Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what do you think these are?

make a guess...

(scroll down for the answer...)


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pretty remarkable, aren't they? so delicate and beautiful, almost like art... remind me of those paper cuttings, like these traditional ones, or the contemporary ones, don't you agree?

a colleague had directed me to this post on Scrangie's blog, and that's where i had come to know of these fancy stick-on eyelashes from the brand paperself. i had in fact checked out the actual products at the Sephora store here the other day (retails SGD30 per pair) but the packaging is so plain, you'd hardly notice if you weren't looking for them in the first place... such a pity.

i personally have not tried any form of stick-on lashes before, but have certainly witnessed how some of those 'falsies' do wonders to one's eyes.. amazing! :) pretty as these are, i don't suppose we would start seeing these fluttering about in public on the average days... would probably make more sense as some eye-catching pieces for the runway, or fancy costume / themed parties.

this is my favourite pair - deers and butterflies :)

available from paperself.com; sephora; urbanities australia etc.

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