Thursday, December 02, 2010

to squeeze... or not to squeeze?

i once saw a documentary on TV, showing a giant octopus squeezing through the tiniest of holes (probably 100 times smaller than itself), and yet possesses such amazing instincts and perfect familiarity of its own body and limitations, that if the hole was made just a notch smaller, it would know in an instant that it's too small for it to fit, and wouldn't even bother to waste effort trying at all.

i was in total awe of the magnificent slimy creature after watching the entire documentary -
such an intelligent, witty, quick-learning aquatic 'transformer'. so much so that i've decided to avoid eating octopus if i could have a choice.

with that in mind.. the following youtube clip just says a completely different story of another curious creature.. lol.

i love kitty cats. this one is just too funny.
you HAVE to wait and watch the part at time stamp 2:08 - simply hilarious!

intelligent? cute? stupid? or simply unconcerned with the conventions?
you decide. hehe ;)

(courtesy of mugumogu on youtube)

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