Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yay! my first ipod shuffle!!!

today i received my very first, very own MP3 player - an ipod shuffle (1gb)!
yea, i know i'm so super late to the ipod-party... and also ironically, one of the last person in my family to own one.

my brother was the first person to own an MP3 player - also an ipod shuffle, but the older generation 512mb version (his 21st birthday gift from me). earlier this month, my dad received his first MP3 player - a less funky creative MuVo 100 - his birthday gift from me too. guess good things do come to nice people afterall.. hehe.. cuz i too, didn't have to pay a single cent for my new-found-love :)

it's totally unexpected - our company had our regular internal progress meeting in the office this morning. after a brief 1-hr session, our boss went around the room and got each of us to pick out a number from a plastic bag - he said it's "lucky draw". we never had this before, so we're all pretty skeptical at that thought. to our surprise, boss and his wife whipped out 6 brand new ipod shuffles and gave each of them, according to the number we drew, to us! they bought all the colours available - i got the silver one... my other colleagues got metallic pink, blue, green and orange. i wish i had gotten a coloured one instead (would so love the pink!)... but that's not a big deal, i'm really thrilled with my silver baby too - it's versatile! besides, i'm pretty sure i'd get myself one of those cute interchangeable-cases or accessories for it in no time ;)

it wasn't for any particular reason, my boss and his wife were shopping the other day and just decided to surprise us with a nice gift! wow! aren't we just lucky or what? :) *thank you*

always thought i didn't really need an MP3 player, so kept putting off the thought of getting one for myself... but now that i have my very own ipod shuffle - it's such a compact and tiny clip-on - i'd be sure to lug it around with me all the time!

now please excuse me, while i go upload some fun music onto my shuffle :D

Sunday, March 25, 2007

free burger... anyone?

thanks to irene for sharing this link with me, pretty amazing stuff... you just gotta check this out yourself: the "hamburglar" (video clip)

magic, illusion or supernatural power?
you decide.

- cyril takayama's magic
- wikipedia: cyril takayama

don't you wish your girlfriend was...

don't you wish your girlfriend was HOT like... the pussycat dolls?
"dontcha.. dontcha.."

following the success of the search for "america's next top model" reality-tv series, CW now launches yet another new "talent-search" tv series... only this one seems hotter, sexier (maybe trashier) and a lot more seduction and booty-shaking involved. so good news for guys out there... stay tuned, eye-candies and cat-fights guaranteed.. m-e-o-w!

not sure if this will ever make it to singapore channel (think it's already showing on cabletv) - check out CW website for more details.

"The CW's new music/reality series, "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for The Next Doll," is a behind-the-scenes look at the process of selecting a beautiful and talented singer/dancer who has what it takes to join one of the world's most successful performing and recording acts. Out of the thousands of gifted hopefuls who audition, only one young woman will make it through the challenges and undergo a total transformation to win her place in the spotlight as the newest member of the Pussycat Dolls....." (more)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

latest hot stuff from GAP ;)

last week i bought the april issue of CLEO magazine to catch up with what's new in fashion. came home, made a cup of tea and sat down at the sofa to flip through it. the first few pages were the usual key advertisers - lancome, clinique, estee lauder, SKII....

then, i flipped to this page that made my heart skip a beat - here's what i saw :)

wentworth miller (yes, that oh-so-cute-too-cool lead actor from "prison break") is one of the new faces for GAP ads. and he is just soooo HOT! there's a subtle magnetism about him, and i find him especially charming when he doesn't smile much or looks as though he's deep in thoughts. i'm not usually this crazy over celebrities or cute guys but for some reason, wentworth miller just makes me feel like a teenage girl with a huge crush *lol*...

i found myself actually staring intently at that ad. with a grin on my face for about 30 seconds! (and i didn't just look at it once) :P fyi, i checked him out
(his poster) at the window display outside GAP store at vivo city yesterday too... *swoon*... hehehe. if GAP were to print his photo on their paper bags or have some kinda "spend $20 and get a free wentworth miller poster" promo, think i'd be the first to walk in and grab a random t-shirt, accessory or something :P

so happy that "prison break" is finally back on our tv screens again. so for now, every thursday night - 10:30pm, you know where to find me ;)

barbie loves M.A.C

every girl knows barbie. i guess at some point or another, almost every girl have dreamt of being barbie doll herself - pretty and sweet, sexy and hot, owns tons of gorgeous outfits, shoes that come in all shapes and colours, lives in big dollhouses, a fun life, a cute boyfriend (*oops* ex-boyfriend now ;P) ....

