Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1-child policy has exceptions after China quake

read article here.

this is just a sad read... even the policy exemptions, though adjusted for the good, don't sound very right, too awkward. i certainly am in no position to judge any country's policies (i do understand their reasons for having to do this), and i don't intend to. but it's still sad to see how a precious child's life is exchanged almost like a commodity, almost as though it's easily replaceable.

some quotes from the article:

"... the country's one-child policy exempts families with a child killed, severely injured or disabled in the country's devastating earthquake.
Those families can obtain a certificate to have another child...."

"... couples who have more than one child are commonly punished by fines. The announcement says that if a child born illegally was killed in the quake, the parents will no longer have to pay fines for that child - but the previously paid fines won't be refunded."

"If the couple's legally born child is killed and the couple is left with an illegally born child under the age of 18, that child can be registered as the legal child - an important move that gives the child previously denied rights including free nine years of compulsory education."

Friday, May 23, 2008

if you are free this weekend, don't miss this...

if you are free this weekend (22 - 25 may, 8pm).. check this out:

i saw this (ilotopie) on the front cover of the Singapore Arts Festival magazine/brochure... looks sooo impressive! reminds me somewhat of the "O" water show - by cirque du soleil, i saw in vegas....

hope it's as good as it looks... go early to get a good spot! bet it'll be crowded!
i will definitely be there (likely sunday at boat quay) :)

the closing celebrations (20 - 22 jun, 8pm) will be held at bedok reservoir - featuring the lunatics.

find out more:
- about ilotopie (france)
- about the lunatics (netherlands)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"sex and the city" opens 28 may!

"sex and the city" lovers.. whip out your credit card, because pre-sales for the movie are now open!

sneak previews are available from next wednesday, 28 may onwards at golden village cinemas.
so hurry, grab your tickets online now! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

personal assistant (male, gay, single)

no offence to anyone who's male, gay, single..
i was just surprised and amazed to see this recruitment notice being published on jobstreet last week (a colleague forwarded it to us when he received it in his yahoo inbox on 16 may). i guess it's good to specify as clearly as possible - the job requirements, but to this extent... i wonder if it's legal at all.
or perhaps someone tried to pull a prank on jobstreet.

it certainly was a real live posting on jobstreet itself.
of course it has since been removed but some things once posted online will always be remembered...