Thursday, July 24, 2008

A.S.D. Keychains

these keychains are so cute. if you love dogs, there is no reason NOT to get one ;)

chanced upon the keychains at the antipodean cashier counter at lunch today, i guess i just had to get something small to prevent myself from splurging on any of the more "sinful" and pricier accessories there. i saw a very pretty bracelet ($70+) from killer heels - it comes with pretty pastel/glass beads + a super adorable rabbit charm pendant. they had the same rabbit pendant on a necklace ($103) and earrings too ($60+).. so tempting... but i had to pass :P their stuff are seriously cute though *smile* - check out the collection on flickr.

anyway, back to the keychains... selling for $5 over the counter, all proceeds go to Action for Singapore Dogs (A.S.D)... so it's for a good cause. what's neat about it.. you can actually replace the regualr $1 coin you have to insert into supermarket trolleys, with the round metal charm on the keychain, smart idea isn't it?

a couple of designs to choose from - i got the shih tzu one (not shown on website): more details here.

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