M.A.C cosmetics paired up with barbie (mattel) to launch a new makeup collection "barbie loves M.A.C"! i don't play with barbie dolls anymore, but all these girly pinkish stuff sure hasn't lost its appeal to me :P me and irene were at vivo city friday evening after work, and managed to catch the official launch of the collection at the atrium. but *argh* i forgot to bring my camera!!?? so guess what? i pulled carolyn along and went back to vivo city again for yesterday evening's show... hehehe.

a 2-storey "dollhouse" + real-life barbie and ken dolls, shocking pinks and pretty pretty vanity makeup desks... it's almost surreal, yet so much fun! :)

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- 2004: barbie and ken doll split
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

nordies dresses - spring/summer 2007

it's time of the year when nordstrom comes up with their gorgeous collection of spring/summer dresses again! i always enjoy browsing through their online catalogue and get inspired seeing how pretty those dresses look on the models :D

posted some of my favourites above, don't they just look sooo sweet and elegant? oooh... absolutely feminine!

some more...
ps: sherie/carolyn - i think you ladies will love some of these dresses too ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

the old-world charm of the 1920s...

the crystal mirror has premiered in singapore this past friday, and it'll be here until 15 april. i soooo wanna watch this, i mean look at the glamour, poshness of the mirrored-tents, the interior decor, the table-settings - WOW! all look impressively stunning!!

"In the resplendent setting of an antique “Mirror Tent” from the 1920s, acrobats, singers, comedians, musicians and eccentric wait staff – along with a 4 course gourmet dinner designed by internationally acclaimed star chefs – come together to deliver an evening that moves between dreamy poetry and breakneck pandemonium." (extract from the crystal mirror website)


if only the ticket pricing is just a slight bit more.. ehem.. pocket-friendly :P
i've always wanted to experience one of these "dinner theatre" fine-cuisine/ entertainment shows. it's just so.. classy, poshy, showy :) my very fortunate colleague got to watch the show with her mum for free (sponsored by her mum's business associate) - *envy*...

now let me go sleep over this and seriously consider whether it's something worth indulging in *sigh*.

show dates: 9 mar - 15 apr 2007
where: the padang, singapore
ticket price: S$159 - 350 (www.sistic.com.sg)
official website: www.thecrystalmirror.com

DIY chocolates

sometime in january this year, i bought a big packet of dark chocolate bits from tangs for my chocolate fondue set. in the past 3 months, my fairly new fondue set has already been to 2 - 3 house-parties (including our chinese new year reunion dinner at my aunt's place last month), and it's always been a hit! :)

of course, now that the year-end holidays seaon is over, i find myself left with too much chocolate bits in the kitchen cabinet (about 500 - 600grams). can't possibly make my family sit around and have chocolate fondue everyday, so here's what i tried to do this evening...

i melted some chocolate bits, scooped them into paper moulds, added some raisins and assorted nuts, and then chilled them in the fridge. here's how the mini-experiment turned out:

not too bad, erh?
because the original bits are made of pure dark chocolate, they don't taste sickeningly sweet. only problem is that the chocolates melt very fast (because they're supposed to be easily-melted for fondue dips), so it literally melts between your fingers if you hold one for more than 3 seconds :P other than that, it's pretty alright. hmm.. next time i'll play around with other toppings or add flavours like mint/hazelnut/cinnamon mix to the melted chocolate. gotta wait till the do-something-different-in-the-kitchen mood strikes again ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

red alert! :)

i've always been quite adventurous when it comes to colours - and that's pretty apparent in the way i dress, my accessories, bags and such etc. some of my friends welcome the "loudness", while some others (one girlpal in particular)... well let's just say the colours are too blinding for her *lol*. nonetheless, here's sharing my recent favourite buys in one of the all-time-girly shade - red!

love this polka-dottie bag! somewhat retro, a little "school-girlish", large/roomy enough to lug things around, and goes great with jeans. reminds me of strawberry shortcake, but in a slightly more grown-up version :) i tried to resist this bag when i first saw it in the store, but finally succumbed and bought it the 2nd time i returned and saw it again *tsk tsk*.

then yesterday, i went shopping alone at orchard road after work (uh oh... :P). since i was wearing my red fluffy silk top and red pendant, paired with my red polka-dot bag, i naturally got into the "hunt for red stuff" mood - everything red and bright seemed to appeal to me :P ended up with this ooh-too-cute pair of red/white checked flat pumps. so pretty!! makes me happy :D