Sunday, April 30, 2006

2nd-time voter

next saturday, 6th of may - is singapore elections day.
the nomination results released 3 days ago confirmed that my constituency (under the jalan besar GRC) gets to vote: PAP vs. SDA

this will be my 2nd time voting.
my first was in 2001, shortly after i turned 22 years old.

my brother is the first-time voter this election. coincidentally, he just turned 22 last month too.... how interesting! think mum should go buy the 4D-number 2222... hehe.

dr. lily neo, kim seng constituency's MP (minister of parliament) was here to do housecalls half an hour ago. my parents were not around, so brother and i met her for a brief handshake on behalf of our family. the whole convoy, dressed in top-to-toe white (a PAP practice) greeted everyone smiley-faced, urging residents to vote for them.

ps: i just realised that jalan besar GRC (made up of 5 constituencies) has the lowest number of eligible voters - 93,025 - amongst all other GRCs... hmm, interesting. details here

Thursday, April 27, 2006

kitkat sequel

finally went to buy the cherry blossom and lemon cheesecake kitkats at cold storage on monday. tried 1 stick of each today - shared the rest with my colleagues and mum.. (simply too sinful to finish all by myself.. hehe).

pretty packaging - both flavours turned out pretty alright, not as yucky as some girls reviewed on cozycot. i prefer the lemon cheesecake kitkat (which really tasted like kong guan lemon puff biscuits) over the cherry blossom one. first bite of the cherry blossom kitkat reminded me of cough syrup... but the taste was quite mild, so still acceptable. plus it's not as sweet as the strawberry kitkat i had tasted before. all in all, i'd still go for the original/ chunky kitkat over these special edition ones - just tried for fun. oh btw, someone passed around the tangerine-flavoured kitkat 2 years ago in the office (i think it was launched during halloween) and that was quite good too, i liked it! :)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

meet mr handsome :)

i've been swamped at work the past 2 weeks, working straight past 10pm almost every night. that explains the lack of posts here. anyway, it's going to be a short one today - i have more work to finish before i go to bed. just wanted to show off mr handsome *smile*... isn't he sweet?

i bought this furry friend at the estee lauder warehouse sale 2 weeks ago. most people buy makeup and fragrances at EL sale, but just look at him... how could i resist adding him to my shopping bag? hehehehe.

meet mr. handsome - this bear was previously given away as a gift-with-purchase (gwp) with aramis fragrance at the departmental stores. i brought him home from the sale for S$15, along with my quite "controlled" makeup haul.

ps: btw, i have pictures of S. wearing a leather jacket and sunshades just like mr. handsome... hehehe.. so cute ;) but sorry, i'm not going to post that here for comparison.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

"have a break, have a kitkat"....

check out the latest addition (special/ limited edition) to the kitkat family - cherry blossom kitkat! i must admit that i'm the biggest sucker for cutesy packaging, and i succumb to all girly bright loud marketing campaigns... hehehe. check out the current kitkat singapore website, and you'll know what i mean.

having said that, nope... i have yet to try the new cherry blossom kitkat - but i think i will quite soon :) i want the collectibles too!! they're so pretty! i love these chocolates & candies mega manufacturers for their creativity and innovation to keep up with trends. eg. custom-print M&Ms, herseys, ever-reinventive kitkat flavours.... they make our lives so much more interesting, colourful, fun and sweet :) in conjunction with this cherry blossom kitkat launch, nestle even came out with a "exam good luck kit"... cuz the words "kitkat" sounds like "kitto katsu" in japanese, which means "sure-win". cool!

i never knew there were sooooo many different kitkat flavours ever produced! check out the links at the bottom of this post - w-o-w! there's even a "herseys kitkat" version! unfortunately, many of those never made it to our shores :(

ok ok, i will go buy the "lemon cheesecake" and "cherry blossom" kitkat tomorrow :)

fun links:
more kitkat flavours (cybercandy)
wow facts about kitkat (wikipedia)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

subconjunctival hemorrhage

subconjunctival hemorrhage - i woke up with this eye problem on thursday morning - uncomfortably dry eyes but no pain or major irritation. i didn't even notice anything wrong until i looked at myself in the mirror and saw "the red dot" showing prominently in the eye white of my left eye. it looks like a small dot of blood trapped beneath my eye, never experienced this before, scared the wits out of me.

initially i thought it might go away after some rest, but that red dot stayed where it had been even after the entire day. that's when i decided to go see a doctor - even though there's still no pain or anything unusual.

