Tuesday, March 07, 2006


i'm such a failure sometimes.

had a terrible terrible day today, from the beginning till end. first thing i went into work this morning, received bad news from a korean supplier that they messed up some things with a project i'm handling, and then i had to come up with the solution (and excuses) to answer to my client for the mess. sometimes life is just so ironic, i get screwed by client on the one hand, and then get screwed too, by the supplier (whom we pay for) on the other hand *sigh* how unfair!

i'm really stressed out to the max, this crazy client and her ridiculous demands are driving me crazy. she comes after me every other minute, i can't even sleep well at night without worrying what else might happen to the project. plus, an overseas supplier who doesn't exactly speak your language and does weird stuff to the project, just doesn't help either. sometimes i wonder why i'm being paid peanuts to suffer all these crap *sigh sigh*.

anyway, i finally went to buy a bluetooth adapter for my PC this evening, so that i can get it installed and sync up my mobile phone with the PC. can't believe i can't even get a simple thing like that done. tried installing the driver/software that came with the USB adapter tonight, then the installation cropped up halfway and i had to cancel it - bad bad move - now my PC is cranky. the installation didn't complete, and now i can't install or uninstall the stupid program. it's just stuck there in my PC somewhere. no matter how i reboot and try to re-install with the CD, nothing just gets installed properly. now i'm left a messy PC, a S$35 USB bluetooth adapter and an "impossible to function" software. how sweet. and what a tech-idiot i am - completely helpless.

think i better log off and head to bed. sounds like a really bad day and an equally depressing post. i better spare you readers of this agony. another day of torture ahead, having to handle the drive-me-crazy client tomorrow. life sucks right now. wish i could just take a break from it all. i'm so so tired.

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