Saturday, January 28, 2006

i not stupid 2

10 mins. ago, i wrote a whole chunk of reviews on jack neo's latest production "i not stupid 2". when i said a whole chunk... i literally meant a w-h-o-l-e c-h-u-n-k.

then, i accidentally hit the delete button before publishing this post *argh*. i guess i must be stupid cuz - (i) i didn't think of saving a draft of it every 5 secs., (ii) maybe there is an undo button, but i just can't seem to find it (iii) clever people don't have butterfingers, do they?... oh well.

anyway, i'm NOT going to retype the whole chunk. to sum it up... i think it's a brilliantly fantastic great not-to-be-missed movie. it evoked all kinds of emotions in me - i cried, laughed, cringed, sobbed, giggled, rolled my eyes, grinned... etc. and most of all, i really related to it. came out of the cinema with puffy eyes... so if you want to know whether i'm telling the truth, do go watch the movie, and then leave your comments here. most welcomed :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


writer's block - that's what they call, when a writer runs out of ideas/ things to write about. so what is it when a person runs out of things to write on her blog? a blogger's block? yea right, that's what it is... i'm having blogger's block now.

maybe it's good to have a theme for your blog afterall, eg. gadgets, food, family, pictures.... some direction to it. at least that way, you won't really run out of ideas/ inspiration about what to post. for me, my sheer reasons for setting up this blog was (i) out of curiosity (ii) to keep up with the "everyone-is-blogging" trend, and (iii) S. has a blog, so i want one too! (haha, ok this one is lame... but it really was a big factor :P)

so you see, i'm sprouting nonsense today. read on only if you're really bored, like me. chinese new year's around the corner, i'm looking forward to it, but not exactly thrilled. maybe cuz i dread the idea of having to meet my relatives, cousins, aunts and uncles with these blemishes on my face that just won't go away. *boo hoo* i didn't go to takashimaya CNY fair this year (odd.. cuz i'd usually get excited over those tins and boxes of new year goodies and cookies). so what's up with me? what's going on? am i losing it? am i getting too old to celebrate chinese new year? i don't know. maybe i won't be getting much ang bao money this year... and then everyone will start asking me when am i getting married, how come i haven't brought my bf home, try to match-make me with mr. who and who's son or that auntie's son's neighbour... blah blah blah.... oh give me a break.

i'm getting very tired these days, physically.... but more so mentally. too much work everyday - brain dead. i need new excitement. things that spur me on, give me that zest in life, that adrenaline rush. can't seem to find it. i drag myself up every morning, psychoing myself in the mirror, trying to convince my reflection that it's going to be a wonderful day, that i'd accomplish a lot at work that day. i have to resort to that these days. i'm beginning to wonder if it's just seasonal mood swings, or is that a tell-tale sign that it's time for a change? some kind of change.

i wonder... do other people get bored of what they do everyday? how do folks like my parents stay in the same job, do the same kind of things day-after-day, for so so so so so many years? don't they ever get bored? tired? sick? hmmm.... or is it just me? am i too frivalous to stay interested in the same job/ scope for long? or have i just not found my ultimate dream job - you know, those kind of job that you just love doing, like a hobby, some passion, a calling? so what's mine?

Friday, January 20, 2006

MAC tint toons - tinted lip balm

i set myself on a "no-makeup-buying" challenge sometime back, and i'd been good... didn't buy makeup for a while. think i had gotten over the makeup phase (although i suspect it's just temporary, while i shift my focus to other items such as bags/ clothes :P).

broke my makeup-ban today. was very tired, and not feeling very well at work, so went straight home after work. but i got a gf to buy the new MAC tint toons in - coquettish clarice and daisy daze on my behalf :D i couldn't help it.... they're simply too sweet & pretty (see pic. for yourself!! who could resist such lovely packaging?), and i guess lip conditioners (that sooth your chapped lips, offer SPF 15 protection, limited edition disney prints etc.) are not exactly bad investments... hehehe.

anyway, this shall also curb my spending urge and keep me away from those cosmetics counters for another while. thanks carolyn! will catch up with you soon to collect my loot. i shall use my new tint toons TLC during chinese new year! yay!

