Wednesday, July 25, 2007

THINK: to plastic bag or not...

(courtesy of ceecookie on youtube)

i first saw this live earth short film (tv commercial) on mediacorp channel 5 monday night, right after "desperate housewives". simple production but very interesting and memorable - lasted almost 3.5 mins :)

this clip got us all talking about it at work the next day, and today i finally found the full clip on youtube *yay* - so here it is... courtesy of ceecookie.

i wonder why this short film is no longer available on MSN live earth site, it's certainly a great conversation piece - i like it :) nonetheless, do still explore the MSN live earth site - lotsa climate-crisis-related discussions, videos, photos and resource links. if you like, download some pretty wallpapers too!

.... and while doing so, take a few moments to consider the environment and think how we can change some habits and contribute too.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

hello kitty cookies!

sherie baked these hello kitty cookies for me! aren't they just about the cutest cookies anyone can have? THANK YOU, sherie!

my colleagues and i ordered a yummy cookies & cream cheesecake for alex's birthday earlier this week and she brought along 2 packets of surprise gifts for us :D thoughtful her even made 2 separate packs so that i could share one with colleagues, and bring home the other for myself/family. hehehe... they're really buttery tasty and crunchy (and so pleasing to the eye!) - though sherie feels that they're a bit too sweet.

ok, next time they're sugar-reduced, i'd like some too! lol...

pocket mints with personality (and a mirror)

i love all things pretty and cute (who doesn't? just that some people are able to control their excitement better) lol... so when i first chanced upon these adorable mirrored-slide-tin mints from little i early-2006, i knew i had to go grab myself one. FYI - it was actually a male ex-colleague who spiked my interests on this. he got the original plain black version, and i just loved how cute it looked with the mirror hidden inside (it's a great way to carry around a pocket mirror without being too intentional) ;)

very soon, little-i came up with more packaging options - personality slide-tins (i got the "flirt" and "hottie" ones!), limited edition christmas-tins (i grabbed a bunch to giveaway as christmas gifts last year), and more recently started to appear at watsons stores here - the equally chic flip-top-tins.

this time, my aunt beat me to it... she was the one who introduced the flip-top-tin-mints to me and mum (looks our high "cuteability threshold" runs in the extended family lol).

here are our new little i mints - available in 3 flavours: original peppermint, citrus, chocolate (sugar-free and tasty) :9

Saturday, July 07, 2007

0707hr - 07/07/07

*smile*... sometimes people do things "just because".
for spontaneity, for thrill, for the sheer sake of doing it, for no apparent reason.

as you can see, this post has not much content in it.
i stayed up late last night watching rented DVDs, by the time i went to bed, it was almost 2:00am.

i should still be snoozing in bed but here i am, up and awake earlier than most usual saturdays, only because i wanna leave my mark right here, right now...

on 7th july 2007, at 7:07am :)
as you read, thank you for being a part of this lucky 7 moment with me too.

btw, check out the live earth concert happening on this day.
show your support... answer the call against the climate crisis, wear green today.
i will :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

harry potter and the order of the phoenix

the long-awaited "harry potter and the order of the phoenix" movie is finally coming our way! what's more exciting, i just realised that golden village now has an advanced sales feature that allows patrons to make online/phone bookings 2 - 3 weeks in advance for this movie :) of course i couldn't wait any longer, just logged in and booked 2 tickets for the saturday 14 july show... and at really good seats! yay!

so if you too can't wait to catch the latest harry potter movie, hurry log on to gv website and make your booking now (great seats are still available)!