Saturday, April 07, 2012

good old comfort food

comfort food comes in all forms for me at different times, sometimes it's a slurpy piping hot bowl of nissin instant noodles (maggie mee), sometimes it's sinful pan-fried luncheon meat on toast, other times it's a plain bowl of teochew porridge with hae-bee-hiam (dried shrimps with chilli) and salty preserved olive leaves fresh from the glass bottle, or simply cheese with crackers...

today, for lunch... this was my yummy comfort food - the Beo Crescent Hainanese Curry Rice.

this stall has been around since i was a little kid, mum would occasionally buy this for our sunday takeouts. i guess it's a mixture of the nostalgic familiar tastes and the good old memories of my childhood days, that makes this an exceptional comfort food for me.

i love mine flooded with the generous scoops of mixed gravy and curry sauce, and the oh-so-sinful crispy fried fatty pork chop, a side of long beans, and braised cabbage.

do be prepared for the lunch-time queue (they usually sell out by 2pm or so), but good things come to those who wait... ;)

ps: of course, none of the above would be perfect without my biggest comforts of all times - my cuppa hot teh-siu-dai, or simply tea with milk (reduced sugar) :)