Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what time is it?

check out these funky watches... can you tell the time on them? ;)
the Kisai Broke USB charging LED watch from Tokyoflash Japan @ USD168.15 each.

what's so cool:
- the watch is USB rechargeable
- bulit-in character enhancing light up function allows user to set the display to animate once every 15 minutes between 18:00 and 24:00 (can be turned off to conserve energy)
- funky looking
- no one else but YOU can read your own watch! *lol*

still can't figure it out? *wink*
find out the answers
here... or scroll down to the explanation below.
ie. the time should read 9:30 (left) and 1:24 (right) in the two images above :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

cozycot's free newspaper available today!

wow.. cozycot seems to have evolved so much over the years, doing pretty well.. they have just launched their very own "newspaper", available at various locations nationwide from 15 april 2010 (that's today!)

hmm.. i'm definitely curious what goes into their first newspaper, shall see if i can get hold of a copy this week. any of you with easy access to it, please don't forget me ;)

available at the following locations and times:

btw, cozycot is also launching a paid membership card this saturday, 17 apr, 11:00am (singapore time) at Orchard Central... looks like quite some new initiatives from them.
check out the teaser ad. here :) given the huge following on cozycot forums, this can be quite successful.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i shredded a CD today! :)

call me a country bumpkin, it never occurred to me before that you can actually shred a CD (or DVD).

we've recently added a fellowes paper shredder in our office and some of us have been using it to shred up old project archives and confidential documents.

i haven't been using it much until last night when i had to shift from my old desk to another one at the opposite end of the office, so i spent quite some time throwing out old project files and ended up with thick loads of paper to shred. it's actually quite enjoyable and therapeutic to use the shredder. the simple repetitive action of feeding the shredder and then seeing everything turn into tiny colourful strips of paper, who would have expected it to be so much fun and even an outlet to de-stress and allow the mind a little break? :)

this morning, as i was shredding the last bits of paper i have (i suspect i might be mildly addicted after last night *grin*), removing all staples before feeding the shredder, my colleague walked by and told me that i didn't have to do that, the shredder would break down the staples too. i was quite skeptical about that, wouldn't the metal bits spoil the machine? but that's when i found out that the shredder could even shred up CDs! wow!

feeling excited, i just had to try it to believe it. so we went around the office and found an old unwanted CD. there's a plastic cover near the feeder of the shredder, flip it over and there's a tinier slot customised for CDs and credit cards (looks very similar to the thin slot where you insert a CD into an iMac). so i gathered a few other interested colleagues near the shredder and started feeding the CD through the slot. it was instantly garbled up by the shredder - "clark.. clurk clark.. " it went. not the most pleasant sound to the ears but it's just so so cool! wow. i shredded my first CD today! :)

i even pulled open the trash bin to examine how the CD looked like after it's shredded.. just like broken pieces of glasses or crystals. sparkly.

Monday, April 12, 2010

3rd Sephora Singapore store coming to Great World City!

*woohoo*.. i'm really excited that Sephora Singapore will soon be opening their 3rd store at Great World City (GWC) next to Zara on level 1! this is fantastic news because i can literally walk to GWC!! hehehe *happy dance*

just read about it on rouge deluxe, makeupstash and makeup&me, looks like news have been going around for several weeks now, i'm just slow on this. ok, my wallet may not be that happy.. but the idea of having a Sephora store so near my home is just too inviting ;)

honestly, Sephora has always been a must-go stop whenever i visited USA in the past years, i don't always buy tons of things there but it's just such a makeup/skincare/fragrance shopping haven for all ladies (at least for those of us who are crazy over them)... wide floor space, rich variety of products, freedom to walk around and try out everything without being closely tailed by sales assistants, plus access to all the unique brands that were (back then) not available here at home! so even on occasions when i ended up buying nothing from the store, the shopping experience in there was enough to perk me up (well yes, i'm a true blue shopaholic) :P

anyway, just wanna share the good news.. in case some of you, like me, aren't aware of this yet. looks like the GWC grand opening will be happening very soon (late-April)... who knows, the next time my friend and i go watch a movie at GWC, we'll be able to pop by the brand new Sephora store there! such a happy thought *swoon*... :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

this is such a cute sweater...

