformer'. so much so that i've decided to avoid eating octopus if i could have a choice.

with that in mind.. the following youtube clip just says a completely different story of another curious creature.. lol.

i love kitty cats. this one is just too funny.
you HAVE to wait and watch the part at time stamp 2:08 - simply hilarious!

intelligent? cute? stupid? or simply unconcerned with the conventions?
you decide. hehe ;)

(courtesy of mugumogu on youtube)

today's horoscope..

horoscope reading for Libra today, sounds lovely :)
i especially like the last line, so nice, so true.

"You may feel less emotional today about an important issue as the moody Moon leaves your sign, but you still have unresolved stress to handle. Fortunately, things should take a turn for the better and you'll be able to dream your way through the day. Just keep in mind that the beauty you see out there is a reflection of what you have within your own heart." (Rick Levine via