Tuesday, July 11, 2006


i'm the typical girl who always flip to the last few pages of a magazine to read the horoscopes/astrology forecasts. i don't always believe everything printed on those pages, but it's sure fun reading those little snippets. i guess all of us like to see good things happening and avoid bad ones, so i only believe in forecasts when they say good things. as for negative ones... i'd always brush them aside thinking, "nah, how can general horoscope readings come true for everyone? i mean imagine how many zillions of other people out there in the entire universe who share the same star sign as me?" :P

having said that, i just wanna recommend an astrology forecast site (thanks to carolyn!) - astrology zone by susan miller. i stumbled upon a friend's horoscope monthly-forecast for july 2006 on her blog and found it uncannily true for her.... so out of curiosity, i clicked through to read my own forecast too. wow! i have to say, susan miller sure writes some very accurate stuff!!

i can't say for all, but do check it out for yourself if you're keen.
almost all 4 - 5 colleagues whom i sent the above link to, said the forecast has quite a high level of accuracy for them.

pls don't get too hung up on them though... it's just for fun :)


carolyn said...

Haha. So there is something useful from my experience :p I always found Susan Miller to be very accurate even though it is a monthly forecast. I have been following her site since 2000 or 2001 (yes, that long ago *:*)

I also recommend to get the Birthday Book where it is tailored for each individual, found it very useful to understand oneself better :)

celest said...

i do believe that there's a lot of "energy" around us that influences and balances all things - the harmony. but then again, sometimes i don't really wanna know myself (or what's going to happen next) all that well. a little insight is good, too much for me, i can't handle :)