Monday, August 20, 2007

lesportsac laptop sleeve

i'm quite into lesportsac (LSS) bags lately, especially LSS-tokidoki bags - absolutely love them! :D as for the regular (classic range) lesportsac items, i have a few cosmetic pouches that i carry around in my handbags, love the cute bright prints and surface-washable material.

i never knew LSS made laptop sleeves (think its part of their recently expanded range of products). i was browsing lesportsac website to check out their latest prints and saw the laptop sleeves... i like this in pictopop print! niceeee!

not sure if the singapore LSS counters carry this laptop sleeve, i'd get it if they do... but then again, singapore LSS prices are way too marked-up. i did a comparison for some bags, the local prices are almost 2 times or more that of the US retail price - converted to SGD (not to mention the occasional departmental store discounts/ outlet clearance prices they have in USA) *sigh*. wonder how much this US$39 bag will sell in singapore... hmmm...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

another great local movie that does us proud - "881" :)

i first saw the trailers of royston tan's "881" movie on the big screen while watching the recent "harry potter and the order of the phoenix". the movie officially opened on 9 august, singapore's national day, and i finally went to watch it at the cinema with mum this evening - really enjoyed it! recommended!

for some reasons, not many of my friends seem to support local-made movies, quite a pity. my family, on the contrary, is a big fan of local-produced chinese movies. we've watched most of jack neo's movies at the cinema ("i not stupid", "i not stupid 2" being our favourites). we really like the "singaporeaness" of the local-made films.

back to "881" - the movie is named "881" because the 3 numbers sound like "papaya" in mandarin/hokkien. this film's about a pair of young singers called "the papaya sisters", with their story set against the background of the 7th lunar month (hungry ghost festival) "getai" - literally "song-stage" -
a very unique cultural scene of singapore.

i love the vibrancy, colours, loud costumes, dramatic perfomances (sometimes cheesy) and strong local-flavours of this movie - easily one of the most entertaining movies i've watched this year. most notably, i LOVE the music - aka the hokkien songs - performed throughout the show, all of them! (some very touching pieces) in fact, i enjoyed the music so much, i'm gonna buy the movie soundtrack when it's released - that'll be my first hokkien music CD ;) i thought my colleague described this movie perfectly, when she called it a "hokkien musical"... i couldn't have found a better description for that :)

if you haven't seen the movie trailer, check it out here:

- zhao wei films
- funkie monkies blog

Saturday, August 04, 2007

free laugh here --> click play ;)

if you've played the tetris game before, you'll need no explanation for this....
warning: you're about to see what's possibly the silliest AND most hilarious version ever made in history - the japanese human tetris.

i emailed this around the office, and none could contain their laughter.
so... enjoy and laugh away!

(courtesy of axiertxo on youtube)
and thanks to ben for sharing this on his blog.