Monday, February 08, 2010

the yummy Portuguese...

.. egg tarts ;)

if i didn't tell you, you would never have guessed that i actually had some of the BEST Portuguese egg tarts from KFC! yes, you heard me right, K-F-C as in Kentucky Fried Chicken lol. well, i guess if they made chicken well, they probably couldn't go too wrong with eggs either.

when we were touring Beijing last december, Ann recommended that we try the KFC egg tarts there. we were skeptical at first, i mean.. who would think of travelling all the way to China and then dine at a western fast food chain? but guess what? the egg tarts were so popular, when we actually decided to walk into a KFC outlet to get some takeaways, they were sold out! wow..

we did eventually remember to try them in Shanghai towards the end of our trip, and it was definitely worth the mention! i wonder if it's also cuz the two of us were super duper famished by the time we're done shopping and had to skip lunch to rush back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, both of us each cleaned up two whole egg tarts in an instant and were somewhat regretting that we didn't get the half-dozen promotion instead.. hehe. crispy thin crust with caramalised, soft, smooth, creamy custard... yumm yumm yumm.. just the thought of that makes me wanna go grab some right away!

so the good news is.. now we don't have to catch a plane and fly hundreds of miles to try the egg tarts. these sweet little tarts have already made their way right here to KFC in Singapore! yay! i MUST go (beat the crowd) get a dozen or so very soon and share them with my family and colleagues. i hope they're as good as they were in China :D

S$1.30 each or S$7.50 for a box of 6, go try some today!

available only at selected locations.

still not convinced? check out some other reviews below:

thank you, Ann, for the "awakening"! *lol*

ps: i also heart the hong kong style mini flaky egg tarts from Crystal Jade Kitchen! totally droolicious! :9


carolyn said...

I tried it today but I didn't really like it. The crust is too buttery and thick for my liking. It is not very sweet which may appeal to some people. Maybe the one in China is better.

Dennis said...

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Ann said...

I tried the ones in Singapore, i think they tasted the same. But because here is very cold, so the tarts may taste nicer. Not very appealing in Spore's hot sweaty weather.

celest said...

actually, i kinda like the Singapore version too. it's yummy when freshly baked.

think it tastes the same.. but anything done/tasted on holidays are usually better too! ;)