Sunday, August 30, 2009

juicy's latest scent - couture couture

juicy couture has recently launched their latest (3rd) fragrance range for ladies - couture couture.

"Juicy Couture is busting out with a decadent new scent. Let this 'it girl' fragrance inspire you to show off, be loud, talk to strangers, make a scene, and love life!

Juicy girls don't have to do what they're told. They break the rules with style: a delicious perfume in a sparkling flacon, all zipped up with Juicy "J" and crown charms, topped with a shining, golden cap. Inside, contrary pink grape accord makes mischief with orange flower, mandarin, blushed plum, honeysuckle and lazy, creamy sandalwood.

Mix it with love & make the world smell good!

Love, G&P
P.S. Go Couture Yourself"

bottled in juicy's signature charmed, extravagant and elaborate style, you can be sure this is another addition to your dresser that will make you feel nothing short of a true juicy princess.

i personally prefer the original juicy couture bottle with the scottie dogs silver crest (as shown above) - subtler and classier. but as with all juicy's scents, couture couture also retained its vanilla bottom note which is what always draws me to their fragrances - same with viva la juicy. so this definitely on my to-try list too.

singapore's has only introduced the 2nd scent here earlier this week - viva la juicy (which i'd already seen on my seattle vacation last september), so i guess we'll have to wait at least a couple more months before we'll get a whiff of this latest addition. maybe by then, i'd have used up my existing 30ml travel EDP bottle of juicy couture and would be just in time to try another new vanilla-ish scent :)

so which is your favourite juicy scent?

tokidoki screensaver updated (aug 2009)

good news for fellow fans, the tokidoki screensaver has recently been updated with 6 new animations. yay! so update your older version now!

whether you are crazy over tokidoki or not, this screensaver is bound to bring you some smiles and entertainment. with a total of 30 different adorable animated illustrations, it's like watching a fun mini-episode of cartoon on your laptop (when it goes into screensaver mode of course)...

so go ahead, download it here now, FREE :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

presents from taipei

a colleague just came back from taiwan (taipei) and brought each of us some souvenirs from her vacation :)

for the ladies: the much raved about "my beauty diary" facial mask sheets (we got to choose 3 each) woohoo! i chose the japanese cherry blossom, chocolate and black pearl scented ones - each with slightly different skincare properties. yay, new facial masks to try this weekend :) love the packaging too...

for the guys: lol.. check out the picture yourself. the tagline reads "extra chocolate: choco is better than sex" lol.. too funny, the packaging looks so real. (i remember the "sanitary pad" marshmallows we saw during my taipei trip back in 2007 too). i guess the guys just gotta be careful not to use the wrong one... hehe :P

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"THIS is what a honda feels like..."

wow. hahaha.. the choir folks must have had soooo much fun rehearsing and actually putting this together. pretty amazing!

get your headphones ready, please :)
so "this is what a honda feels like."

(courtesy of fesderico on youtube)

Monday, August 24, 2009

discovery channel: the science of sex appeal

i stumbled upon this documentary programme on the discovery channel last night, it was already mid-way through when i first tuned in but the subject of discussion was so interesting, i just had to sit down and watch through the rest of it.

the science of sex appeal.

this 1.5-hour documentary attempts to explain - through its various tests and experiments conducted on both genders - the science behind sexual attraction, what instinctually appeals to us, how and why.

"The Science of Sex Appeal isolates every detail of human sex appeal and explores it in terms of its evolution and function. It shows us what is genetic, what is hormonal, and what neurological. Sex appeal can be based on sight, smell and subtle cues like voice and movement.

