Saturday, June 30, 2007

oooh cupcakes! :D

i pre-ordered cupcakes from sherie some weeks ago, and finally they were delivered right to my workplace yesterday (for our company BBQ party) - YUMMY ;9
my colleagues had been dying to try these cuppies for the longest time, so when we started planning the BBQ, they specifically requested for "cupcakes from celest's friend" *lol*. and when they caught the first glimpse of how pretty & cute these cupcakes are, all of them went "WOW! so pretty!" hehehehe...

of course, sherie's cuppies are not just pretty, ok? they're tasty and full of home-baked goodness too! light creamy buttercream-icing topped on not-too-sweet moist chocolate bite-size cake... mmm... it's very hard to just stop at one... :9
luckily i ordered enough to go round the office and then one set to bring home for my family! even my mum who's not a big fan of baked-stuff enjoyed them too!

good things must share right?
interested folks, please email sherie at maameemoomoo[@]gmail[dot]com :)

sherie: suki LOVED her special b'day girl cupcake! she said the doll was so pretty, she almost couldn't bear to eat it.. hehehe. THANKS for the yummy cuppies!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

toki idol

i love tokidoki - personally own a few pieces of tokidoki for lesportsac - they're just so cute and unique :)

but if we're talking about serious collections, these ladies will show you what that truly means...

check out the TOP 10 FINALISTS here

Pulse - a fashion store based in missouri, usa - has organised a "Toki Idol" contest. the person who submits the pic. showing the most impressive tokidoki collection will win for herself one new bag for each of the final 3 tokidoki-prints in the line (yes, tokidoki-LSS bags will cease production by end of 2007). the winner will also walk away with a trophy + reign as the "Toki Idol" for an entire year.

you may or may not be a fellow tokidoki fan but join in the fun, cast your vote too! it doesn't cost you anything... so do it now! :) results will be announced on 7 july 2007.

and while doing so, marvel at the a-m-a-z-i-n-g stash of tokidoki bags each of them owns..... wow. wow. wow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

laughter guaranteed! :D

i know this is not something new, i've seen it some years back (in fact it was first released in 1996).... but just saw this again on a taiwanese variety TV show earlier this evening, and i HAD TO put it up here.

found tons of short funny clips on youtube - check out the one below.

presenting *drum roll*... the tickle me ELMO - T.M.X.!
ps: turn on your speakers...

(courtesy of liracomp on youtube)

try keeping a stern face or contain your giggles while watching this bright red furball do his thing *lol*... it's impossible! i can't think of a better way to loosen up after a long day at work. if they ever make a miniature version, I WANT ONE! ;)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

go pink! windows live hotmail.

like most people, i own a few webmail accounts in the virtual world - hotmail, gmail, yahoo...
i use hotmail mainly to receive my older subscription enewsletters and emails from old-time friends + as the "signoff" email address for sending ecards. for some reason, i hardly use hotmail to create and send out emails anymore.

then i realise that's cuz hotmail doesn't allow easy customisation of email, and i really like sending html-coded emails (bold some words here, some italics there, some underlined-phrases or colours to highlight a point etc.) - it's just my style, i don't really enjoy sending plain text emails (unless i'm left with no choice), find it boring and hard to catch attention :P

today, i just switched over to the new Windows LIVE Hotmail... and yay! it's so much more fun now! the "create new email" now comes with html option, customisable theme, more features, more colour options, easier navigation/organisation of sub-folders (somewhat like the new Yahoo! Mail Beta), better junk-mail management, and even comes with language selection... i like it!

so take a look, sign-up or be a convert too!
be girly, go pink! (that's the theme colour on my hotmail now... hehe) :)