Wednesday, May 31, 2006

dragonboat/ dumpling festival

it's the 5th day of the 5th chinese lunar month today - dragonboat festival (also known as the dumpling festival). i had 2 rice-dumplings today - sinful! :P

1st one was offered by a colleague at work... her mum made rice-dumplings yesterday, so i had the "nonya zang" (white rice-dumpling stuffed with sweetened meat) for breakfast.

after work when i came home, mum asked me to share rice-dumpling with her :P
this time, her friend made those for us. so i had rice-dumplings again for dinner - "ba zang" (dark rice-dumpling stuffed with pork slices and chestnut)... yum yum. ok that's it... no more glutinous rice-dumplings for me, had my fill today already :9

check out the origins of the dragonboat festival in the following links:
- hk fast facts


carolyn said...

I had 2 dumplings too, but on Monday instead. No idea what they were, probably the regular bak zhang thing. You know, I never realized the nonya dumpling is of white rice while the bak zhang is dark rice. Too busy eating :p

I prefer the spicy dumpling with the "hae bee ham" (spicy dried shrimp), no idea what they are, but my ex-neighbor's mom makes a very good one!

celest said...

i'm picturing you gobbling down your rice-dumplings without even looking at them.. lol. "bak zang" is always darker than the rest. i hate the "gee zangs"... too plastiky taste for my liking.

the "hae bee hiam" ones are good too, takashimaya basement has a stall that sells it.