Monday, June 23, 2008

simone legno is coming to singapore!

yay! simone legno is finally coming to singapore! i've always envied fellow tokidoki fans in the U.S.A. and japan who get to meet him in person and experience the tokidoki-fantasy-land-like booths at comic conventions held at various big cities such as LA, vegas etc.

now we get to meet him too! *excited*
simone legno will be one of the invited designers/artists to appear at the
"walk of fame" over this weekend's singapore toy and comic convention.

The first-ever Singapore Toy & Comic Convention is here!
Blasting off on 27-29 June 2008, the first-ever Singapore Toy & Comic Convention will feature a host of toys (general and designer), comics, animation, gaming, design, licensing and Cosplay from creative minds from all over the world, serving up an eye-popping visual feast and unprecedented variety and innovation in all the closely-related industries." (highlights from STCC website)

i'm not quite a comic finatic but will definitely be there this weekend :) hope i'll get to beat the crowd and get his autograph on my tokidoki-LSS bags at the meet-and-greet sessions :D fun fun fun!

hmm.. wonder if we'll get to see the new summer collection of tokidoki bags :P
perhaps i'll drop by the butter factory to see the artists work on the live mural drawings too...


Jackie said...

Hi Celest, I’m writing from Tokidokizens, we’re BIG fans of Simone Legno and tokidoki and yes!! I am super excited he’ll be here next week as well! =D See ya at the show!

celest said...

hi jackie! thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. you've got a great tokidokizen blog! i'll certainly be checking back.

it was exciting meeting simone in person, wasn't it? can't wait to read about your lunch-date with him :) lucky you!