Monday, March 07, 2011

yay! it's a success - my first mille crêpes cake :)

  • since it was the weekend
  • since i was feeling relaxed and nice
  • since i had a tea party with the girls to go to on sunday afternoon
  • since i was in the mood to whip up something nice
  • since the mille crêpes cake i tasted was oh-so-yummy
  • since i had the recipe from the link in my previous post
over the weekend, i attempted to make my very own mille crêpes at home :)
and i personally thought it turned out pretty well! *excited* hehehe.

ok, i have to admit.. the recipe called for 20 layers of crêpes with homemade vanilla pastry cream spread between each layer, but i wasn't careful with the portions, so i kinda ran out of batter by the time i got to the 17th slice. lol. i guess my first few slices were a tad too thick, the
crêpes got smaller and pathetically thinner as i depleted my supply of batter :P next time, i must remember to make every slice real thin, even and nice. nonetheless, it's really rewarding to be able to make something i like - of course, having it look so good and taste yummy, that's an added bonus! *smiles*

surely, pictures express more than words, so i shall let them tell the rest of the story... :D

TADA!! :)

ps: i switched the regular sugar in the recipe with raw sugar (healthier choice), and substituted the kirsch with baileys (since that's what i had in the fridge).. works well for me.

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