Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the creepy one...

sigh. i've been counting my blessings as i recalled not having seen one for a while now (and i certainly don't miss it! in fact i have a weird theory, don't think of them and they won't appear). anyway, given the recent constant wet weather, i knew it wouldn't be long
before one would show up.

and true enough, the flying cockroach (a brown one) invaded through the door just now, fluttered right into the living room, sent me jumping instantly out of my seat (i have a "roach"-dar) and dashing straight into my bedroom - shut all windows, closed the door and pressed tight against it.

i stood panting behind my door as i listened out for my dad, trying to figure out whether he had managed to catch the 'you-know-who'. my dad's against killing of anything, including pests, said they're innocent; so despite saying he would catch it, i knew it's going to be a half-hearted chase on his part. after just mere seconds, it was silent out there already, my dad had sat back down onto the couch. i shouted out from my bedroom to ask if the coast was clear, he gave an unconvincing response... so i knew "it" must still be at large! *yikes*.

so i have no other choice but to lock myself in tonight - no air circulation, no air-conditioning, a little suffocating but i shall just put up with this and pray that the roach will miraculously find its way out and disappear from our home by morning.

*sigh* why does such an ugly and frightening creature exist? why did God make them so hardy and resilient (and even flying ones!)? and why do i have to be terrified of them? why oh why oh why...

when will this be over?

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