Saturday, January 01, 2011

happy new year 2011!!!

some time ago, i looked at the rate i was posting on my blog and thought that i would be breaking my own record and hit the highest number of posts in a single year in Year 2010. well, looks like i got distracted, occupied, and lazy. the final count for 2010 was 112 posts - that's 5 whole posts short from the previous year :P

i guess if i had set that as a concrete goal for myself and had perservered enough, that would have been done, i could have easily surpassed that figure. life is often so unpredictable. sometimes we come so close to something we want, yet we take it for granted - an object of desire, a simple goal, a dream, a passing fancy... if we're not careful with it, it'll just slip through our fingers. nothing is guaranteed, nothing is unchangeable.

but that's not always bad.

through the years, i've learnt to accept that things change, and allow myself to be less rigid, to move with the flow, to enjoy and appreciate life one day at a time. i still believe in dreaming, in fairy tales, in working hard and giving my utmost to what i value, but at the same time, even as i often pray and look forward to the best outcomes of my wishes, i don't pretend that the possibility of things going the opposite direction doesn't exist.
change is not always bad, it forces people to be fluid, to be less stubborn; and change sometimes also means a second chance, an opportunity to do it better, a glimpse of hope.

another year has gone by, another year older (and wiser, i hope) :)

2010 has made me more aware of myself, of the environment and people around me. it has taught me to cherish the people, the things, the experiences - whether good or bad, in my life. they collectively make me who i am, constantly shaping me, changing and yet reinforcing the way i think, the way i act, the way i am... the person i want to be.

2010 had been a good year all in all, some ups and some downs, some gains and some losses, some new insights, some silly mistakes, some new friends made, and perhaps some toes stepped on too :P

i thank everyone who's been there with me, for me through 2010, and i hope you'll continue to bear with me, root for me, stand by me through the new year 2011 as well.

to everyone reading this,

and, however cliche this sounds... may all your dreams come true :)


Maameemoomoo said...

Have a blessed new year dearie. And may all your dreams come true too. xoxo

celest said...

thank you, babe! :)