Wednesday, September 10, 2008

happy news :)

today is a happy day for me.

i had my practical driving test at bukit batok driving centre this afternoon - my first attempt. as much as i tried to stay calm and relaxed, i just couldn't help feeling nervous during the 30 min. test. i fumbled a little, made some silly mistakes when starting off... fortunately, things eventually turned out well, i was able to stay composed, and i think i got lucky with a kind instructor... so...


yay! *celebrations*
i am so happy! (didn't know it could feel this exhilarating, but i sure was thrilled when i got my results!) so now i'm an official P-plate (probation plate) driver... hehehe :D yoohoo!!

many thanks to all the well-wishes and support from friends, colleagues and family... it really helped boost my confidence :) at least my 6-month training and money was well worth it.

PS: looking back, i guess it's all a good sign from the beginning... my test date: 10 sep 2008 = 080910 (nice running numbers). and guess what is the car plate number on my test car today? 8910 - nice coincidence, isn't it? ;)


jiahui said...

congrats. you were fantastic by passing on the first attempt.

^cherie said...

Congrats babe!

Not many people could say " i passed my driving test on my first attempt! ".

Now i can certainly use your name when hb wanna boast liao. Hehehehehe :P

carolyn said...

You will be an awesome safe driver in future ;)

celest said...

haha.. i bet i'm quite a terrible driver for now :P newbies are usually BAD.. still need lots of practice :) thanks to all!