Tuesday, May 31, 2011

probably the most effective alarm clock you'll find...

my brother used to set 3 alarm clocks around his bed, simply because he had the tendency to oversleep for school. i remember back in those days whenever i'm on leave and wanted to enjoy the luxury of sleeping in later, i would be super duper annoyed by his non-stop, repetitive shrills of alarms going on and on and on, one after another.... (and after 10 minutes of so, you would still find him sleeping like a log! *argh*)

so, for those of you who have difficulty waking up to the alarm clock too, i think this might just be for you! :)

as crazy as this may seem, i am actually convinced that this idea will work for most people! (especially if you insert a high denomination into the shredder... ouch!) :P brilliant!

but while you don't mind wasting an occasional $100 or so in exchange for a few extra minutes of sleep, bear in mind that it is actually a criminal offence to shred or destroy currency! haha!


bulova clocks said...

If you destroy currency you are liable to a criminal offense.But still its a unique clock. it doesn't mean this clock only shreds money right?

celest said...

i guess you can shred whatever is of value or not - an unwanted photo, bills, recycled paper, cards etc. :)