i went to the company doctor (so that i don't have to fork out my own money :p), and he's very helpful in explaining the whole issue to me. the medical term - subconjunctival hemorrhage - literally means "internal/underneath membrane bleeding". this usually happens when the eye is dry, hence the membrane sticks more closely to the undereye blood vessel.... any exertion of the eye, rubbing, or even sneezing or coughing, can easily cause the membrane tissue to tear, thus the bruise showing up as "bleeding in the eye white". may sound or even look scary, but it's usually harmless and will heal naturally in time.

doc. said mine is a very very mild case, and the small red dot will go away within the next couple of days *phew* - glad to hear that. he didn't even have to prescribe me anything, just an eyedrop to help lubricate the eye. i'm trying to be more careful with my eye now, avoid rubbing or unnecessary strain. well anyway, something new learnt :)

for more on subconjunctival hemorrhage, visit the following links:
- eMedicine
- St. Luke's Eye (warning: scary bloody-eyed image)

Monday, April 03, 2006

make a home

i made a home - a virtual one :)

remember that eLouai link i posted on saturday? since i had started with the doll-maker, i couldn't just stop at that, right? so shortly after, i tried the home-maker... it was equally fun! i have to admit it got me stuck to the computer for at least one whole hour. (i know, i'm crazy, but every single item in that scene is customisable - from what type of windows/doors... to the placement of the lamp-post, the people and pets, vehicles/ plants etc. - can get kinda extensive) ;p

anyway, please click on the image above to view my full creation. it's soooo pretty!
the original image animates, too bad i can only insert the still image here.

eLouai's build-your-home

Sunday, April 02, 2006

homey sunday

it's a stay-home sunday today. my parents went to china for holiday on friday, will be back in 9 days' time... so meanwhile, i have the whole place to myself (brother is in army camp, only comes back over the weekends). brother was home since friday evening and had just left for camp... so my home-alone time officially starts now.

mum seldom cooks even when she's home, we usually eat take-aways. so since she's not home this weekend, i decided to whip up a small meal :) went grocery shopping yesterday at ntuc fairprice, got about $30 worth of food supplies (enough to last 2 whole weekends for me and brother). i love cooking, though i don't do that often... it's just much easier and convenient to go downstairs for take-aways.

anyway, i don't usually post pictures of what i cooked, so this is a first, my dear readers :) 2 dishes for today - nothing fantastic, but yummy enough by my own standards. brother liked them too - but he's not a fussy eater to begin with ;p

for lunch - stir-fried pasta baked with shredded cheese

for dinner - curry mix-a-lot (all my fav. ingredients in it)

i always like variety when it comes to food, so i love to dice up all my fav. ingredients and throw them into whatever i cook - soup, noodles, pasta, porridge :P well, you can see for yourself in the pics. above - haha... there're bits of sausages, crabsticks, mixed peas-n-carrots, meatballs, fish tofu, tomatoes etc... my curry literally looks like a steamboat *lol* - FYI, there are 2 chicken drubsticks hidden in the pot too ;)

not too bad erh? *wink*

Saturday, April 01, 2006

doll-maker site

i'm probably late to the discovery of this wonderfully fun website for online doll-makers, room-makers, doll-house-maker and such - eLouai #1 doll-maker site

many girls on cozycot have already been spotting these customised cutesy-cartoon avatars since sometime back, but i only chanced upon this site today. nonetheless, better late than never *smile* - i really LOVE the doll-makers, can be pretty addictive.

circulated the new finding to my female colleagues, and they too got hooked.. (hehe, good things must share!)

anyway, you can see my first creation above - some say "she" does have some resemblance to me. well, i guess in certain ways it's an idealised alter-ego of whomever creates "the doll" :)

ps: note the uncanny similarities between this elouai "doll" creation of mine to that of the samsung mp3 avatar i had made on another site some months back (see my blogger avatar on the left-hand column) - they even have the same kind of top and background.. lol.

failure to launch

had dinner at island cafe tonight, followed by iced milk-tea from the "ah mei" kaya toast stall at paragon (it's yummy, thanks to carolyn for the recommendation!), then movie at cineleisure. a nice and easy night... i love the non-crowded island cafe even on a friday evening :)

we watched failure to launch tonight, it's really cute and funny. a no-brainer show, kinda drama at some parts, but mostly just hilarious and entertaining. i enjoyed it! sarah jessica parker always looks so good in whatever she wears, esp. love the way she looks in those flirty feminine dresses!

quite a nice movie for an all-girls' day out or for a date with your SO.