i know it's warm and humid here, not exactly the best time to be looking at a sweater purchase... but this is soooo cute, i would order it in a heart beat! the rugby-striped shawl collar sweater from Gap - love the shawl collar, roll-up sleeves and thick stripes :)

besides, the price is now marked down from USD54.50 to USD17.99, what's not to love about it? unfortunately, the smaller sizes are all sold out (in both colours), i would have loved to get my hands on the grey-stripe version... looks so pretty, cozy and stylish. definitely a fashionable, versatile piece that's warm and chic at the same time!

hmm.. maybe i should drop by our local Gap stores to see if i get lucky...
hope Gap will bring this back soon in earth tones.. or pink, coral shades ;)

balloting starts 23 april 2010: YOG opening/closing ceremony tickets

the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) opening and closing ceremonies tickets will be open for balloting from 23 april - 9 may 2010... two more weeks...

so if you wish to be a part of these special events, don't forget to mark your calendar and bookmark this page! i did :) good luck!

opening ceremony
14 august 2010 (saturday)
7:30pm - 10:00pm
the float @ marina bay
ticket code: T001
prices: S$30 / S$80 / S$120 / S$200 (max. 4 tickets per applicant)

closing ceremony
26 august 2010 (thursday)
7:30pm - 9:30pm
the float @ marina bay
ticket code: T002
prices: S$15 / S$40 / S$80 (max. 4 tickets per applicant)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

transformers walkie talkies

i recently purchased these Transformers powerhead walkie talkies - Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee - for my nephews' birthdays. discounted price @ S$19.95 for a set of 2 from takashimaya toy department.

the transmission range doesn't go too far, works fine up to approx. 3 - 5 metres... but it's great fun for the two boys anyway :) neat gift idea for kids, well made, sturdy, and even comes pre-installed with batteries so the kids could play out of the box!

if you have more little ones at home, there's a set of 4 available too :)

wanna be a bomb defuser?

this is quite cool... a danger bomb alarm clock! lol.

i think it'll be pretty fun to wake up and, in the half-awake state, try to defuse the bomb (alarm) before it goes off. well, at least it'll be fun for the first few days, probably quite annoying after that :P

this would certainly help those who keep hitting on the "snooze" button in the morning, because you can only defuse the "bomb" by disconnecting the correct wire (indicated by the coloured light). you have 70 seconds before it goes *B-O-M-Bbbb...*
fun erh? ;)

USD34.99 from

Sunday, April 04, 2010

my first bowl of "lei cha" rice (擂茶饭)

i can't believe it took me so long to finally try this dish but i guess it's better late than never :)

i've always wanted to try the hakka "lei cha" rice (擂茶饭) but for some reason had always been distracted by some other temptations along the way. so last night, i finally tried it at suntec city food republic... and i love it! :) ps: i threw some sliced chilli padi into my mixture for an extra kick!

the "lei cha" rice is a traditional hakka (chinese dialect group) cuisine. back in the olden days, the common villagers and even soldiers in china considered "lei cha" rice as a rich source of nutrients and a medicinal food to fight against illnesses. it's made with very simple, affordable, down-to-earth ingredients that are nutritious and generally good for our diet. the preparation is not too complicated but involves a labour-intensive process of physically pounding and grinding the various ingredients into a fine texture with a thick wooden club and deep bowl. that's why it's called “擂茶” - “擂” meaning "to pound or finely grind", not the common misinterpretation of "thunder" (雷). i still cringe at the thought of how "lei cha" rice is now most commonly translated as "thunder tea rice" in this part of the world.. yes, i know the latter has more "omph" factor and sounds much more marketable than "pound tea rice".. but from a translation point of view, is just not correct *sigh*.

