Monday, September 28, 2009

finally, hello singapore.

following my post below on the geographical boo boo coach made on their website - calendar of events - looks like someone within coach has finally noticed the mistake (either that or someone pointed out to them).

so, the new calendar of events now looks like this (third square corrected):

no hello to singapore, but at least it's not hello china anymore.

the official opening of the flagship store at paragon singapore, has also been updated to 13 october.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

coach's first-in-asia flagship store coming to paragon singapore

i first heard of coach opening a new store in paragon from carolyn, good news for coach fans like me even though i very rarely buy coach items locally.

today, i read that this new coach store - set to open in october 2009 at paragon - will be coach's first flagship store here in singapore, and supposedly a first-of-its-kind in asia too. very cool!

i'm definitely excited and looking forward to see and experience the new store (plus check out the limited edition handbags specially released in line with the event). wonder if i can get myself invited to the store opening next month.
anyone knows a coach sales assistant, employee or high net-worth customer? ;)

"Come October, leading American designer brand Coach will open its first flagship store in Singapore at Paragon, offering an assortment of Coach’s pinnacle products. A first of its kind in Asia, the store design concept will feature an intimate, residential New York attitude." (abstract from

"To mark its Paragon opening in early October 2009, Coach has created a limited edition collection of handbags – the Park Metallic Slim Tote and Small Hobo. Available only at the Coach Paragon store, the Parker styles will be fabricated exclusively in luxe rose gold leather. The unique handbags are limited to a total of 100 pieces." (abstract from press release - annex A)

something disturbing though...

take a look at the third square in the following "calendar of events" i just found on coach's website. i truly hope this is either a coincidental mix of two key events happening on the same day, a typo error, or just some random text that's not supposed to make any sense... but i have an inkling that somebody from coach's HQ marketing/web team has a serious problem with geography and identification between different countries in our part of the world. *BIG SIGH*. i'm saddened to see this (big discount on coach branding if that's true) *boohoo* :(

Saturday, September 19, 2009

awesome japanese "mooks" and their GWPs

i've always joked that if i lived in japan, i would go bankrupt. lol.
seriously, look at all their amazingly fine, beautiful, perfectly packaged, quality products and merchandise... unless i somehow find a way to earn millions of dollars (not japanese yen) a month, there's just no way i can survive this whole all-things-perfectly-pretty world. lol. i know myself, simply wouldn't be able to resist.

today i learned a new word:
mook - "a j
apanese contraction of the english words magazine and book. mooks are books with the look, design, and layout of magazines. there are literally thousands of these beautiful, full color publications to be found relating to the world of anime and other topics." (source: the black moon)

i have never toured japan (not counting the several flight transits at tokyo's narita airport), i would really like to do that some day. but before that, gotta make sure i save up enough shopping funds ;) other things aside, just the array of japanese fashion magazines are enough to kill anyone who's drawn to cute, pretty, girly things.

take a look at these recent mooks and the gorgeous GWP (gift with purchase) bags and little trinkets that come with each issue! OMG.. no wonder japanese magazines and mooks - despite the steep prices and long queues - sell like hotcakes even here in singapore. i want them too!

see more amazing japanese fashion and beauty products on rouge deluxe.

(photo courtesy of rouge deluxe)

Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk 2009

yay! thanks to inspirations from friends like carolyn and sherie, i've decided to sign up for my first 5km charity walk this year too (read: it's a walk i'm doing, not a competitive run.. yet) :)

october is the breast cancer foundation (BCF) month, and also my birthday month. several years ago, i've done a tiny part in raising funds for the BCF singapore through the pledge card (sale of pink ribbons to friends and personal contacts), as well as participating in the public sale of the pink ribbons at their roadshows.

this year, as i turn 30 in october, i wanted to do something meaningful. i've already set a goal to make a donation to charity, donate blood for the first time in my life (if all goes well), and just a few moments ago... added to my list, participate in a charity walk :)

so come 3 october (2 saturdays from now), join me at the Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk 2009 at east coast park - the playground @ Big Splash, 8:00am - 11:00am. as i'm late to this, there's only a very short time left before the online registration closes. so hurry, sign up too - before end of 20 september 2009, sunday (that's tomorrow!)

