Saturday, March 18, 2006

finally did it

for those who follow my blog-postings, you'll know that i'd been going through some rough times lately and had been thinking of quitting from my job.

finally did it - tendered my resignation this past thursday. not a last minute decision but some blood-boiling incident that happened on wednesday certainly pushed me over the edge. i shan't dwell into the details... bottom line is, i'll soon be jobless - need to find a new job before my bank reserves deplete.

the morning i decided to tender my resignation, i was unexpectedly nervous. puzzling - afterall, i'm the one giving the company the sack, why should i be nervous? *shrugs* after the 45-min long talk with my department director (who was very understanding), i felt a great sense of relief. relieved that i'd finally gotten over with it, relieved for speaking my mind and unloading all the problems i had encountered, relieved that a whole new chapter of my life will soon start somewhere else.

i know i will miss many people/things in this company... i'm already beginning to feel sad, somwhat. but i also know that it's time to move on. serving my 1-month notice for now, and in the meantime, actively search/ apply for a new job. i'm thinking of taking a break to travel after the 1 month... that'll do me good.

many thanks to all who stood by me, lent a listening ear, gave me the strength and sound advice when i needed them. truly appreciate it.

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^cherie said...

All the best Celest, for everything! ;)