Friday, September 24, 2010

Kotex designs - sanitary pads with pretty prints..

(both clips courtesy of kotexspore on youtube)

hmm.. i can't figure out how i feel about this.

i mean, i do like the pretty floral (and butterflies) prints but i don't see the point in this. i can understand where the marketers are coming from... i'm just not quite buying into the idea.

don't get me wrong, i'm ALL for pretty, girly, sexy underwear and lingerie - polka dots, satin, lacy, florals, wild safari prints etc., you name it. some ladies may not be particular with them since underwear stays underneath our daily outfits, but i like the way i feel in the pretty ones.

i tried to apply that same 'feel-good' theory to the Kotex printed sanitary pads but it just doesn't feel the same. short of getting into the details, i'm sure everyone knows where that pad will eventually end up no matter how pretty it is.. erh was. besides, i'd be a little paranoid with the added colour/inks, it can't be too good that close to our skin.

hmm.. but you know what's the odd thing? for me, i suspect i would actually be lured into buying the product if all those pretty designs were to go onto the exterior packaging, not on the pad itself. hehe.

so what do you think? will you give this a try?

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