"lei cha" rice has become more widely found and popular in Singapore in the recent 4 - 5 years. the reason it's not quite a big hit here yet is because you either love it or hate it. i have to admit it's quite an acquired taste.. mostly because of the hint of mint in the "lei cha" tea stock, and its slightly scary milky green appearance (almost like green tea latte). i love mint in my chocolates, but having a minty taste in rice that's meant to be savoury can be a little off-putting to some.

fortunately for me, i found the amount of mint in my "lei cha" rice just enough to create a peculiar taste in the mouth yet interesting and even tasty when mixed with the savoury, sweet burst of flavours from the rest of the ingredients, together with brown rice. i also happen to like my food finely diced or chopped, slightly wet with gravy or soup/stock, with lots of variety in every mouthful, so this is just perfect for me! :) i'll definitely be back for more "lei cha" rice again.

most traditional "lei cha" rice recipes are published in chinese, i managed to find one in english from the star, malaysia (ingredients/side dishes vary from place to place, according to preference):


- 20g ikan bilis (dried anchovies), fried till crispy and chopped

- 30g baked groundnuts, chopped
- 30g sesame seed
- 15g Tie Kuan Yin tea leaves (or any superior grade tea leaves)
- 5g chopped mint leaves
- 1 tsp salt
- 3 litre water

(side dishes) stir-fry with a bit of oil; add salt to taste except the pickled radish

- 4 pcs beancurd (tau kwa), cut into small cubes and deep-fried

- 25g leek, sliced
- 250g dried shrimp, soaked, chopped and divided into three portions
- 300g french beans, finely sliced
- 300g pickled radish (chai poh), finely chopped
- 300g potato shoots (see chai choy)
- 300g asparagus, finely cut
- 300g cooked rice


to prepare "lei tea" soup:
use grinder or chopper to chop up ikan bilis, groundnuts, sesame seed, mint and tea leaves until very fine. pour in hot water and salt, and mix well. return the soup to a pan and bring to the boil. ready to serve.

add this soup to your cooked rice when you’re ready to eat.

to prepare side dishes:
1. stir-fry leeks with deep-fried cubed beancurd (tau kwa).
2. fry the chopped shrimps until fragrant.then add finely cut french beans and lightly stir-fry.
3. soak the pickled radish. chop finely, lightly stir-fry.
4. stir-fry potato shoots with chopped dried shrimps.
5. stir-fry finely-cut asparagus with chopped dried shrimps.
6. to make baked groundnuts, toast groundnuts in the oven and remove skin after they have cooled.
7. to make fried ikan bilis, heat oil and fry ikan bilis until they’re crunchy.

to serve:
invert a small bowl of cooked rice into a large bowl. scoop portions of the accompanying side dishes onto your rice. pour hot soup over this and mix well before eating. you can add whatever side dishes you wish.

some references:
- sooksfoodnotes
- thebakerwhocooks
- the canton pixie
- (in chinese)

tickets on sale now - Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) tickets are now on sale (from 31 March). tickets are priced at S$10 for preliminaries, S$15 for quarters/semi-finals to S$30 for the finals.

purchase your tickets (i) online, (ii) via phone, or (iii) from authorised ticket counters.

check out the
competition schedules and prices, and the sporting sections for the YOG (cute mascot icons) :)

>> official YOG website
official YOG blog

ps: i would absolutely love to attend the opening or closing ceremony for the YOG. as tickets are highly sought after and very limited, ticket sales will be made available via a ballot system. further details to be released sometime this month.
so watch this space!

YOG Merly and Lyo paper mascots

since i got started on the topic of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG), i just HAVE TO share this too.

some of us may really want a piece of the YOG but just don't wish to splurge on expensive premiums, mascots or souvenirs... that's where these cute little paper mascots come in :)

you don't have to spend S$39.90 for the stuffed-toy-version of Merly and Lyo (i really wish they made tinier palm size version of those), all you need is just plain A4 paper, some art & craft tools and a pair of skilled hands!
from this:
to this:
aren't these cute?
looks fun! i'm soooooo gonna make my own pair of paper mascots too! :D

i think i'll go for thicker A4 paper or art card for a better finish..

will you pay S$50 to own a piece of history?

the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) will be held from 14 - 26 August 2010. i admit i have not been closely following news on the YOG but i am very happy and proud that Singapore - despite our tiny size - gets to host this first ever YOG in history, and even though the excitement and festivities have not quite drummed up yet, i'm sure that will get more intense as August draws near... especially when the symbolic olympic flame passes from Greece through the 5 cities and finally arrives in Singapore :)

131 more days to go...

how will you show your support for the YOG?

have you met our YOG mascots - Merly and Lyo?

there are many YOG souvenirs and merchandise up for sale by now, but this is one i really really like - DBS Visa prepaid cards printed with the YOG 2010 mascots - Merly and Lyo (S$50 per set / S$28 each - initial card value S$5 only). these pretty cards can be used as a Visa (prepaid) debit card or ez-link card too!

a very nice keepsake or gift for someone special or even as a corporate gift - elegant, practical and memoriable too.. think of how you will be owning a piece of history in some way :)

"Share your pride for the nation with Lyo and Merly as they grace the world's first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Proudly featured on our Mascots Edition Prepaid Card, Lyo - the lion cub with a mane as fiery as his passion for sports - stands for Singapore, the Lion City.