Ultimately, The Science of Sex Appeal takes one of our deepest subconscious processes and lays it out to us in shocking and specific detail. You’ll never look at a stranger, your loved one, or yourself, in quite the same way again." (abstract from
discovery channel store)

this is quite an informative discovery journey. the documentary covered a wide range of physical factors such as facial features, symmetries, the feminity and masculinity of one's features, skin; to differences in voice/pitch, smell, body shapes, movements, perception, hormones, neural patterns, to a woman's ovulation cycle etc. and each of their correlation to sexual appeal.

many of the findings are very interesting and insightful - things you'd never known or thought had any relation to sexual appeal at all, some of which so subtle, acted upon in such subconsciousness, you'd be surprised by it. i found myself drawn into, amazed and impressed by each and every one of the experiments and their results.

if you didn't get to catch the show last night, you'd still be able to watch the individual sections (short clips) on the discovery channel website, or go rent or buy the DVD for this weekend :)

the world's poorest billionnaires - Zimbabwe money crisis

interesting read of the day...
(a colleague forwarded this, not news.. but still appalling to read about).

as we complain of our groceries getting more expensive by the day... let us take a look at how 3 raw eggs can go for a whopping 100 billion dollars in this country!

the Zimbabwe money crisis.

isn't it scary how inflation/ money crisis can completely wreak the entire economic landscape and livelihood of a nation? can't imagine how these people have to lug around that mountain load of cash everyday just to buy the most basic, lowest-valued daily necessity... or even earning enough, in the first place, to afford it.

the world's poorest billionnaires indeed.

quick fix to recent blogging and twitter problems...

if you're using SingNet, and like me, have been experiencing problems updating your status on twitter and even getting a weird interface when creating a new post on blogger, perhaps this might be of help.

check out these 2 sites:
- rouge deluxe: back to normal (read the comments section)
- google forum: create post look weird (scroll to the middle of it)

in summary, try re-configuring your Internet proxy settings in the same way as shown in screenshot above. that should help :) it worked for me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

shoes that are cute but an "irregular choice"

i've never paid much attention to irregular choice shoes before (find the shoes along that particular stretch of takashimaya shoes department a little intimidating - pricey that is ;)). but when i walked pass that aisle on saturday, somehow just couldn't resist trying on this pair of cutey. given how i'm drawn to most things polka-dots and stripes, it's no wonder this pair appealed to me :)

i was on the way to the foodcourt before closing time so didn't manage to check out the details, but i vaguely saw a "50% off" sign on the shelf... if that's the case, perhaps i can then consider getting a pair for fashion's sake *wink*. usual price: S$90.

comes in black, mahogany, teal and a funky name too - flick flack - round-toed and a little less conventional than the typical court shoes, think this would look quite cute paired with three-quarter pants or cropped jeans.

i'm eyeing the black pair now :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the secret society of happy people

i was browsing on twitter and came across this message from @yvettegr that went "August: Just a reminder August is Admit You're Happy Month."

i never knew there was such a thing as a "admit you're happy month"... hmm but then again, there are just too many things out there that we are not aware of. out of curiosity, i googled about it and found where this all started - the secret society of happy people (SOHP). lol. funny. just the name itself makes you wanna smile or laugh (good work) :)

believe it or not, this is not a joke.
the SOHP was actually founded in august 1998, and had just celebrated its 11th birthday.

"The Secret Society of Happy People encourages the expression of happiness and discourages parade-raining. Parade-rainers are those people who don't want to hear your happy news. And no, we don't tell people to be happy if they aren't or how to be happy." (abstract from

of course, membership is absolutely FREE (i would guess so.. who's to charge you for declaring your happiness anyway *smile*). to date, more than 7,000 people in 34 countries have joined the SOHP. actually i'm kinda surprised there aren't more people on it, given the 11 years of history. perhaps people just can't be bothered.

well, i've literally just known this site for about 5 minutes, so i'm not entirely sure what goes on behind it all, but from what i see this society is all about sharing words and thoughts on happiness, finding and sharing happy news, encouraging and identifying happy events... in essence, simply celebrating happiness.

in our day and society where we're all so easily caught in our own mundane world, our endless rat race, the pursuits of goals and dreams, where sad and unhappy news hit our newspaper headlines everyday... i think it's actually a good idea to have a platform to remind you to be happy and to say it out loud - however trivial or ridiculous it may seem :)

honestly, i don't think we need to join a society or wear a happiness pin to be happy. but i do think happiness is not just what happens to a person, but very much also in the state of mind, how the person perceives or chooses to react to it. i also agree that happiness is contagious - surround yourself with happy people, happy thoughts and you'll naturally be happier too.