choose from two categories:
  • 5km women's competitive run - registration fee S$40; or
  • 5km pink ribbon leisure walk (open to women, men and children) - registration fee S$35
click here for event details

for added incentive, if you're like me who love most things pink *smile*, you'd be happy to know that all participants of the walk/run are eligible for the
Reebok bundle buy promotion of 1 pink top + 1 bottom + 1 pair of shoes at a special price of S$100! (usual S$204.90).

find out more news and activities in october for BCF.

ps: carolyn, sherie - you keen to join this too? :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

see the changing lights of the "lunar 7th month getai"

it comes by every once a year... especially in older Singaporean neighbourhoods like ours, the lunar 7th month "hungry ghost festival" (中元节) activities are usually quite eventful around here. the name and nature of the festival scare some people, and there are many taboos, "do's and don'ts" related to this traditional Chinese festival too.

there are many websites that talk about the hungry ghost festival and its rituals, community activities, charity dinners etc. surrounding it. so i'm not going to elaborate on that. just wanted to share some pictures from a different point of view.

the "getai" (open area live stage) music are often loud and the on-stage dialect conversations sometimes borderline crude. the accompanying live auction-cum-dinner activities are equally noisy, especially when echoed through the neighbourhood and even all the way up high-rise flats like ours. the area is smokey, packed with audiences (mostly older folks and men waiting to see skimpily/elaborately dressed songstress perform) around the stage, old-fashioned chinese/hokkien music, colourful disco balls and neon lights...

these can all be somewhat annoying when one tries to get a quiet night of rest after a day's work... but despite that all, i actually appreciate traditional festivals like that. even though i'm not an active participant, i feel that these traditional community activities (which will eventually "face extinction" with time) add spice and cultural identity to our mundane lives. maybe it's a sign that i'm getting older, maybe it's just something familiar, something very common Singaporean, or maybe from a different perspective, the "getai" can look pretty beautiful and delightful as well.

taken 2 nights ago, see how the colour-changing neon lights from the stage got reflected off the neighbouring HDB flat and condo? it's almost like having a museum night festival right here at home :)

it was very noisy, yet people - government HDB flat dwellers and private property residents alike - tolerate the inconveniences and appreciate one another's cultures. i personally feel this is something that we all Singaporeans should be proud of - the tolerance and mutual respect we share. afterall, we're uniquely Singapore, aren't we? :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

i was at the Twestival SG (12 sep)

yes, "i was at the Twestival SG" on saturday - a small-scale fuss-free carnival, an informal gathering space for tweeps (twitter folks) right here in singapore.

great effort from the organisers and other fellow tweeps. i've read they raised approximately S$16,000 from sponsors and S$600 from tickets (coupons) sales - for the children's cancer foundation (CCF)... woohoo, not bad at all!

thanks, @silverycloud for coming all the way to chinatown to attend it with me :)
yay! we're now part of the first Twestival here... hehehe.. even just a teeny weeny small part.

michael jackson remix (fan tribute)

i'm not a huge michael jackson fan.. but this is pretty good.
you just gotta put on your headphones and spare 4 mins. to watch this.
looks nothing spectacular but the a cappella effect is really quite cool, especially towards the second half.

oh, and in case you didn't notice... it's all the same guy - video trick (except the one on the left side of the stage, i think) :) interesting video, erh?

creative and talented. great effort!

i really like this. bravo!