While Lyo's best friend Merly - a mythical sea creature inspired by Singapore's beginnings as a fishing village, is featured on another.

Get more than just these adorable mascots on your Cards when your purchase our Gift Pack.

Enjoy the convenience of cashless spending, special privileges and payment acceptance at all Visa Merchants worldwide, and ez-link functionality. Simply top up and you're good to go."

>> more details here
>> alternative champions edition here

>> The Business Times: 3,000 YOG prepaid cards snapped up in two hours
>> tickets to the games

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Lawry's @ mandarin gallery

i first knew of Lawry's @ Paragon when i was working at my first job - online advertising and event sales for a local wedding infomediary. Lawry's was a colleague's client then. even though i had never once stepped into the restaurant, i had always pictured a majestic 1930s themed expensive intimate place with an old world charm. whenever i walked past the full-length-windowed establishment, i would peep in and make a mental note to dine there someday, to experience the grandeur and glamour of it all, when a worthy reason or celebration arise.

somehow that never happened.

... until they moved to the new premise at Mandarin Gallery.
i recently received a discount voucher that was expiring end-March, so i decided it's finally time to experience my first time at Lawry's :) i asked a friend M. who gamely agreed, and we had a nice hearty lunch last Sunday at the new outlet.

i would have ordered the smallest portion - the california cut - but M. insisted that since it's my long-awaited first dining experience there, i had to order their signature Lawry's cut. and so i did :)

we both had our steak medium done (perfect for me) and additional sides (silverside trio) to go with it - creamed corns, buttered peas
and creamed spinach (this is my fav! finely mashed spinach subtly seasoned with spices, bacon and onion.. ooh yumm). each main course also comes with the signature famous original spinning bowl salad, yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and whipped cream horseradish. so be prepared for a full hearty meal.

this is not really meant to be a food review, so i shall just let my pictures tell the rest of the story. still pricey even with the discount but all in all, a very pleasant experience :)

- Lawry's cut (S$82.90)
- California cut (S$62.90)
- Silverside trio
(S$12.50 / pax)
creamed corns, buttered peas, creamed spinach

Lawry's, The Prime Rib Singapore
333A Orchard Road #04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery,

Meritus Mandarin Hotel Singapore 238897

Tel: 6836 3333 | Fax: 6235 0300

Operating Hours Sundays – Mondays: 11.30am – 10.00pm
Fridays / Saturdays / Eve & Public Holidays: 11.30am – 11.30pm
(Last Order at 10.30pm)

ps: there's now a 1-for-1 main course promotion (lunch only) for DBS credit cards till
30 Apr 2010, so if you've been wanting to try Lawry's or revisit it, don't miss this chance.

Friday, April 02, 2010

have a little picnic at home :)

isn't this the cutest salt-&-pepper shaker and condiments set ever? :)
such a cheerful pretty display, yet super practical and easy to pass around too. simply brilliant design!

measures approximately 7.25” x 6.5” x 4”, perfect for picnics, home-parties and BBQs!
get yours at USD20 from today.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

happy easter!

yay for long weekend! we all love long weekends, don't we?
and since it's easter this sunday, i continued a little tradition that i'd started back in 2007 at my workplace.

the annual easter eggs hunt for everyone in the office! :D

every year, on the last workday before Good Friday, i would secretly hide little pouches or plastic eggs filled with cute easter chocolates and candies all around the office - behind window blinds, above cabinets & shelves, inside baskets, in odd corners, above signages etc. - each personalised with a colleague's name so no one gets left out :)

it certainly takes more time to prepare these surprises now, as the company strength grows over the years... but it's just so much fun, it's totally worth it! i enjoy every bit planning and hiding the eggs as much as the folks go bonkers hunting them down.. hehehe.

happy easter!