Life is the greatest bargain; we get it for nothing." - Yiddish Proverb

so what's not to be happy? :)

since august is the "admit you are happy" month, and we're supposed to share happy things with others, here's a random list of 12 happy things in my life:

1) i am healthy, alive and able to enjoy life's simple pleasures everyday
2) i get to spend time with my parents, my younger brother (despite the numerous fights), extended family, best friends - people who care for me and whom i care a lot for
3) i feel love in my life - from God, in my heart, for others and being loved in return
4) i look into the mirror everyday, and feel good about myself (despite the few extra inches i always want to lose) :P
5) i am financially independent (well, to a certain extent) and can afford to indulge in a few occasional luxuries
6) i love shopping. and that makes me happy :)
7) i enjoy the company, attention, stories, smiles and jokes from my friends
8) i have a job in a company where people are mostly generous, happy and fun
9) i am "effectively billingual", proud and happy of it
10) i love all things cute, they make me happy (eg. tokidoki)
11) i appreciate details, the little gestures, beauty and gifts in life
12) i love myself, just happy to be me

of course, the list goes on... just but a handful to share.
please do share your 12 happy things too, leave a comment :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fringed out

one of the best ways to help beat monday blues is to come home at the end of a long workday, enjoy a simple dinner and tune in to some of my favourite tv programmes. for quite a while, "desperate housewives" on local mediacorp channel 5 has been a great fix - 10pm every monday night.

after the last episode of season 5 "desperate housewives" ended 2 weeks ago, i thought mondays would now become a little harder to get by, but surprise surprise! as i sat down last monday in front of the tv, thinking i'd just check out the first 5 minutes of the didn't-seem-that-great new tv series "fringe", i got hooked instantly. the first episode (directed by alex graves) was especially brilliant! attention grabbing. i didn't think it would be my type of show but it is, and so much more! this turned out to be quite a unique series, i like the way the story unfolds, the arresting sci-fi action themes, provoking thoughts, incredible ideas, new faces, the suspense, the story plot... i like it all! :)

a friend thinks that "fringe" is somewhat like the former "X-files", do you agree?

"... a new series that will thrill, terrify and explore the blurring line between the possible and the impossible.... The FRINGE pilot is directed by Emmy Award-winning Alex Graves ("The West Wing"), and the series is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot Productions. J.J. Abrams ("Lost"), Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner and Bryan Burk serve as executive producers." (abstract from

season 2 of the show will be premiering in the US in 1 month's time, but here we're only into the 2nd episode of season 1 tonight. i can't wait to find out what happens next week. definitely one of my favourite must-watch tv series now! so monday nights, reserved :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yes, i am almost 30 but...

confession #1.
i know grown-ups are not supposed to like hello kitty... and i'm not exactly a fan of it (honest!), but i have no idea why i just had to pick up this set of pocket tissues (not that i have run of stocks at home) when i saw them at the market on saturday.. hehehe.
well, at least they're cheaper than the watsons family pack which i usually buy (btw, i have the sesame street ones too *lol*)... so these are not entirely useless buys, i do carry them in my handbag. have to admit, they're kinda cute but not tooo cute, aren't they? ;)

confession #2.
2 mechnical pencils + 1 pen i bought from comic connection store yesterday. (PINK! polka dots!) and yes, i am actually using them in the office - just not when i'm meeting clients or trying to look professional and sharp :P this way, i can also deter the male colleagues from accidentally "borrowing and misplacing" my pens again ;) ps: the checked one has a stopper top that is shaped like a diamond *wink*

i often wonder if it's just me or do other professional, grown-up, working women get drawn to pink cutesy (borderline childish) stuff too? :) not all the time, but maybe once in a while? just to indulge and satisfy that little need to feel like a kid again? i suspect if i have my own kids some day - esp. daughter(s), i might secretly steal girly toys/stationery/knick knacks from them. lol, i would be a dangerous mommy... hehehe.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

the 8:22pm Singapore pledge moment - happy birthday

reciting the Singapore pledge from a very small part of the world..
here at home :)
the 8:22pm moment.
happy 44th birthday, Singapore :)

we, the citizens of Singapore
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society,
based on justice and equality,
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.

