Monday, August 20, 2007

lesportsac laptop sleeve

i'm quite into lesportsac (LSS) bags lately, especially LSS-tokidoki bags - absolutely love them! :D as for the regular (classic range) lesportsac items, i have a few cosmetic pouches that i carry around in my handbags, love the cute bright prints and surface-washable material.

i never knew LSS made laptop sleeves (think its part of their recently expanded range of products). i was browsing lesportsac website to check out their latest prints and saw the laptop sleeves... i like this in pictopop print! niceeee!

not sure if the singapore LSS counters carry this laptop sleeve, i'd get it if they do... but then again, singapore LSS prices are way too marked-up. i did a comparison for some bags, the local prices are almost 2 times or more that of the US retail price - converted to SGD (not to mention the occasional departmental store discounts/ outlet clearance prices they have in USA) *sigh*. wonder how much this US$39 bag will sell in singapore... hmmm...

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