Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i'm such a kltuz today

i'm such a klutz today.
was in a hurry to leave home for work this morning (no i wasn't late, just wanted to get in super early today to have some quiet time to catch up on backlogs)... and while i was walking to the lift lobby, one handle on my laptop bag slipped from my hand and before i could do anything... BANG! the bag fell and my laptop "leapt" out of the unzipped bag and slid across the concrete floor. OUCH!

nothing seemed broken but the fall sounded so hard, i stopped breathing for a moment. fortunately, when i came into the office and switched on my Compaq nx7400... TADA! all's working fine - see, i'm now typing this on the same beloved laptop :) the only very "heart-pain" thing is that my barely 1.5 year old laptop is now all bruised and scratchy on the outside *boo hoo*... i feel so sorry for it.

then for the rest of today, i just seem unusually clumsy... bumping into table corners,
getting my keys tangled in my handbag, dropping my pen, typo error in my blog title (yes, i intentionally left it uncorrected just to prove my point), slippery phone, butter-fingery. odd :|


scaff said...

haha Celest, i believe we all have our days. =D

i bang into walls sometimes, and it can be quite embarassing, if not painful. haha!

celest said...

yes, tell me about it.
i've walked into a lamp-post before! (cuz i was busy texting on my phone) it was right next to a public bus stop... so embarrassing!