(Singapore flag courtesy of 4 international flags)

oops, VieCouture did it again...

i have already converted quite a few close friends into fellow fans of VieCouture.. if this goes on, i'd be losing all my readers to VieCouture in no time.. hehe. or if there were a "retweet" equivalent for bloggers, perhaps i might just be "RT-ing" every other post from them instead of writing my own ;)

i can't remember how exactly i first stumbled upon the site, but i certainly have been loyally following VieCouture since february this year. and even after hundreds of posts later, here i am, still amazed at how everything they feature on their site (every single day) never fail to attract or at least appeal to me in some way or another... from clothes, makeup, handbags, to accessories, jewellery, little keepsakes, stationery etc. i keep wondering, how is that possible? how did they find all the things i like? it's almost as though they're my personal shopper, or a wish-list i made myself :)

so VieCouture did it again.
here are some "re-tweets" of their recently featured products that just made me go "oh wow, i would love that!"

original posts here:
- twg Warms Your Fall With the Most Stylish Bow
- Be the Life of the Party With Bebe Soft Pleated Dress
Experience the Unique Way to Wear Your Ruffles With Robbi & Nikki
Go All Natural With Avon Refreshing Balms
- Paul’s Boutique Presents the Most Fashionable English Pride
- Jelly Pong Pong Deluxe Set is Simply Irresistible

anna sui - flawless finish powder foundation

i've always been more of a powder foundation (rather than liquid foundation) person - it offers decent coverage, is much easier to apply and also feels lighter, less sticky than the liquid form. these days, for faster applications, i've switched to just dusting a quick layer of paul & joe loose powder over my sunblock as my base makeup, allows my skin to "breathe" better this way :)

but on days i want to dress up or look more polished for special occasions, i'd still turn to my powder foundation (or 2-way-cake). compact powder brands i've used include stila, paul & joe, ZA and anna sui. i remember anna sui being my first cosmetic-counter-brand (more expensive) compact powder i bought myself as a reward several months into my first job. needless to guess, it's their gorgeous butterfly/floral packaging (and their lightly rose-scented everything) that got me hooked :) till this day, i've kept my original anna sui compact case - the frosted light-gold case embossed with its signature butterfly print, even though i haven't bought a refill in years.

if you're into pretty packaging like me, then you'd definitely want to check out anna sui's latest moisture rich powder foundation. the entire compact case itself is a classic glossy black rose. makes me wanna get one just for vanity's sake... or to match my anna sui rose-motif ring rouge :P

ps: good news - in case you didn't notice, this is a singapore-website (with a ".sg" suffix), that means we'll finally get news, updates, promotions and even demo videos that are localised for us :) yay!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

ModCloth - i like the dresses on this website!

a friend recently showed me this US-website, and i'm quite impressed with the selection of cute dresses on it :) reminds me somewhat of conversation pieces and alloy online stores.. adorable, girly summer dresses (and other outfits) that are not grossly overpriced ;)

i don't usually shop for clothes - especially dresses - online though. i don't mind browsing, checking out new fashion, ogling over the pretty dresses, and then getting all excited about them.. it's just a little tricky when it comes to actually having to buy something without first trying it on. most tops are fine, but dresses that have to fit perfectly at the right places... are just too much a disappointment if they don't turn out right, unless you are very certain about the sizing.

well, having said that, i still wanna say, go check out ModCloth - because i really like the variety of colourful knee-length dresses it carries. such fun, pretty, flirty outfits. do you agree? :)

PS: i actually have a dress from ZARA that looks exactly the same - even the buttons on the back - as this windy city dress from ModCloth, just that mine's in black. interesting.

countdown to comic convention 2009 (singapore)

7 more days... to the opening of the singapore toy, games and comic convention 2009 at suntec singapore. the exhibition is only open to public from 4:00pm, 14 august (friday) onwards and i have already blocked up my calendar for the event. yay! will be going with a few colleagues, especially for the autograph session with tokidoki (simone legno) over the weekend ;)

i hope we'll be as lucky as last year, and get to meet simone legno up close in person! i just adore tokidoki :) wonder if there'll be good bargains on the merchandises too.. hehehe.

the event guide/programme is now available online: download it here.