Sunday, October 09, 2011

happy birthday to me :)

one year older, one year wiser...

this would be the first time i'll be flying overseas on my birthday itself (wonder if SQ would bring me a birthday cake if i told them so during check-in? lol! just a thought, i won't ask for it anyway) :p

i'd just like to thank everyone, near or in a distance, who have remembered the date and have sent me greetings and wishes, treated me to sumptuous meals... all the lovely presents and most of all, your smiles, your thoughts, your time and your company. without your love, friendship and care, life would never have been the same. so even though i don't say it enough.... thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3

i hope it will be another good year for me, a progressive one in every aspect of life, afterall it is 09.10.11.... that should signify progress, right? ;)

ok, i gotta head to bed now. only a few precious hours of sleep before i'd have to be up and ready to head to the airport. yay! Taipei here we come!

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