ps: good news, last night i tried applying some diluted tea-tree oil (from the body shop) directly on my pimples, and this morning... the bigger ones seem to have tamed down a little. i re-applied some more before going to work. *fingers crossed* hope this will continue to be effective and save my skin from those yucky bugging spots :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

sneezy day... ahh choo.. *sniff*

don't know what's up today... been sneezing all day, in office, at the mall, over dinner, and even now at home. think i need to post this up and head off to bed and get some good rest. must be PMS.. near that time of the month again. my already-terrible pimpled face is seeing more horrifying acne and bumps.... all thanks to PMS and whatever other reasons i can't seem to pin-point.

i've finally made up my mind, will make a trip down east to visit the much-acclaimed dr. ong at maple clinic (tampines) this friday or saturday. i just hate to think of having to queue for 3 - 4 hours to see her. hmmm... hope this all would be worth it. i wonder what's causing the sudden breakouts on my face.... so sad to look at myself in the mirror these days. plus chinese new year is less than 2 weeks away, don't think my skin will recover in time. the other girls commented that results will only start to show a couple of months later... some even waited more than a year *faint*(and breakouts will be more serious during treatment phase, as it supposedly purges out the toxins - yikes!).

anyway, i brought dad to G2000 to buy him a shirt for CNY - big sale! it's so funny... he's so unwilling to spend on unnecessary clothes, took him close to an hour of careful selection and trying on a few shirts, before FINALLY settling on a maroon-navy-coloured striped collared-shirt (close to 60% off). i'm happy he managed to find something he liked (his first ever "branded" shirt.. haha)... came home and he tried it on again. looks great, matches perfectly with his grey pants. he said he'll wear that on day 1 of CNY :)

now i have to bring mum shopping sometime, so she won't get a chance to call me unfair.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

make the nagging STOP!

whatever you grow up to be...
drives people crazy. can't stand how someone could nag (the ridiculous uncalled for kind) from the moment you step into the house after a hard day's work (12 hours to be exact)... to a earful of NON-STOP ranting and nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag (even as this is being typed) for a good 20 minutes! (talk about stamina). it's INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yat yat yat yat yat yat yat nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag yat yat yat yat yat yat nag nag nag yat yat yat.....

period. i'm shutting down the PC, slamming the bedroom room shut! turning up the radio.. LOUD... and going to bed. NEVER take it out on another person when it's REALLY YOUR own problem!!! if you need to vent, go for a spin... NOT hurl and nag people crazy! it's so ridiculous and unfair!

nag nag nag nag nag yat yat yat yat yat yat yat nag nag nag nag nag nag yat yat yat yat nag nag nag nag nag nag yat yat yat yat nag nag nag yat yat.....

don't try to threaten me with unreasonable threats... go ahead, throw out all my things, don't scare me. hmph!

now i know why people sometimes blast rock music from their hi-fi set at the maximum volume. that's just to immune yourself to the nagging and try to get the chant-like rants out of your mind! surprisingly, noise IS actually more pleasant that the rentless string of nags. rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant-rant....

had a good day, but completely r-u-i-n-e-d now!
please DON'T let me grow up to be like that.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

north country

finally watched memoirs of a geisha last evening with friends. a very good show indeed, enjoyed the beautiful cinematography that made the entire film look like an art-piece. even though a fairly long movie (140+ mins.), didn't find it draggy at all. a pity i hadn't read the original book before, must pop by the national library one of these days to grab myself a copy. i marvelled at how sayumi charmed the men around her with her witty conversations and sometimes, just with one look of the eye.. haha. wish i had that kind of seduction too!

i loved the movie and the 3 female leads (kong li, michelle yeoh, zhang ziyi), but felt that zhang ziyi could have been a little more flirty and less reserved in portraying her character... a little more "fluid" like water would make her character more captivating. somehow, i also felt that the movie didn't exude enough "japan-ness" as it could have. perhaps a japanese crew/ cast could have done that better. nonetheless, a very well done movie.

while at the cinema, saw the trailer for another movie that caught my interest - north country starring charlize theron. story is about how a single mother, having to earn a living, went to work in an iron mine (where money was good, but life's exceptionally hard -for a woman- in a male-dominated industry).