(courtesy of CNcyanide18 on YouTube)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

resident cat

recently (about a month or two) a stray female cat - which i've now termed the "resident cat" - moved into our neighbourhood and somehow just decided to stay put. it is not uncommon to find stray cats in our area because some cat-lovers would always come round to feed these cats, but this particular kitty feels closer because she has chosen to hang right around the lift lobby of the block i'm staying at. so we would see her every morning either staring nonchalantly up at people coming out of the lift, or licking itself in some of her cutest acrobatic poses.

even though i don't own this cat, nor do i feed it (i've seen a small container of cat feed and fresh water behind a pillar on ground floor), i have come to find joy in seeing her around in the mornings as i head out to work, and almost every evening before i walk into the lift on my way home. and i would always greet her with a meowy hi whenever i see her too. not an overly warm cat, she'd usually only respond with a i-can't-be-bothered puzzled look, or an occasion meow, and then go back to whatever she's doing or head on to sleep. i find that "garfield-ish attitude" of hers very cute. hehe.

i hope resident cat will hang around for a longer while, or even stay on permanently. it's just kinda nice having a familiar fluffy little pet to look forward to at the end of each work day :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a celestial butterfly

(captured by the Hubble telescope)
i chanced upon this on MSN news today.. and just HAD TO add it here.

given how i am drawn to butterfly motifs and prints, you'd understand why this picture is particularly meaningful to me *smile* - a true cosmic celestial butterfly indeed - though this explosion actually also marked the end of this star's lifespan.

see other amazing cosmic wonders here.

tweet. meet. give, lah! support the first twestivalSG 2009!

whether you tweet (or not), if you have some spare time this saturday (12 sep), why not drop by the singapore twestival local in chinatown? it's our very own, first twestival local here. take the opportunity to meet up some twitter friends, have some fun, find out what it's all about, and support a good cause!

i can't say it'll be a big success for sure (it's a new thing for everyone here), and no one knows what to expect... but what's there to lose anyway :) i've registered and will be going with a friend to check it out this saturday. so join us too!

Q: what is a twestival?
a twestival or a twitter-festival is a global series of events organised by volunteers around the world under short timescales, which bring people offline for a great cause. twestival is run 100% by volunteers and independently from any not-for-profit; although the organising teams do work closely to outline an achievable and measurable fundraising target. twestival also sets out to identify key skills of volunteers and match these with the needs of the cause; particularly communications strategy, tech integration and social media training. twestival local takes place in cities around the world: 10 - 13 september 2009.

Q: when is the singapore twestival local event?
12 september, 2009 (saturday); 11:00am - 3:00pm.

Q: where is it?
A: open area beside Chinatown Complex.

Q: do i have to pay?
A: it's a fundraising carnival to benefit the
singapore children's cancer foundation (organisers are hoping to raise S$5,000). you can contribute and join in the fun by getting tickets (S$10 per booklet of 5 x S$2 coupons) to the twestival.

more information:
- via twitter
@TwestivalSG and @twestival
- official twestival website | backgrounder
- a neat twestival flash clip
- success of twestival global in february 2009
- MIS article (9 sep): Twitter's charity festival gets a Singapore avatar
- mashable article (9 sep): HOW TO: Get involved with Twestival Local This Week

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the Internet is 40!

did you know that the Internet has just celebrated its 40th "birthday" earlier this month - 2 september? thanks to this ingenious invention - and people like the World Wide Web founder, Tim Berners-Lee - so many great (and not so great) things can now be achieved in our everyday life, connecting people, sharing and exchanging information all around the world.

i can't imagine how different my life would have been without the Internet - emails, chats, websites, online programmes, e-applications, forums, blogs, social networks, tools etc. :)

find out more... some interesting links to share:
- Internet's 4oth "Birthday" Marked
- BIG PIC - Internet Turns 40
- Web Founder, Tim Berners-Lee, Finally Admits He Misspelled Worldwide *grin*


it only happens once in a century (for those like us, we're lucky to even get to experience this in our lifetime)...

it's 09.09.09 today.
in chinese, the number "9" sounds like "久" (long time) which also signifies lasting, longevity or eternity, so many couples are thronging to hold a wedding or register their marriage today. I guess we mortals have always been obsessed with the idea of eternity :)

if i could make a list, i'd wish for:

- 09.09.09 happiness (幸福长久)
- 09.09.09 smiles and laughters (欢笑长久)
- 09.09.09 surrounded by family, people you love and people who love / care for you

- 09.09.09 good times (持久好时光)
- 09.09.09 peace (世界丶心竟永远和平)
- 09.09.09 friendship (友情长久)
- 09.09.09 ability to enjoy simple pleasures (永远懂得享受简单的乐趣)
- 09.09.09 no suffering (永无痛苦)
- 09.09.09 true love (真爱永恒)

... and always to cherish and be thankful for whatever we have in our life :)

Monday, September 07, 2009

CARGO is now making buttons and cableknits?

wow. i think this must be a new trend in makeup... brilliantly fine embossed details.
(also take a look at the fine embossment on this YSL blush/powder palette)

at first glance, you would think the picture is just some fancy pattern on the packaging of this makeup palette.. it looks like a random page of a fashion designer's scrap book. but on closer inspection, you'll realise that these cute little buttons and cableknit details are actually embossed onto the coloured pressed powder makeup itself! so cool isn't it?

yes, the tiny buttons are actual eye-shadow colours and the cableknit fabric squares are in fact 3 beautiful blushes (i LOVE the shades) and bronzer strips! so pretty, i'm sure some people will find it hard to use (for fear of ruining the details on the powder) ;)

this too-cute-to-resist CARGO runway palette - USD49 (Fall 2009) is a limited edition sephora-exclusive. hurry, go get yours today.

spotted via

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

barbie loves stila... and so do i :)

earlier this year, i'd mentioned briefly about the launch of the barbie loves stila makeup range. the first items included the retro signature stila paintcans with 3-pan palettes and lipglosses. very pretty items but i wouldn't say they are must-haves. quite regular, safe colours.. kinda average. and as much as i love stila's products (and like the idea of barbie + stila mashup), this collection just didn't really get to me....

not until i saw this latest barbie loves stila all doll'd up palette, that is :)

stila used to be my all-time favourite cosmetic brand. i remember those days when i always had to make a stop at the CK Tang stila counter at least once every month just to check out their new collections. stila was so fun and quirky then, their eyeshadow and lip palettes came in all shapes and patterns, various designs, themes and styles. even though their colours were usually the standard pinks/browns, olives/greens, plums/purples, blues/greys... their pretty packaging never failed to draw attention. then they got a little boring since being acquired by Estee Lauder companies, and subsequently by Sun Capital Partners.

so i'm glad they're finally trying something a little different this time - 4-pan trios.
each of these refillable pans in this palette is a tri-coloured eyeshadow (so cute!). thus instead of 4 regular shadows, you get to mix and match between 12 different beautiful shades in one compact case! i really like the idea - simple, clean and practical. and best of all, priced at USD28 (for a USD96 value)... this palette is easy on the pocket too!

i wonder if the tiny counter at CK Tang will bring this in (and retain the affordable price)... if not, anyone wanna spree? ;)

ps: the
barbie loves stila smudge pots are pretty too!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"very hollywood" indeed

i really like the look of michael kors's new fragrance "very hollywood" - a presentation of soft pinks and golds, the bottle itself surrounded with multi-faceted jewel-like circles, reminds me of those multi camera arrays you see in a video recording studio, or the thousands of flashlights on a red carpet. very glamourous, very bling, very vintage, very hollywood indeed.

i can't tell how much i'd like the scent from the description of its notes, guess i will only find out when this arrives on our shores. but i definitely like the way this looks :)

check out the collection now, on

ps: the collection even includes a limited edition luxurious signature pen (USD25) with ink that's scented with very hollywood. sounds a little too indulgent... but then again, isn't that just very hollywood? :)

Very Hollywood
Make a glamorous escape with Michael Kors Very Hollywood. This fabulous essence features notes of sparkling mandarin, gardenia, and vetiver that are suited to a silver screen siren.

Mandarin, Gardenia, Vetiver.
Seductive. Captivating. Luxurious.