Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ooh.. tokidoki iphone skins!

ooh.. i would so get these in a heartbeat - a tokidoki skin (USD15.95) for my iphone! *swoon*..

i bet these are selling like hotcakes.. on my, this was just launched this week and 1 of the 3 designs (discoteca) is already out of stock! yikes!!! i wish some local store would sell this here, or shall i just order the inferno one from the tokidoki website?

lemmings lemmings..


carolyn said...

you should just order it :)

celest said...

hehe.. it's cute but i don't really want to go through all that trouble and cost to get it. will just let the lemming pass this time ;)

plus i already have a white silicon-type skin for my iphone, so i'm fine with that too.