"Inspired by a true story, North Country follows Josey’s journey on a road that will take her farther than she ever imagined, ultimately inspiring countless others, and leading to the nation’s first-ever class action lawsuit for sexual harassment. "

sounds phenomenal and powerful... looking forward to the launch of this movie. of course, being a woman myself... how can i miss this? :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

memoirs of a geisha

official movie website

can't wait to watch memoirs of a geisha.

saw the movie trailer at the cinema the other day, really looking forward to the sneak previews opening this weekend.

a colleague forwarded me a mad tv version of the movie trailer. it's disgusting... yikes... but still funny.

mad tv trailer (disgustingly funny, not for the humour-challenged folks)

original trailer (beautifully done)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the new osim igallop

this is a really interesting/ funny exercise machine, latest launch from OSIM....

osim igallop

really amusing to watch the tv commercial. now, they've made exercise look fun.... and kinky *lol* maybe it's just me, i just can't help it if they portray scantily dressed women riding in enjoyment like that... hehe.

anyway, kudos for creativity. the product page claims that igallop gives you "Flat abs, firm behind and toned thighs." hmmm... i'm wondering how sitting down can actually help tone thighs? tsk tsk... maybe i haven't been sitting down in the correct manner at my desk ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

brain on strike

crappy day at work.
the company is restructuring and everything's in a mess. upcoming projects and work start pouring in, but instructions are also coming from all over the place, really really messy. no one knows who to report to or who to listen to. one moment A says to do this, the next moment B says otherwise. hate the situation.

i decided this morning, that i shall go on strike. not the kind with big red signages or set some flags on fire.... strike in the sense of just shutting down my brains and refusing to acknowledge all that work piling up right in my face. department boss was supposed to gather all of us for a proper briefing and task allocation at 4pm today, but didn't happen... postponed till 9:30am next morning. so that's how long my brains will go on strike. i will not get myself involved in the project planning and operations until i hear from boss what exactly they have in mind for us. i just don't like to work in this mess. i'm sure other colleagues are feeling this too. there has to be a key person to give the headstart. don't know what's going to happen. really can't bring myself to work.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

british woman married dolphin

click on news

i couldn't stop laughing when i saw the news.
this is not a joke, that woman really wore a wedding gown and married the dolphin on national news.

some say she's insane...
others commend her for her courage to pursue her dreams...

i think she probably figured she couldn't get that much publicity from a conventional marriage to an ordinary man, so she decided it's more fun getting hitched to a dolphin. plus, she's a millionaire (now that explains everything, doesn't it?) who can draw the line between being filthy rich vs being sheer insane?

anyway, didn't "beauty & the beast" live happily ever after?
perhaps in this case, they swim happily ever after....
(btw, dolphin's far more handsome than the typical "beast")

waiting for hair to dry

when i told S. i started a blog, he commented that it's gonna be another "won't be followed-through" project. ok, granted i did have the initial intention of blogging just for the experience of "been there, done that". NOW i shall try to keep this alive just so to prove him wrong :P also to challenge myself.... let's see how long i can sustain this blog. who knows? it might just get interesting :)

it's 1.14am now.. feeling so sleepy and it's a working day tomorrow, and meetings.... *sigh* had a late shower after watching CSI miami on CH5, so have to stay up to wait for my hair to dry (nope, i don't like the idea of hair-dryer).

i'm proud of myself today. being the 100% super shopaholic, it's remarkable how i managed to curb lemmings for 2 items today:
- resisted that cute victorian handbag from zara sale (saved S$49.90)
- resisted joining an online spree for the new dallas blusher from (saved US$26)

*pats myself on my back*... very good, shall keep up with the good work, only buy practical items for now, so that i can save up more for my "US-shopping fund".. hehehe... cleveland, here i come!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Just wanna make my first official post on Celestial on the 1st day of 2006. Welcome to Celestial... and welcome New Year 2006!

Best wishes for a blessed, meaningful, colourful happy new year!