Saturday, November 18, 2006

a few good men

this holiday, give yourself a treat... to a few good men ;)

philosophy - a few good men lip shine trio (US$25)
"date multiple men this holiday season, without hurting anyone's feelings. philosophy's a few good men lip shine trio offers delicious .5 oz. high-gloss lip shine formulas that are infused with three mouth-watering flavors including the milkman chocolate milk, the ice cream man pink bubble gum ice cream and the gingerbread man. these delightful lip shines not only smell and taste delicious, they leave behind a beautiful supernatural shimmer and shine on the lips - the perfect accessory for any holiday party." (extract from

i simply adore this!! <3
the only philosophy item i own is a minature bottle of their best-selling "amazing grace" perfume spray. even though philosophy is not available in singapore (the grossly overpriced miserable range at T.C. is not counted :P), they always come up with products that hit on my biggest weakness - packaging. *sigh* this confection-inspired collection is oh soooooo too sinfully cute! gingerbread, bubblegum ice-cream, chocolate milk... *yummy*... oh boy, i sure don't mind the company of "a few good men" now ;)

check out other eligible "good men" from philosophy's holiday collections here ;)


^cherie said...

U're being missed! :P

I thought u've gone for long long holiday again.. hehe. Anyway, glad to see u're back again :)

carolyn said...

I love philosophy too! I want the milkman, gingerbread man, all the men! Hehe

celest said...

sherie: aww... i miss you all too! i wish i'd gone on a long long holiday *hehe* but too bad my pocket can't take too many holidays a year :P let's all catch up and do tea/shopping sometime. how're you and baby doing? :)

carolyn: yea, me too.. those men @ philosophy are too cute! i want them all too :P